All Blu ray players are capable of playing standard DVDs or even 3D BD discs. It also supports playing back any BD disk. That means your DVD player will work with these too. So, in other words, no matter what kind of media files we throw at it, it understands.

Insert a DVD into your Blu ray player, and it will automatically detect the type of disc. If you have an unsupported format, there are two options, eject or display an error message.

A Blu ray player is the perfect choice for your DVD needs, whether you want to watch them in their original resolution or upscale them, so they look better on an HDTV. Plus, with 4K Ultra HD capabilities, this player can also up-convert DVDs into this higher-definition format.

can blu ray play dvd

Difference between Blu ray Discs and DVDs

DVDs and Blu ray discs are both the standards in home entertainment. However, there's a lot of difference between them as well.

can a dvd player play blu ray

  • Laser Types with DVD and Blu ray Disc

can a dvd player play blu ray

The type of laser is a significant difference between a DVD and Blu ray. Red lasers use 650 nm while blu ones have 405 nm, so DVDs cannot play discs from this newer technology.

  • Capacities with DVD and Blu ray Disc

can you play blu ray on dvd player

The storage capacity of a DVD is much smaller than that of Blu ray. A single-layer disc can store 4GB to 8GB, while the maximum size for one layer on a Blu ray has been reported as 25 to 50 gigabytes. The video quality also seems better on Blu ray. 

It's more stable and realistic when playing back movies on it.

  • Resolutions with DVD and Blu ray Disc

can you play blu ray on dvd player

The result is that the Blu ray disc was developed to allow for higher quality video because it has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 dpi. DVDs are only 720 x 480. This difference makes the Blu ray player better than DVD.

  • Data Transfer Rates with DVD and Blu ray Disc

The increased storage capacity of a Blu ray disc means you can store more HD movies on one device. In addition, the data transfer rate is also more powerful. These features make it attractive for playing back full high-definition video content from your player, laptop, or PC.

  • Thickness with DVD and Blu ray Disc

DVD and Blu ray discs have the same thickness of 12mm, but they have different types of protection. For example, DVDs have a hard coating of 0.6 mm, while the one for Blu ray Discs only measures up at just 0.1mm.

How to Play Blu ray Discs/DVDs on the Computer?

The best free software for playing Blu ray movies on your computer is called Free Blu ray Player. It enables you to play common videos, HD videos, and 4K videos with the original quality of DVDs. In addition, if someone has sent you an ISO file, it can also be played on this device. This program will do just what its name suggests.

can blu ray play dvd

  • You can play any DVD and Blu ray disc, even if it's encrypted.
  • To get a better viewing experience, optimize and upscale your DVD playback software.
  • With the ability to control movie playback on screen, you'll never miss your favorite scenes.
  • Watch DVDs or Blu rays in different modes to fit your mood.

How to Play Blu ray Disc/DVD with Free Blu ray Player?

The free Blu ray player on your computer is the best way to get high-quality playback of all of those DVDs and Blu rays. Download this software. Make sure that you have a supported operating system for it. Next, insert any media into either DVD drive or opening where some players may accept them directly from the disc plate. Once detected by the program, operate through menu options until the "Open Disc" option. Next, select the desired title, which will launch automatically when clicked.

To get the best experience playing DVDs on a Blu ray player, make sure you check out all Video and Audio options. From there, choose your preferred frame rate and resolution for high-definition content playback with enjoyable graphics.

can blu ray play dvd with leawo

How to Play DVD Using DVDFab Player 6?

DVDFab Player 6 is a one-stop solution for Media Centers. It not only plays all multimedia files on your local HDD but also manages the library efficiently with the Poster Wall function.

Its predecessor has all of the bells and whistles you could want to make your viewing experience comfortable, including support for PC playback on a small screen or big ones. It optimized TV mode when watching DVDs as well. HDR10 video output also makes its mark here. It is perfect if there's no HDR-compatible display. The new model inherits nearly every feature before while adding additions like 4K Ultra HD Blu ray compatibility.

DVDFab Player 6 offers enhanced True Theater to take your viewing experience to the next level. With its boosted color, lighting, and sound combined for a more mesmerizing visual content.

can blu ray play dvd with dvd player 6

Features of DVDFab Player 6

  • It will support you to manage and organizing local media collections via poster walls.
  • You will get a navigation menu on DVDs, Blu rays, and 4k ultra-HD blu rays.
  • The software supports all popular audio formats.
  • You can create custom playlists and add your favorite songs to your liked list.
  • Moreover, you will get auto-download metadata and the best audio-visual effects.
  • Besides all, you can easily import DVD and Blu ray discs to the local media library as ISO files.
  • There is a quick and exact review with modifiable thumbnails.   

Frequently Asked Questions about can a blu ray play DVD

What is the difference between a DVD player and a Blu ray player? 

A Blu ray player can play DVDs, but the DVD does not significantly turn videos to high clarity. Moreover, this format supports higher resolution video playback than its counterparts. Blu ray also offers 1080p support for more accuracy on your TV screen.

Will a CD play on a DVD player?

A DVD player can reasonably read CDs. when you connect a home theatre speaker system to a DVD player. It will stay capable of playing the music discs on those too. But not all recordable CDs are readable by every type of television or other home entertainment device.

Can you play blu ray on a DVD player from all regions?

The region Free Blu ray Player is your answer to playing all DVDs and Blu ray discs without limits. This region-free player can play every DVD, regardless of where it was made or what its regional code says!

Can a Blu ray DVD player play a 3D movie?

You can play 3D movies on a Blu ray DVD player only if it supports 3D. Otherwise, you won't enjoy these amazing visual effects and the immersive experience of 3D movies.

Can you play a DVD on a blu ray player?

A wide range of Blu ray players can play standard DVDs and CDs. You can use one player for each of your discs. In addition, some models can hold a variety of specific discs, for example, audio file super audio CDs.


If you want to get the original video quality on your DVDs, then it's time for some new technology. The Blu ray player can play standard DVDs without any problem, and we share some knowledge in this article about how different they are from each other. However, if your goal is playing back original video quality on an HDTV using this device, then DVDFab Player 6 software might just come in handy for sure.