Netflix is undoubtedly one of the largest video streaming platforms that have an extensive catalog of content. However, it goes with saying that Netflix operates its content based on libraries each country gets. It’s quite possible that a TV show available on Netflix UK is not available on Netflix US. Well, if you still want to access those unavailable content, then a VPN is your best friend. VPN providers mask your IP and location and use a server in the specific country you are interested in to access their content. There are plenty of VPNs that work with Netflix available out there.

Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix VPNs, how to use it, which one is good, and so on.

1. Why use Netflix VPNs?

Usually, when you connect to Netflix without any VPN, you are bound to a specific geographical location, say the United States. Now, you can access shows and movies available in the US and elsewhere, however, some TV shows and movies might be restricted to the UK only. Thus, there’s no way you can access Netflix UK to watch that particular show and movie. That is where a VPN for Netflix comes into play.

A VPN would encrypt your internet connection and route it through a server that a user selects anonymously. You are in the US and you have asked your VPN to connect to the U.K. server, it would mask your IP address. Since all your traffic is being routed through that server in the UK, you are actually able to access Netflix UK all while sitting on a couch in Washington, US.

Netflix VPNs

Now the question is, why would you even use Netflix VPNs? Apparently, Netflix has a humongous catalog of movies and shows in different languages, genres, categories, and more. Although most of the content is available across all the countries Netflix is available, some countries get the privilege of exclusive shows and movies. It is also known as region-specific Netflix content. There’s no way to access Netflix UK while being in the United States without having a VPN re-route the traffic which means you are missing out on those exclusive Netflix movies and shows alike.

It’s not rocket science that you might have an urge to stream that particular show available in Japan and for that, you can use a VPN. Following are the factors that define which VPN is the best for you and Netflix as well as a list of the 5 best VPNs for Netflix that we have come across.

2. What factors to consider when choosing a Netflix VPN?

Not all VPNs that you have a look at performs the same. Some are faster and some can break through Netflix VPNs bans and so on. Thus, deciding which VPN to go for should be based on several factors and not something you would decide based on popular consensus. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind while choosing VPNs that work with Netflix.

Best VPNs that work with Netflix

  • Servers and Countries

When you are signing up for a Netflix VPN, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the number of servers and countries it supports. NordVPN has more than 5000 servers in 60+ countries. Now what this means is that when you try to access content from any specific server in any particular country, you will be able to do so without any hassle.

The more servers you have in a country, the more chances that you will not end up being blacklisted if Netflix’s anti-VPN systems detect it. Even if one server is detected, you can still connect to another server and enjoy seamless streaming on Netflix.

  • Streaming

What use would a VPN be if it doesn’t support Netflix? All your endeavors to find VPNs that work with Netflix will be worth it since some of the VPNs such as CyberGhost, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and others are optimized to stream video content. Some of the VPNs would connect to servers optimized to stream by default. The first factor matters here a lot since no matter if you have the fastest video streaming VPN, if it doesn’t have servers in the country you want to access the library of, it’s of no use.

  • The No-Logs Policies

It goes without saying, the first thing you should do before googling How to use Netflix with VPN, you must check the logs policy of the latter. When you access the internet without any VPN, the ISP and third-party services involved keep a tab of your online behavior. VPNs use masked IPs and hide logs from ISPs and third-party services although they might even keep the logs for themselves.

You need to make sure that whatever VPN for Netflix you pick, has no-logs policies. This means either they squash logs after the session ends or never store any data by default. It will prevent your activities and searches stay hidden from prying eyes.

  • Speed

Since we are talking about streaming Netflix with VPN, speed is an essence you can’t deny. A faster VPN would allow streaming videos without any lag or buffer which is something I would personally look for even if I have to pay a few more bucks. ExpressVPN is among the best when it comes to speed as it has more servers and a huge VPN network. The closer the server is to the user, the load will be reduced and the faster the VPN will be able to perform.

  • Security Features

What would you think of a newbie about VPN? The VPN doesn’t just mask your IP and allow you to access website/app/content from a different location but there are a plethora of security features that go into making the best VPNs out there. You can check out if the VPN you are interested in has DNS leak protection, kill switch, and split-tunneling features or not. There are just a few security features available and their prowess depends on the user cases without any doubt.

  • Number of Devices Covered

Depending upon which VPN provider you choose, the number of devices covered can vary. Some offer coverage to just a single unit (phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop) which some offer multiple devices support. This is usually better if you have more users at home and using a VPN can save them from a lot of things such as IP tracking, monitoring of user’s activities, and so on.

  • Torrenting

This one isn’t a defining factor since you are already using Netflix, the powerhouse of content. Torrenting lets users download torrents of movies, TV shows, and more. Thus, torrenting is banned in some countries as well. Also, some VPN providers would adjust the amount of bandwidth to prefer their server load as well. You need to make sure that the VPN you are using is properly working.

  • Censorship

Depending upon which country you live in, the laws and regulations revolving around censorship can be different. China’s Great Firewall is notoriously the most powerful. Governments or authorities put up firewalls and censorship to some or more parts of the internet preventing users from accessing it. Here, only a handful of VPNs can actually penetrate the powerful government firewalls. There are plenty of best VPNs for Netflix that can literally penetrate censorship which is a big deal.

3. Compare the Best VPNs that work with Netflix

Here are some of the best VPNs that work with Netflix along with their pros and cons so that you can get a clear idea of which VPNs to try.

Best VPNs that work with Netflix

3.1 ExpressVPN

I don’t think ExpressVPN needs an introduction. In fact, I have mentioned ExpressVPN as one of the best VPN for Netflix and that’s true. ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 highly-optimized servers for speed that goes well with Netflix streaming. ExpressVPN is one subscription that you can use across computers, phones, tablets, or routers alike. The VPN comes with 256-bit military-grade encryption, IPv6 and DNS protection automatic kill switch, and no-log features that make it one of the best. ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries where you can unlock flawless HD and even 4K video with excellent unlocking ability.

Best VPNs that work with Netflix


  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Strong security suite
  • Access dozens of OTT platforms


  • Pricey
  • Supports 5 connections simultaneously
  • Requires a bit of learning curve

3.2 CyberGhost

CyberGhost has a base of more than 5,700 high-speed servers across 89 countries that you can access without a hitch. CyberGhost is designed to unblock DRM-protected OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others. Talking specifically about it as a VPN for Netflix, it unlocks many libraries that you would love to watch. CyberGhost has 256-bit encryption along with an ad-blocker, an automatic kill switch, and a full suite of security features available under the hood.

Best VPNs that work with Netflix


  • Tons of servers
  • Netflix unblocking capability
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Doesn’t work in the UAE and China
  • Power users might desire more

3.3 Private Internet Access

Next up, we have Private Internet Access that lets you unblock Netflix libraries in Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US. It has a base of more than 35,550+ servers which is more than enough to blow your mind. It is a VPN that is value for money packed with features including expert-level tweaks, a large network of superfast servers, and more. It comes with AES-128 encryption by default but you can go for GCM, CBC, or AES-256 as well. A kill switch disconnects you from the internet when the VPN drops. PIA is pretty powerful in terms of VPN support. 

Best VPNs that work with Netflix


  • Unblocks Netflix in multiple countries
  • 35,550+ servers in 77 countries
  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously


  • Inconsistent speed results
  • There’s no third-party security audit
  • No live support

3.4 NordVPN

Another well-known VPN for the Netflix app is NordVPN. Start with a 7-days trial, get used to the robust encryption that keeps the user's privacy as its priority. NordVPN has 5,000 servers in 60 countries across the globe. This gives NordVPN a global footprint. It offers unlimited bandwidth, fast streaming speeds, a no-logs policy, and more. The app comes with ad-blocking, multi-hop, malware-scanning, and a few other features that keep you secure against threats online. It is also available for a varied number of operating systems that makes it highly compatible.

How to watch Netflix with VPN


  • Spread across 5,000+ servers and 60 countries
  • High-speed streaming
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Takes time connecting to servers
  • OpenVPN configurations aren’t user-friendly
  • Torrenting is limited to some servers

3.5 SurfShark

SurfShark has a base of 1700 servers in more than 63 countries using which, you will be able to stream Netflix with flawless HD quality. SurfShark has a robust 256-bit military-grade encryption system packed with other security mechanisms like ad-blocking, IPv6 leak protection, DNS, kill switch, and split tunneling, among others. It is also available on many OSes and has a 30-days free trial if you want to try it before you can subscribe to it.

How to watch Netflix with VPN


  • 30-days free trial
  • Can connect unlimited users
  • Advanced security features
  • Most servers support flawless streaming


  • Some servers are slow
  • Server-based is small
  • Dodgy customer service

4. How to watch Netflix with VPN

This is a particularly straightforward method that doesn’t require you to watch a ton of YouTube videos or refer to websites to commence. For those who have the VPN and want to watch Netflix with VPN, here’s how you can do it.

How to watch Netflix with VPN

  1. The first thing you need to install is the VPN (duh).
  2. Launch the VPN app/program on your device and select the server. If you want to access a library in the UK, search for servers located in the UK. Similarly, if you want to consume content from Japan, go for the Japanese server.
  3. Fire up the Netflix website/app on your device and bingo, you are actually on a regional library of Netflix that wasn’t available for your geographical region, say Japan.

Note: If you aren’t able to see any change and the Netflix app/website is still running on your region’s library, clear app cache, browser’s cache, and cookies. End the app/program and fire it again to see that it has now changed.

5. Download Netflix on-demand videos to watch offline

There are a few ways to download Netflix movies and other on-demand videos to watch them offline and here are two of the most widely used methods.

Method #1: Using Netflix Offline Download Feature

The first one is obviously the easiest i.e. simply by using the Download feature on Netflix and here’s how you can do it.

  1. First up, go to the Netflix app/website and choose the particular movie or show (season or particular episode(s) to download.
  2. Tap on the “Download” button just under the video.
  3. You can go towards “My Downloads” to check out downloaded videos that you can access offline.

download Netflix movies and shows

Note that downloading videos for offline consumption using this method means the videos are stored in the app and not locally. Also, some of the videos may not be available for downloads, and for that, you can use the second method listed below.

Method #2: Using DVDFab Netflix Downloader

DVDFab Netflix Downloader is one of the best software that lets you download DRM-protected streaming contents. It is a robust program that is available for both Windows, Mac, and even Android OSes. Here’s how you can download Netflix content for offline viewing and also store it locally.

download Netflix movies and shows

  1. Step 1: Download the Netflix Downloader application on your PC and install it.

                                                  i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

  1. Step 2: Next up, tap on “Streaming Services” from the navigation pane on the left side of the screen.

  1. Step 3: You must get a list of all the websites that it supports offline downloads for and there you’ll see, Netflix listed on top so click on it.
  2. Step 4: This will open the Netflix website in the program itself where you have to log in using your credentials.
  3. Step 5: Wander around the website and go to the particular episode of a TV show or movie and play as usual.
  4. Step 6: You’ll get a pop-up dialog box asking you whether you want to download it or not. Tap on “Download Now” if you want to download just the particular video or else, tap on “Add to Queue” if you want to download more.

download Netflix movies and shows

  1. Step 7: Repeat Step 05 for all videos that you want to download and let them be.
  2. Step 8: Visit the “Downloading” section to see all the videos that you have added for downloads. The ones that have been downloaded will transfer to the “Finished” section.

Extra Tips: For an automated method to download a bunch of episodes of a particular season, go to the “Batch-Download” feature and select the seasons and the episodes you want to download.  

Now that you have all the videos downloaded on your PC, you can simply share it with any number of devices to watch it without the internet and on ‘n’ number of devices.

Final Wrap-up

And that’s pretty much all that you need to know about Netflix, using VPN with Netflix, and how it works. This article also contains information on the top 5 best VPNs for Netflix. Also, we have tagged along with some FAQs that will answer some of your doubts if not all.

Besides, if you want to download your favorite Netflix shows and movies to your local storage, the official Netflix app won’t help you on that because it only downloads them to the app instead of your local device storage and you cannot transfer them as a result. To break those limits, the 3rd-party Netflix downloader software that allows you to download Netflix movies and shows is what you should go for.

                                                  i  Free Download     i  Free Download  


  1. Is it legal to use VPNs to watch Netflix?

A VPN simply re-routes the traffic through an encrypted server on the other side of the world and doesn’t alter it in any way. By the crux of Netflix’s T&C, Netflix users are allowed to watch content available for their geographic locations and access content that they have licensed. Now, it goes without saying that VPNs aren't totally illegal in most parts of the world but Netflix does have some anti-VPN security systems that would disable a user from any specific IP if a VPN is detected.

  1. Why would Netflix put regional restrictions on its streaming contents?

Netflix is available in most of the countries around the world although not all country-specific Netflix catalog of shows and movies is the same. Netflix US has more than 4339 movies while Netflix Brazil has just 2951 movies. A number of factors are involved in causing such restrictions on streaming content such as Netflix has licensing deals with the countries it is available with and based on the different licensing agreements, Netflix had to put regional restrictions on its catalog.

  1. Will my Netflix account be suspended if they find out I am using a VPN?

No, Netflix won’t suspend your Netflix account if it detects that you are using a VPN. In a scenario where you are using a VPN and Netflix does detect it, you will get a streaming error since the server you were using has been blocked. Changing servers will restore the streaming as it was before the detection. It’s possible that Netflix could ban an entire server farm which means no matter what server you access in a specific geographical area, you won’t be able to stream the content. Changing servers or changing VPN provider does make a logical move in case Netflix bans you from using VPN.

  1. How to bypass the Netflix VPN ban?

Unfortunately, Netflix has a lot of systems and technologies in place to prevent users from using VPN for Netflix. Although it doesn’t necessarily block all the attempts made to reach out to its libraries using VPN, it can still detect a large number of instances. In such cases, Netflix bans such VPNs and instead limits users to the Netflix library in the country they actually reside in. Although it is not easy to break the Netflix VPN ban for most services, there are still many services that can break it.

Things that you need to keep in mind to bypass the Netflix VPN ban is to choose a high-quality VPN such as ExpressVPN. Once you have installed it, sign up for it and set it up on all the devices you want to set it up. Next up, choose the VPN server you want to connect to such as the U.S. if you want to access Netflix US while you stay in India and so on. Now that the VPN is activated, you will be able to launch Netflix with its U.S. library and you can enjoy watching the great shows and movies on it without any issue.

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