American movies are well-known all over the world but there are other countries out there that also make great films. France, for example, has a long tradition of making interesting and unique movies, some of which have managed to gain worldwide appeal. It may be too late now to catch these movies in theaters but that’s exactly what Netflix is for. With that in mind, today we’re going to take a look at the top 10 best French movies on Netflix as of 2018.

Part 1: Top 10 Best French Movies on Netflix 2018

Blue is the Warmest Color

This French movie is an incredibly emotional love story about a lesbian couple that started many controversies back in 2013 when it was released. Don’t let that scare you away from watching it, though, because this three-hour long drama about love and loss is an exceptional achievement of modern cinematography.

District 13

District 13 is a unique action flick that can be counted among the best French movies on Netflix. This movie along with Yamakasi (another French action film) are largely responsible for popularizing parkour in the early 2000s. District 13 takes a more serious and dramatic approach than the somewhat more lighthearted Yamakasi but still manages to pull it off thanks to its well-executed action sequences.


There are several movies that share the name Taxi but here we’re talking about the 1998 French film starring Samy Naceri as Daniel Morales. The movie is an interesting mix of action and comedy as it follows Morales and his tuned-up taxi racing across the streets of Marseilles. If you think the car racing sequences in the Fast & Furious movies were good wait until you see this French movie.

He Even Has Your Eyes

Check any list of the best French movies on Netflix in 2017 and you’re guaranteed to find this little gem. He Even Has Your Eyes is a comedy that pokes fun at racism by having a young black couple adopt a white baby. This results in everyone around the young couple giving them strange looks, including the adoption agent and even their own families.



Released back in 2014, Girlhood gives viewers an in-depth look into the life of a young woman in Paris who navigates the often murky waters of becoming an adult. A very realistic drama that rightfully earns its place on our list of best French movies on Netflix.


Most French movies seem to fall either in the drama or comedy genres, but not this one. Evolution is a sci-fi thriller mixed with healthy doses of horror and supernatural elements for good measure. It’s quite an unusual movie about a town inhabited exclusively by women and young boys but that’s exactly what makes it so interesting.


I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that this is the most popular French movie on all time. Consequently, that also automatically makes it one of the best French movies on Netflix Instant right now. Amelie is a delightfully odd movie about a girl whose mission in life is to help people wherever she goes. A very unique romantic comedy that stands out from the crowd in a big way.


Raw starts out as many coming of age movies, with a young female protagonist on the verge of becoming an adult. However, things quickly take a sinister turn when the protagonist discovers she has an insatiable appetite for Raw meat, hence the name of this French movie. The film slowly switches from a drama to a full-blown horror movie at that point.


It’s hard to imagine that one of the best French movies on Netflix could be as obscure and surreal as Reality. And yet, that’s exactly what Reality is and so much more. The movie is a comedy at its core but the absurd premise and use of supernatural elements add an extra layer of weirdness to an already strange movie.


Under normal circumstances a movie about terrorism shouldn’t be enjoyable, especially since this French movie came out just one year after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris. Even more interesting is that the movie focuses entirely on the terrorists, which in this case are a group of teenagers who plan a bomb attack just to see what happens. Despite the heavy themes, Nocturama is a thoroughly compelling and enjoyable movie.

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