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The Best Korean Movies on Netflix: 2018 Watch List

2019-12-11 21:30:42

   Posted by Kumara Velu


Summary: Here is the list of top 7 best Korean movies on Netflix for people who like watching Korean movies. We also offer the DVD ripper solution for you to rip Netflix DVDs of Korean movies.

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Once upon a time Korean movies were unknown to the world and only watched by Koreans.

Today the Korean film industry has progressed by leaps and bounds.  Movies coming out if it form an important part of the Hallyu or Korea Wave, a term that refers to the rising global appeal of Korean entertainment, not only in Asia, but other parts of the world.

So, it’s no wonder then they could be found on Netflix which is a popular DVD rental and high-quality video streaming platform.

If you’re a Korean movie fan, of just been bitten by the Korean movie bug, here’s a list of the best Korean movies on Netflix which includes the best Korean horror movies on Netflix.


1.   A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

This psychological horror flick is adapted from the popular Korean Janghwa Hongryeon jeon, a folktale,which had previously been adapted into films in 1924, 1936, 1956 and 1962.

After their discharge from a mental institution, two sisters return to a new stepmother who shows her evil ways by picking on and harassing them. They also had to put up with disturbance from a ghost. How will they free themselves from these two 'demons'?


2. 3-Iron (2004)

This is an unusual film about a wandering, homeless man who enters houses with absent owners. To repay their 'kindness' he does the laundry and handles other minor repairs. Things take strange turn when he runs into a beautiful woman who's ready to escape her unhappy marriage.

This is one of the best Korean movies on Netflix which bagged the 2004 Silver Lion for Best Director, 2004 Blue Dragon Film Award for Best New Actor, 2004 Venice Film Festival FIPRESCI Award and the Venice Film Festival SIGNIS Award Honorable Mention.


3. Shiri (1999)

This is an action-packed movie that deals with the subject of the unification of North Korea and South Korea.

It involves the tracking of a female assassin from North Korea who had disappeared mysteriously. Killings continue and the theft of a bomb sends two agents from the two Koreas in a race against time to stop the villainess.


4. Tell Me Something (2000)

Lieutenant Cho is put on a seemingly impossible mission to solve a knotty mystery behind several killings. Bodies of the victims are found in garbage bags around Seoul.

The cop works on a lead - the victims were all men who loved the same woman known as Suyeon Chae.


5. Arang (2006)

The name of the movie is derived from a popular Korean folktale. It centers around a detective duo who investigate a series of bizarre murders. What has this got to do with a female ghost who goes around killing those responsible for a past crime?

It's a spooky flick which drew criticism from certain viewers for the use of a long-haired ghost with cold eyes and pale skin which is a cliché as far as horror stories are concerned. Despite the use of this trite element, it's scary nonetheless.

This is certainly one of the best Korean horror movies on Netflix.


6.  2009 (Lost Memories)

The action takes place in an imaginary Korea that has been ruled by the Japanese for about 100 years. This happens after a Korean nationalist kills a Japanese politician in 1909.

The underlying theme is the relationship between South Korea and North Korea. A sci-fi twist is thrown in to add to this action drama.


7. Take Care of My Cat (2002)

This is a tale of friendship that gets tested when adulthood is reached. Five girls who are best friends find their paths diverging after graduation.

After a cat comes into their lives, circumstances change. The animal passes from one friend to another as there is an attempt to reconnect friendship that’s drifting apart.

These were also among the best Korean movies on Netflix viewed in 2017.

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