Fear is not only one of our most powerful emotions, it’s also one of the most useful ones as it helps keep us alive. It seems strange that we seek fear when you think about it, but it makes perfect sense. It’s not fear itself that people look for but the sense of relief that comes once the fear has passed. Most us enjoy watching scary movies precisely because it allows us to experience fear in a controlled manner and without any real danger. With that in mind, put your brave faces on because today we’re going to take a look at the top 15 best horror movies on Hulu as of 2018.


Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn is the first of several classic horror movies you’re going to find on this list. The premise revolves around a town where all the inhabitants are 18-years-old or younger. Everyone above that age, even visitors, are quickly murdered.


Paranormal Activity

What makes Paranormal Activity one of the best horror movies on Hulu is that it does a good job at convincing you that what you’re looking at is not a film but completely real. Some of the sequels are too bad either but the original is by far the best and scariest in the series.


The Babadook

There are plenty of scary movies on Hulu about monsters but very few that also have a premise as good as The Babadook. This movie centers on a fairy tale book about the titular Babadook, a cartoony monster seemingly inspired by the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. The twist is that the Babadook is actually real and not just a fairy tale.


Friday the 13th

Despite its age, Friday the 13th remains one of the absolute best horror movies on Hulu. Obviously, we’re not talking about the 2009 remake starring Jared Padalecki but the 1980 original. There have been countless sequels about Jason Voorhees’ exploits around Camp Crystal Lake but this is where it all started.



You can’t have a list about the best Hulu horror movies without Hellraiser. In 1987 this nightmare-inducing movie introduced us to one of the most twisted and gruesome worlds to ever grace the silver screen and some of us are haunted to this day by Hellraiser’s hellish villain, Pinhead.



Now, this is a fairly divisive horror movie. Some absolutely love it while others believe that it tries to cram in too many scary stories that are only loosely related to each other. It’s a matter of personal taste at the end of the day but at least there’s no denying that V/H/S tries to stand out from other horror movies and does succeed to some extent.



If you loved the original Saw you’re definitely going to enjoy this one. Hostel contains just as much blood and gore but offers a new an interesting premise. The movie centers around an underground hostel where people are being tortured by those who are rich enough to afford it. The method of torture? Well, that’s entirely up to the buyers. Definitely one of the most gruesome horror movies on Hulu right now.



Once again, we have two movies that share the same name but we’re obviously referring to the classic 1976 adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. Easily counted among the best scary movies on Hulu, Carrier follows the titular protagonist as she takes revenge on all of those who wronged her when she discovers her telekinetic powers.


28 Weeks Later

The original (28 Days Later) doesn’t seem to be available on Hulu right now but chances are you’ve already seen it so make sure to also check out the sequel. 28 Weeks Later takes place six months after the rage virus decimated the population and focuses on the few survivors that are now trying to rebuild.


A Nightmare on Elm Street

If you’re looking for horror movies on Hulu that are likely to give you nightmares this is a good place to start. After all, this movie is all about a supernatural killer with the power to invade people’s dreams and kill them while they’re sleeping. You’re probably already familiar with the iconic Freddy Krueger so check out A Nightmare on Elm Street on Hulu if you want to see where his legend started.



Cloverfield is easily one of the best scary movies on Hulu from this past decade. The movie uses the tried and true “found footage” gimmick but pulls it off in a very creative way. The great thing about Cloverfield is that it doesn’t really too much on its alien monsters but rather on the constant tension and panic felt by everyone who was present when the invasion began.


Let the Right One In

While the 2010 American remake (Let Me In) was pretty good, the original Swedish film is clearly superior. Let the Right One In is a strange mix of horror and romance and centers around a young boy that falls in love with a vampire girl. The premise is simple but it works surprisingly well and makes this arguably of the best foreign horror movie on Hulu.


The Host

Don’t worry we’re not talking about the 2013 American action movie but rather the 2006 South Korean horror film The Host. The aren’t a whole lot of South Korean horror movies on Hulu unfortunately but this creature feature will do a very good job at introducing you to the country’s film industry.


An American Werewolf in London

This movie was pretty revolutionary when it first came out back in 1981 because it should in great detail a werewolf transformation that looked really good. Despite its age, the movie looks great even by today’s standards thanks to the quality practical effects used. This should be one of your first picks if you’re looking for horror movies on Hulu that also throw a bit of comedy into the mix.



Mother! Is the latest project of Darron Aronofsky, a director known of his rather unusual style. This movie definitely fits the bill and feels quite different when compared to most others in its genre. Some people didn’t enjoy the artsy approach to horror but others loved it precisely because of that. We’ve seen many good scary movies last year and Mother! Is definitely among the best horror movies on Hulu from 2017.


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