Can I watch Netflix on Roku? Of course. You cannot only watch Netflix Roku but watch Netflix on Roku TV. However, television is more expensive than a player. Do you know what I mean? Here in this post, I want to explore why Roku Netflix is so popular among moviegoers. How to watch Netflix on both Roku and Roku TV. And how to download Netflix for offline watching on a normal television in case of Netflix not working on Roku.

How to watch Netflix on Roku

1. Why we need Roku for Netflix?

Roku Netflix has gained increased users in the past few years. Do you know the reason for that? Here are several answers to why we need Roku for Netflix.

  • Get a Roku player and you will be able to get rid of the traditional satellite or cable TV subscription and save lots of money.
  • Roku is very compact and portable, so it is suitable for wall-mounted TV sets.
  • Roku Netflix enables users to access lots of video streaming channels, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Hulu, HBO, Apple TV, Disney Plus, Fox News, HuffPost Live, CBS, NBC, ABC, and among others.
  • Roku Premiere and Streaming Stick support video streaming in 4K resolution.
  • There is vast content on Roku including but not limited to Netflix. Till now, Roku has supported 750 channels involving movies, TV shows, music and games.
  • Realize remote control using Roku for Netflix watching

Will you choose Roku for Netflix after learning the potential advantages of Roku? There are more surprises waiting for you in the content below.

What is Roku

2. How to watch Netflix on Roku and Roku TV

When it comes to watching Netflix on Roku, tell apart Roku and Roku TV first as they are two different devices. Which one do you prefer to watch Netflix? Do you know the difference between them: Roku Netflix and Roku TV Netflix? Here is the best answer.

(1) What is Roku?

Roku is a famous digital media player that has upgraded from DVP N1000 to Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, and Roku Streaming Stick Plus. Restricted by price and supported functions, many people watch Netflix with Roku 3. If you have a higher demand for video quality, choose Roku Express for HD videos, or Roku Premiere and Roku Streaming Stick for 4K resolution. Is there a monthly fee for Roku Netflix? No, a Roku player is priced from $29.99 to $99.99 depending the performance of Roku. And Netflix has three subscription plans.

Roku Premiere with 4K resolution support

(2) How to watch Netflix on a Roku?

Plug your HDMI cable in the back of the Roku streaming player and then connect Roku with your digital television. The Roku player allows you to enjoy the Internet TV streaming services on your TV by accessing lots of apps like YouTube, Twitch TV (gaming content), Tubi TV, PlayStation View, Sling TV, etc. There are also more traditional cable or satellite TV packages like ESPN. You can also get Premium stuff like HBO, CBS News, ABC, PBS. Does Roku have Netflix? Yes. For those Roku Netflix enthusiasts, install Netflix on Roku in advance and then you will find it easily. Is Netflix free on Roku? No, Netflix has three plans: Basic, Standard, Premium. Go from the link to see how much is Netflix.

Watch Netflix on Roku

(3) What is Roku TV?

Different from Roku, Roku TV is a smart TV but it has the same interface with Roku. What is the difference from Roku Netflix? There is no need for you to install Netflix on Roku like before. Like a smartphone, a Roku TV includes many applications. What is in the Roku channel store? Include but not limited to YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, ESPN, FilmRise, Great Courses Plus, Pandora, Spotify, Pop, Sundance Now YouTube, Twitch TV (gaming content), Tubi TV, PlayStation View, Sling TV, Roku and Netflix, etc. Specifically speaking, there are paid channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, SHOWTIME, and free channels like CW, Crackle, etc. By the way, there is also Roku in the Roku channel store. Is Roku free and who is the winner if Roku vs Netflix? As one of the video streaming websites, Roku is free and ad-supported but is only available in the U.S. and U.K., dedicated to streaming videos from a series of studios like Lionsgate, MGM, Disney, FilmRise, etc. While Netflix has the most TV shows and movies people like. So Roku Netflix is to watch Netflix on Roku.

Roku TV vs Roku

(4) How to get Netflix on Roku TV?

How to use a Roku TV to watch Netflix movies online? Connect the Roku TV with the internet and power it on with a remote. Set the interface language, activate the Roku account, select the wireless Internet and input your password. After Roku Netflix activate, sign in to Netflix, and search your preferred Netflix movies or TV shows until a video is displayed on your Roku TV. Roku TV Netflix is more expensive than Roku Netflix since a Roku TV is higher than a Roku in price. If you want to invest in high-res videos, buy a smart TV by measuring its supported resolution, color & lighting technologies, etc. The top brands of Roku TV include Sanyo, TCL, Hisense, Philips, Magnavox, and more. If you don’t want to spend more, choose a Roku Netflix instead and connect Roku with your older TV via HDMI or composite cables.

How to get Netflix on Roku TV

Considering you may need a remote to operate Roku TV for Netflix watching, there is a guide on the meaning of each button of the remote. Hope it will help you with Roku Netflix watching.

Use remote to watch Netflix on Roku

3. Download Netflix movies and watch on TV without Roku

Alternative of Roku Netflix. Roku is a good device to watch Netflix, but what if Netflix not working on Roku? Influenced by region, Internet, Netflix Roku code, and some other factors, it is common to see Netflix not working on Roku. How to get rid of the control of Roku or Roku TV and watch Netflix more easily? Just download your favorite Netflix movies and watch them on your TV free. Follow the methods below and you will make it without the help of Roku Netflix.

Download Netflix movies

(1) Download Netflix movies for offline viewing

DVDFab Netflix Downloader is the best Netflix downloader to download Netflix movies and TV shows. So you have easy access to each popular movie site with the help of Netflix Downloader and say goodbye to Roku Netflix. How to use this Netflix video downloader for Netflix offline watching? 

Steps on how to download Netflix to PC instead of watching Netflix on Roku:

  • Get DVDFab Downloader launched on Windows
  • Click the button of Streaming Services on the left
  • Select the video streaming website – Netflix
  • Sign in to your Netflix account
  • Click your favorite Netflix movie to play it
  • Wait for Netflix Downloader to download the video automatically

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

best Netflix downloader to download Netflix movies

Then you will be able to break away from Roku Netflix and use a PC to watch Netflix movies easily. The coming output file will be in MP4 format, up to 1080p with subtitles and a 5.1 audio track. If you have subscribed to some channels, this Netflix downloader also supports new releases auto-download. So you will be the first one to watch all the latest movies on Netflix. It is also possible to download movies in batches with this Netflix Downloader.

(2) Play download Netflix movies on a free 4K player

With a Roku or a Roku TV, you can still watch Netflix on a big screen, the same as Roku Netflix. Everyone has an opportunity to get this watching experience as long as he free downloads DVDFab Player 6. Why do I recommend it to you? This free 4K media player offers two display modes: TV Mode and PC Mode. What does the TV Mode mean? It means that you can watch Netflix movies on your TV. So there is no need for you to purchase any Roku or Roku TV. Instead, a normal TV can help your watch Netflix movies free. Now, let’s see how this 4K media player works.

How to use DVDFab Player 6 to watch Netflix instead of Roku Netflix:

  • Free download and install this free software on Windows or Mac
  • Open it and choose TV Mode
  • Connect this 4K player with your TV
  • Search downloaded Netflix movies using the player and watch it on your television

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

DVDFab Player 6

Then the problem of Netflix not working on Roku will be fixed. You don’t have to buy any Roku or Roku TV. With the help of Netflix Downloader and Player 6, Netflix movies and TV shows will be easily accessible on a big screen. This is the best alternative to Roku Netflix.  Besides the two display modes, this 4K media player also enables you to play DVD and Blu-ray discs, folder and ISO files with menu playback, HDR 10, HD audio output, as well as 3D playback support. How about trying it for free?

Watch Netflix on TV

4. Conclusion

Roku Netflix is a popular way to watch favorite videos and TV shows on a big screen, but it costs a lot and there are many Roku problems with Netflix you have to deal with such as how to sign out of Netflix on Roku, Netflix not working on Roku, how to update Netflix on Roku. etc. Is there any easy way to watch Netflix instead of Roku? Of course. Just download Netflix with Netflix Downloader and watch it on your TV with the help of free DVDFab Player 6. There is no need for you to buy any Roku player or Roku TV. Hope this article helpful for you to find the best alternative to Roku Netflix.

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