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10 Best Romance Movies On Netflix 2018


   Posted by John

2019-12-05 06:53:59


Summary: Do you love romantic movies? Here are the 10 best romantic movies on Netflix for you to watch. Also, we introduce you the tools to back up Netflix DVD rentals.

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There is no age bar for watching the best romance movies on Netflix. This movie storming platform offers 100s of movies in different categories including romance movies. This service not only stream movies in various genres, but it also rents out DVDs and Blu-ray discs. There is nothing as comforting as watching a romantic movie with your loved one in the comfort of your home. 



Part 1: Top 10 Best Romance Movies On Netflix 2018

Part 2: Tools to back up Netflix romance DVD movies


Part 1: Top 10 Best Romance Movies On Netflix 2018


1.    Blue Valentine

This movie is directed by Dereck Cianfrance and got released in 2010. Blue Valentine has Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in the lead roles. It is about the heartbreaking love of Dean and Cindy. With a promising script and the finest performance by the actors, this sensitive film will certainly make you feel the intensity of love between the characters.


2.    The Reader

This is one of the best love movies on Netflix. This is an adaptation of Bernhard Schlink’s story “The Reader”. The movie directed by Stephen Daldry has thematic complexity with the relationship of Michael Berg played by David Kross and Hanna Schmitz played by Kate Winslet go through tense and volatile situations. The story is about the relationship between a German teenager and an older woman in the post-World War II period and how the sexual relationship makes the life more complicated for them.


3.    2 Days In New York

This movie is directed by Julie Delpy and was released in 2012.This is one of the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix. You can see the brilliance of Julie Delpy as a director, writer, and actress in this movie. This movie portrays the things happening in an exceptional modern family for 48 hours in a hilarious way. These types of romance movies on Netflix is completely entertaining with its sharp and crude comedy. This film has received accolades from audiences as well as critics. You will want to watch this movie repeated for the smarts in language.


4.    The Kissing Booth

If you are looking for the best teen romance movies on Netflix you can opt for the latest romantic comedy “The Kissing Booth” by Vince Marcello. This is the story of how the life of a teenage girl who has never been kissed changes after she starts a kissing booth. The role of the pretty girl is played by Joey King and Jacob Elordi appears as her secret crush, whom she ends up kissing.


5.    Amelie

This French film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet has received critics’ acclamation. Released in 2001, this was a major success in the box-office and has remained as one of the best romance movies on Netflix 2017. The heroine Audrey Tautou takes you to Paris, where she comes out of her cocoon and discovers her true love. She makes the first encounter with her secret crush by sending riddles and photos without revealing her identity. This has a highly imaginative story and has good photography to support the story. You will find this foreign film the one to be treasured. There are plenty of similar types of Netflix romance movies you can rent in the form of Blu-ray or DVD discs.


6.    Blue Is the Warmest Color

This is the love story of a lesbian couple directed by AbdellatifKechiche. This three-hour movie was released in 2013 and it has remained one of the best romantic Netflix movies for the viewers from the different parts of the world. This movie created immense media attention for its lengthy and controversial erotic scenes. The movie has a powerful story of devastating love and sensual drama between the couple and it will remain in your mind for a long time after watching it. There are more romantic movies on Netflix that you can rent out for home viewing. 


7.    The African Queen

If you love classic love movies, The African Queen is a must watch. This romantic comedy adventure by John Huston was released in 1951 and is till now a favorite of romantic movie lovers. This is the love story set in the backdrop of World War I. The movie offers love, revenge and a great performance by lead actors of the time. Adventure and love are depicted in a balanced way in this movie and it has remained one of the best romantic movies on Netflix 2017. You can watch this movie any time on Netflix.


8.    Carol

Director Todd Haynes’s Carol released in 2015. It has Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara in the lead roles. This story of lesbian love was set in the 1950s and has the tenderestdepiction of the relationship between two people. It shows how the lesbian couples go against the society they live in, just for the love towards each other. This is one of the best romance movies on Netflix that you should not miss watching. If you are looking for similar movies, then Netflix romance movies section is the place to visit.


9.    The Phantom Of The Opera

This movie is based on the 1986 musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This twisted love story from 1870 is happening in an opera house with three main characters; Christine the beautiful singer played by Emmy Rossum, the Raoul, Christine’s childhood friend and prospective lover, played by Patrick Wilson and The Phantom, a disfigured man adamant on making Christine his, played by Gerard Butler. The obsessive love of the phantom of Christine and the mesmerizing melodies make this movie magical. This will as well remain as best romance movies on Netflix 2018.


10. Alex Strangelove

This is the story of a high school student named Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) and the complications he faces during his teen years. He is confused about his sexuality and experiences roller coaster emotions about a girlfriend and a gay friend. Finally, he makes self-discovery which helps him to select the right path for him. This 2018 release is expected to remain as one of the best Netflix romantic movies in the coming years as well.


Part 2: Tools to back up Netflix romance DVD movies

If you are looking to create a backup of the best romantic movies Netflix that you have rented out, then you need to use the right kinds of tools that will help in saving the movies to DVDs. So, you will need to use a copier and a ripper software that can convert the Netflix romance movies on rented Blu-ray and DVDs into a movie copy for your personal use at any time. This way you can save money on renting the DVDs and Blu-rays of your favorite movies again and again.


DVDFab DVD Copy 

The DVDFab DVD Copy is a very useful tool that can read and create a backup of the Blu-ray discs you want to any blank disc. It also provides you with the option to copy the movies that you like to ISO file or folder on your hard disk drive. The copying of the movies of the DVDs will be done quickly without any compromise on the movie quality.

The features of the DVDFab DVD Copy are as follows.

Copying any DVD to Any Disc or HDD

The DVDFab DVD Copy is a very powerful tool that can be used to copy your favorite rented out Netflix movies onto a hard disc or a blank DVD or disc. It also offers you the option to clone the movies without losing any quality with a 1:1 ratio. Some of the other copying features offered by this application include DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-9 to DVD-5, DVD-5 to DVD-9 and DVD-9 to DVD-5.

User-friendly Interface

The user interface is very friendly and even first-time users can copy the movies of their choice to blank discs or hard disk easily. There is a preview screen where you get to see the content before the copying process. The audio language can be preset and also the subtitle language can be chosen before making the DVD copy.

Different Copying Modes

The DVDFab DVD Copy offers great flexibility apart from being a powerful copying tool. You have the option to copy the entire DVD movie content or the main movie or merge two movies or split the movies or even copy just a portion of the DVD to a new disc.


DVDFab DVD Ripper

If you are looking to rip the best romantic DVD movie on Netflix rentals and convert it into your chosen audio and video formats, then there is no better option to use than the DVDFab DVD Ripper. It supports a wide range of video and audio formats so that the chosen movie can be played on all types of portable and mobile devices.


·         Ripping any Type of DVD

The DVDFab DVD Ripper has the power to rip and convert any of the DVD discs you have as well as the ISO files or folders to any of the popular audio and video formats of your choice. The output of the DVDs can be made to suit your needs and the playback devices that you have.

·         Create Customized Content

This software gives you complete freedom to make changes to the DVD that you rip and convert. You have the liberty to choose the start and the end chapters of the DVD, edit and cut a few scenes of the movie, add subtitles in multiple languages, trim the content, watermark, etc.

·         Fast Conversion

The DVDFab DVD Ripper is a sophisticated software that offers multi-file conversion to offer high conversion speed. Multi-core CPUs ably support it to prevent any lag in conversion. It is also supported by Intel Quick Sync and NVIDIA CUDA for faster and efficient conversion.

By making use of the DVDFab DVD solution package, you will be able to easily copy, rip and then convert the DVD and Blu-ray movies into various video and audio formats of your choice easily.

Backup DVDs at home with up to 6 different copy modes

Featuring the most advanced DVD copy technologies, DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to make premium backup copies to your legally purchased DVD movie/TV Show discs at home, for non-commercial use. With 6 versatile backup modes catering various demands, you can copy your DVDs in the way that fits your situation best.

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