In recent times, with the advent of various smartphone applications, the mobile phone users have also accustomed themselves to the use of several applications which eases their way of living and daily activities. As you might know, screen recorders are such a useful application that enables an individual to capture their screen either as a video file or as a screenshot.  This easy-to-use application often offers a complete suite of tools with audio. With the help of a screen recorder application, an individual can take out images as desired from a video file and save it as an image file. We would be discussing further 20 such best Android Screen Recorders in this article. So, below are the top 20 best android screen recorders.

1.    DU Recorder

The DU Recorder is a stable, free and high-quality screen recorder that smoothly records your screen, clearly and quickly.  The primary factor which makes it one of the best android screen recorders is that it does not affect the resolution of the video on the recording. It provides a very stable and fluid screen recording. And with the help of this screen recorder, the user can easily record popular videos of mobile games or anything they want to the recorder.

2.    AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen recorder is another best android screen recorder application to record android screen videos. The most important feature of this application is that it does not require any root access, no watermark, and there is neither any time limit. It is effortless to use with just one tap action to start and stop recordings.

3.    ASR Screen Recorder

The ASR Screen Recorder is also one of the best android screen recorders. It does not require the root access, no watermark and time limit, it also comes with the android material theme, add logo and text, shake or switch off the screen to stop, and it is also effortless to start and stop recording with just one action.

4.    Screen Recorder by Coder House

Screen Recorder by Coder House is another high-quality android screen recorder. It is free, stable and helps you to record clear and smooth screen videos from android devices. With the help of this recorder, the users can also record audio along with their screen which can be very useful for making guides or instructions via android screen recorder.

5.    EZ Screen Recorder (No Root)

EZ Screen Recorder is also a screen video recorder for android that comes with no root access and helps in recording android screen very easily. It is one of the best screen recorder for android as it allows recording in-game screen, live chat, live streaming, live broadcast, etc. that too with just a single click. All the functions in this recorder are free and come with no advertisements.

6.    Game Screen Recorder

Unlike other android screen recorders, the Game screen recorder is a premium screen recording app for Android which can be used for recording screen videos and even game streams. One can easily record their game video with the help of this application without root and share it with your friends. It can automatically identify the game on the smartphone without root access which eventually helps in making your recording even smoother and well optimized.

7.    Background Video Recorder

It is a kind of screen video recorder that acts like a camera application which helps to record the video in the background with the option to enable or disable the camera previews and shutter sounds. The Background Video recorder possesses a useful function of continuous recording even when the screen is off which is pretty amazing.   

8.    Mobizen: Screen Recorder

Mobizen is one of the easiest to use android screen recorder that allows to record, capture, and edit recorded screen videos. All the features of this screen recorder that can be accessed for free and the watermark in the videos can also be removed for free.  

9.    123 Screen Recorder

It is one of the best screen video recorder for android for smartphones without any root access, time limit, and watermark. The app also allows you in making movie caption, and subtitle. It is also effortless to start, stop, pause and resume the recording with just one action. So, if you’re not acquainted with how to record your Android screen, you can learn a lesson or two by using the 123 screen recorder.

10.     Record My Screen HD No Root

It is one of the most straightforward applications that is used for recording screen videos. The app has exceptional capabilities as it’s a screen recorder for android with no root access. The app operates effortlessly and conveniently. All the features of this screen recorder can be accessed for free and can be used hassle-free.

11.     Screen Recorder-No Root

Screen Recorder is one of the best android screen recorders to records on latest android versions like Lollipop, Marshmallow or above. It does not require any root access and comes with no watermark and time limit. Not to mention how effortless it is to use this app with just one tap action to start and stop the recordings.

12.     ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is such a recorder that is designed to be a full-featured screen recorder without any root access and restrictions. It allows you to record with two engines, i.e., default and advanced and draws on the fly with the use of the favorite color. 

13.     AB Screen Recorder

AB Screen Recorder initiates in recording the smartphone screen and allows the user in becoming a beta tester for early access of the upcoming features. Those features include recording the voice to create tutorial videos, adjust camera view transparency, etc.

14.     Screen Recorder- Free No Ads

It is an application that helps to record smartphone screens very easily and take screenshots anywhere. You can easily save the recorded videos on your SD card or any other location, wherever desired. The app allows you to use many different features that too for free.

15.     RecMe Free Screen Recorder

RecMe Free Screen Recorder is a high-quality free screen recorder with no watermark and or time limits. It does not require any root access for screen recording which means that if the device is running Android version before 5.0+you can use it without any root access, it requires to run the startup tool as a workaround to activate the screen recording.  

16.     REC Screen Recorder HD

It is an HD quality screen recorder and is designed as a perfect fit for the gamers who want to record their gaming session for the tutorial video or any other purpose. Screen Recorder applications are beneficial and convenient in recording the videos of installation and execution of an application in use.

17.     Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop Screen Recorder is a very simple and easy to use screen recorder for smartphones running Android 5.0 or above. In this recorder, the recorded videos are saved in an organized folder which is also easy to access and share.

18.     Unlimited Screen Recorder

It is the totally free and first mobile phone video recording application that makes the screen recording convenient, easy, and even more fun. You can easily record videos of unlimited lengths as per the internal storage available on your smartphone.

19.     AirShou Screen Recorder

AirshouScreen Recorder is an android screen recorder that allows you to record screen videos upto HD and Full HD qualities without affecting the performance of the smartphones. It has an exclusive option of recording the self-face and emotions in a tiny separate window that can be dragged freely to any position on the screen. You can further customize these as per the opacity and desired size.

20.     Screen Recorder by VN New Solutions

In this screen recorder, it does not require the root access while recording the Android screen. This application can record the screen of the version of 5.0 or more of the Android phone very easily. It does not contain any watermarks or time limits, and it is effortless to use with just one tap action to start and stop the recordings.

Conclusive Review:

In this article, we have mentioned the top20 best Android Screen Recorders that come up with many different and innovative features. That also makes them easy to handle even for novice users even if you don’t know how to record screen on android. All the mentioned screen recorders are wonderful applications for recording the required and essential videos and images of your screen conveniently.

Apart from android screen recorders for Android platforms, if you also want to find an iOS Screen Recorder, you can try the DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS.