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Up to 30% Speedup in All Cases – DVDFab Qt is Now Released with Many New Features and Fixes.

October 31, 2011 – Beijing, China - Fengtao Software Inc., has now declared the release of the new version of DVDFab. We found an acceleration trick and have applied it to Qt, so DVDFab has improved conversion speed for all cases from 10% to 30% depending on the hardware. Besides, there're tons of fixes and some other new features in this update. Now let's take a look at the detail.


DVDFab Qt separated "iPod" and "iPhone" in navigation bar, updated language files and runtime and qt dll files, fixed some problems -- "Play selected source automatically" doesn't work, seek doesn't work, and audio volume cannot be changed -- for new internal preview.

DVD Copymainly fixed the problem that PathPlayer doesn't work for certain discs, and improved copying for certain discs with authoring error.

DVD Ripperfixed a couple of freeze problems when converting in certain cases, and improved Xbo 360 WMV output.

Blu-ray Copyfixeda 401 error when copying "Full Disc" to BD25 for certain discs.

Blu-ray Ripperfixed a profile name problem when using "Set as default" in certain cases, and a problem that the frame rate is always 23.976 for PS3 output.

Video Converterfixed an "Error=504.00 1 2" problem when converting MP4 to iPod in certain cases, and a crash problem when converting WMV file to MP4/iPad in certain cases. It also improved Xbox 360 WMV output.

2D to 3D Converterfixed a FabCore.exe crash problem when converting DVD/Blu-ray to XVID/DIVX file in certain cases, and a Bitrate=1 problem when converting DVD to 3D device in certain cases.

Blu-ray 3D Ripperfixed a corrupt image problem for certain discs, and an A/V sync problem at the end of movie.


Do you want to enjoy a faster DVD, Blu-ray, 2D to 3D Conversion? If so, just try out the latest version of DVDFab. DVDFab Qt is now available for download at

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