Blu ray is another digital optical disc like CD or DVD, but with more storage capacity. Its high-definition video playing quality is also fascinating, with 1080 HD capability for watching movies or shows.

In recent times, many digital streaming enthusiasts prefer blu ray discs over CDs or DVDs for obvious reasons. And the streaming platforms are producing blu ray compatible content, so when you play blu ray on pc, you will be amazed by the experience. Besides, it hints that CDs and DVDs are going obsolete, and this new digital world is all about digital media files or blu rays for the physical media.

But, playing these discs can be a hurdle for many. A regular DVD player does not support blu rays discs, you have to invest in the compatible one, or you can convert blu ray to digital for seamless access and sharing files on different devices. Moreover, you can also burn, rip, or copy the data from blu ray, just like you can do with CDs or DVDs, to expand the usage.

This article will disclose many necessary elements involved blu ray discs in helping you learn about the tactics of physical media. We will briefly discuss how to play blu ray on pc, the best blu ray ripping software online, and how you can convert blu ray to digital effortlessly. So, let's get started.

How to Install Blue-ray Disc Driver

Although PCs always come with a CD or DVD drive, they do not support blu ray discs. So, you can install one by yourself if your PC comes with an open slot for the optical disc drive. The installation is seamless and does not require any special skills to proceed.

Here is a detailed guide to install a blue ray disc driver on your PC. However, if your system does not support one, you may have to invest in the product. For that, you can check out the best Samsung blu rays players as they offer some impressive features without costing you a kidney. Nevertheless, we assume the PC with an open slot to install a blue ray disc driver.

You can get the driver, an ATA-based optical drive, from any computer shop. All you need is a screwdriver to achieve the goal.

1. Let's start with powering off your system. Ensure to remove the power cord to avoid any trouble.

2. You have to open up the computer system to install an optical drive. The opening requirements vary with the computer model, so check your system's specs beforehand. Usually, removing a cover is sufficient to get inside the PC. So, carefully check the screws while removing the cover and set them aside to fasten them by the end.

3. When you get inside the PC, remove the cover from the drive slot. You may find some screws here, or sometimes it can be removed with a slight slide. It also varies with the computer model.

4. Place the blue ray disc driver into the computer. Follow the respective method of your computer for placement.

5. Now get the audio cable and plug one end into the PC audio system and the other into the drive.

6. You can now attach the optical drive and computer using an IDE cable. And then plug the drive into the power, and close up the computer. Double-check for the loose screws.

7. Plug the AC power cord and turn on the internal connection.

8. Your system should now detect the new optical drive and support all your physical media, mainly the blu ray discs and provide you with an immersive watching experience.

How to Play blu ray on PC?

After installing the optical drive into the pc, let's jump to the playing part. Like not all the optical drives support blu ray discs, you can not expect built-in media players to support this advanced physical media technology.

Sometimes, you may have to convert a blu ray disc to digital to get the most out of it. But, if you want to watch an actual disc on Windows 10 or the latest, the first thing to consider is a media player. The VLC media player can be a good choice since it is free, supports almost all formats, and is easy to navigate. Also, almost all PCs have this media player considering its popularity and impressive features.

However, if you are looking for a feature-rich software or app, download the DVDFab, a famous and reliable software that can entertain blu ray discs, whether you want to play, copy, rip, edit, or save.

In addition, if you ever find the blue ray movies on sale, you can purchase and upload them to the DVDFab platform to play them in high quality. Its AI-certified technology enlarges the quality and expands the performance for better performance.

How to Rip Blu Ray Discs?

The show is not over. You can not only play blu ray on pc but rip the data to use them for different purposes, without any hassle.

You must have heard the phrase, ripping audio CDs to make the ideal remix, ripping DVDs, or even mac ripping dvds to make the most out of the content. Now, it's about exploring the blu ray ripping software and editing the physical media on your PCs.

However, it is better to convert blu ray to digital and then use the blu ray ripping software to show the magic. Let me introduce you to the all-rounder software that can do multiple jobs within its huge umbrella and save your time and quality of the file.

Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab

Digitizing your blu ray collection is as easy as it sounds. It works like converting the format of your digital files and saving it in your system, so the built-in media player reads the file and plays.

However, it would be best to have a compatible blu ray disc driver that can entertain the physical media, and the PC easily decodes the files. We have detailed how to install a blue ray disc driver into the PC in easy steps. After installation, follow the following steps to digitize or rip the content.

  • Download DVDFab in your system. It is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. Plus, check the system requirements beforehand.
  • Install the software and enjoy its 30-day free trial with all the services unlocked.
  • Insert your blu ray disc in the respective optical drive. Open the DVDFab, and the software will read the disc.
  • Open the software, select the Ripping from the upper ribbon, and click on the + button at the front. It will load your disc content.

blu ray ripping software:Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab

  • Moving to the next step, the software will open up an interface with lots of options screaming for your attention. You will find Blu ray copy protection property and deal with it here. Besides, one option will let you choose the title of ripping content, add or adjust subtitles, etc.

blu ray ripping software:Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab

  • To digitize the blu ray disc, you must select your output file format. Check your built-in media player format compatibility and choose accordingly. DVDFab offers almost all formats to choose from.

blu ray ripping software:Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab

  • Click on the choose other profile, go to Format, Video, and select the desired format.

blu ray ripping software:Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab

  • Sitting on the same interface, you can rip only audio content from the file by clicking on the Audio. You can download the audio files in OGG, MKA, M3A, AAC, AC3, and other formats.

blu ray ripping software:Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab

  • At last, this best blu ray ripping software lets you customize the file by offering various built-in editing tools. There are some advanced settings to try to give you ripping content life.

blu ray ripping software:Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab

  • It allows adjusting resolution, size of the file, audio formats, etc.

blu ray ripping software:Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab

  • After editing, select where you want to save or download the final file. You can also share to the online platforms from the software.

blu ray ripping software:Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab

  • Finally, hit the start button to start ripping the blu ray.

blu ray ripping software:Convert Blu Ray to Digital With DVDFab


  • Enhance video resolution
  • All video and audio format support
  • Rip audios and subtitles
  • Advanced settings


  • Built-in editing tools
  • Batch blu ray coping without quality loss
  • Fast conversion and ripping speed
  • 30-day free trial

Bottom Line

Working on the blu ray disc burner software is easier said than done. After messing with all the complex software or online tools that involves lots of steps, DVDFab will surprise you with a smooth process to burn and convert blu ray to digital, rip the data, and play it in high-definition audio quality.

This article will open up with many tips and tricks to deal blu ray discs, a stunning optical disc format that is now a game-changer to the physical media.


How do you define blu ray?

Bluray is an advanced version of optical disc formats, CD or DVD. But unlike others, bluray discs hold much greater storage and can deliver high-definition video performance.

Is there any best movie on bluray to watch?

Some top-selling Blue ray movies on sale in the following year included No time to die, Dune, and Halloween Kills. These movies are the top trending with the fantastic video quality with standard encoded using H.

Can movies be better on blu ray?

If you are conscious about the picture quality while streaming shows or movies, then yes. Movies in blu ray are much better compared to Amazon or Netflix.