Using Command-Shift-6

If you are one of the users that have brought the latest Mac device with a Touch Bar, then this method will be definitely helpful to you to know how to do a print screen on a Mac. The 16-inch MacBook Pro or similar device with the Touch Bar can be used to take screenshots using this method. Just click the Command-Shift-6 key combination to take a very skinny and wide screenshot of your Touch Bar. Even though this might not be helpful for some users, it is a very handy shortcut and might be helpful for you in many cases.

how to print screen on mac:Using Command-Shift-6

Using Shift-Command-5

This shortcut command to know how to screenprint on Mac was introduced in 2018 for MacOS Mojave. When you use this key combination, it calls up a tiny panel on your screen at the bottom with options for your screen capture. Below are some important points that explain how to take a print screen on Mac using this key combination.

  • There are three screenshot options that allow users to capture a window, the entire screen, or a portion of your screen.
  • In the same manner, the two options for recording video allow you to record your complete screen or a portion of it.
  • On the left is an X option to remove the screenshot panel, but users can also just press the Escape key to end this all.
  • On the right end is an Options button, which allows you to select where to save your screenshot, offering you locations such as Documents, Desktop, Mail, Clipboard, Preview, Messages, or Other Location.
  • It also sets a 5- or 10-second delay so you can arrange items that may otherwise vanish when you work in the screenshot panel.
  • Initially, the Show Floating Thumbnail feature is turned on, which places a small preview thumbnail of the just-snapped screenshot on your screen in the lower-right corner. This is the same as the screenshot process with iOS.
  • Unlike iPhone, users can turn off this preview thumbnail on their Mac. Last, but not least, users can select to show their mouse pointer in a video or screenshot.
  • If the screenshot panel blocks an important section of your section, you can grab its left end and drag it on your screen to a new position.

how to print screen on mac:Using Shift-Command-5

Using Shift-Command-4

Knowing how to screenprint on a Mac using this key combination is very easy. These shortcut keys can be used to convert your cursor into a crosshair. Below are some important points that explain how to print a screen on a Mac keyboard using this key combination.

  • Use the mouse to choose a part of your screen for a screenshot. Release the trackpad or mouse button to take the shot.
  • Users can press and release the space bar with this method to take screenshots. The crosshair converts into a small camera icon, which you can move on any window open at that moment. Tap on your required window to snap a screenshot of it. A screenshot snapped with this method has a bit of a drop shadow with a white border around the window.
  • Users can long-press the space bar after dragging to highlight a region but prior to releasing the trackpad or mouse button. Dong this locks in the size and shape of the selection portion but allows you to reposition it on the screen. It is extremely useful if your original selection portion is off by a few pixels. Just long-press the space bar to reposition it prior to releasing the trackpad or mouse button to grab a screenshot.
  • Long press the Shift key after dragging to highlight a region but prior to releasing the trackpad or mouse button. Doing this locks in every side of the selected portion made using the crosshairs save the bottom edge, allowing you to move your mouse down or up to adjust the bottom edge.
  • Without releasing the mouse button, let go of the Shift key and press it again to reposition the right edge of your selected region. Users can toggle between moving the right edge and bottom edge by keeping the touchpad or mouse button engaged and hitting the Shift key.

how to print screen on mac:Using Shift-Command-4

Using Command-Shift-3

The easiest way to know how to take a print screen on Mac is to use the Command-Shift-3 key combination. This keyboard shortcut grabs a screenshot of your whole screen. This shortcut is useful for those who do not want to waste time and needs to take a screenshot of the entire screen.

how to print screen on mac:Using Command-Shift-3

Bonus: Use DVDFab Screen Recorder to Easily Record Your Screen

Most of the time, users might feel the need not just to capture screenshots but also record the screen. This can be possible if you wish to record your gameplay or want to record your screen if you wish to give a tutorial. At such times, a powerful tool is required that can make your screen-recording job easy. DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS is one of the best tools in the market that can easily record your screen. Below are some features of this tool. Have a look:

  • The tool is able to capture both audio and video through AirPlay Mirroring feature. With this feature, the tool can easily record your screen with no lag in audio and video syncing.
  • The tool is capable of using the webcam and integrating into the original video. This creates a great PIP (picture in picture) effect.
  • The tool also comes with different features such as the ability to add watermark, crop, trim, animations, transitions, zooming in/out, callouts and captions, and many more.
  • The tool also supports different output formats (apart from MP4), which help users to create a Blu-ray or DVD.

Follow the below steps to know how to use this tool to record the screen.

Step 1: Download and open DVDFab on your PC.

Step 2: Click on the Launchpad module and go to the utility section. Next, navigate to the iOS Screen Recorder.

Step 3: Click on the popup window and follow the on-screen instructions to link your device to DVDFab through AirPlay Mirroring feature.

how to print screen on mac:Bonus: Use DVDFab Screen Recorder to Easily Record Your Screen

Step 4: Initially, only the video stream from the iOS device will be recorded. On the other hand, if required, users can manually turn on the switch present at the left side of the timeline to add the audio file to the timeline of your iOS device.

Step 5: In addition to this, users can add different video streams to make the picture-in-picture effect using the Add Video Track option.

Step 6: This video can be added from a webcam or other camera devices linked to your device.

Step 7: In addition to this, users can also add their own voice narrative through the Add Audio Track option.

Step 8: When everything is set and adjusted, just press the red recording button to begin the recording process.

how to print screen on mac:Bonus: Use DVDFab Screen Recorder to Easily Record Your Screen

Step 9: Users can stop the recording when they have finished their job on the screen.

Step 10: Press the Preview option present on the window at the top right corner to ensure the recorded content is exactly what you have wished for.

Step 11: Now, you can start editing the video. Users can crop the unnecessary area off the display area, trim off the unwanted part, and add image watermark or text to make your video exclusive.

Step 12: Lastly, after the editing is done, tap the Save option next to the Record option to export the timeline on your HDD to an MP4 video saved.

how to print screen on mac:Bonus: Use DVDFab Screen Recorder to Easily Record Your Screen


Can an iPhone 4 screenshot?

Yes. All you have to do is just press and release the On/Off, Sleep/Wake, and Home buttons at the same time. A flash of the screen allows you to know that the screenshot was captured.

Is there another way to screenshot on iPad?

Yes. On your iPad with a Home button at the same time press and then let go off the Home button and the top button. On other iPad models at the same time press and then release either volume button and the top button (on iPad’s top-right edge).

What to do when Screenshot on iPad not responding?

If your iPad is not responding to screenshots, try one of the following methods:

  • Restart or force restart your iPad
  • Press and hold the Home + Power buttons at the same time
  • Check the iPad Home button works well
  • Take a screenshot on iPad with 3D Touch
  • Take a screenshot on iPad using Assistive Touch


In a nutshell, we just had a look at how to print the screen on Mac. We saw different methods that help us in taking screenshots. In addition to this, we also had a look at DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS, which is the best tool in the market used to easily record your screen.