Did you know you could record the screen of your desktop and Android and iOS devices? You might wonder, why would anyone wish to do so? Well, a lot of people wish to record the screen of their device when they are filming tutorials and gaming videos. These days, the two genres are very popular among content creators.

To record the screen of your device, you will need to use the best screen recording software. After all, not every option is the best. The quality of the software you use will govern whether the recording process is marked by ease and convenience or not.

You can choose which best screen recorder app is for you by perusing our list.


DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS

Are you looking for the best screen recorder for iPhone? If so, DVDFab has just the software you need. Among its various offerings is a Screen Recorder & Editor. There are various features delivered by this best screen recorder for Mac and iOS devices.

You can use this software for both recording the entire screen of your iPhone or for recording videos that cannot be downloaded directly to your iOS device. To top it all off, the software comes with an array of video editing options that ensure the screen you record can be used for professional tutorials.

Many have lauded the fact that the DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor is never out of sync when it comes to matching audio with video. The lack of lags makes it the best screen recorder for iPhones.

One of the many value-adding features of the software is its ability to deliver PIP recording. You might have seen that professional gamers tend to deliver tutorials that show them playing the game in real time. You can use this software to have that effect. For this, you will require a camera (or a webcam) and a microphone. By changing the default setting, you can film yourself and the screen at the same time.

Additionally, customized watermarks can be added to the screen recorder to ensure exclusivity and prevent anyone from copying your videos. Other video editing options include trimming, cropping, adding animations, and zooming in and out. The screen recording process is also very easy and includes the following general steps:

1.       Open DVDFab. In the “Utilities” module on the upper panel, you will find “DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS.” Click on it.

2.       Connect your device to the software using the AirPlay Mirroring option. A thorough guide on how to do it will be provided.

3.       Change the default settings if you want a PIP experience. Start recording your screen.

4.       Make use of the editing tools to edit the recorded video. Save it once you are done with your project.


Free Screen Video Recorder

If you are looking for the best screen recorder for Windows 10, the Free Screen Video Recorder developed by DVDVideoSoft is an option worth considering. It is the best free screen recorder. This software can allow you to record an array of activities on your desktop. This includes recording menus, screen, and specific objects.

To make sure that customers are not confused about how to use the screen video recorder, a step-by-step guide is delivered. This comprehensive guide makes the slightly complex process of using the video recorder a comparatively easier task.

The screen can be recorded and saved in various types of formats. Rather than just delivering you an MP4 format, the software offers formats like AVI, GIF, and PNG. Another feature that has been lauded by the masses is the fact that it is free of ads. Now, considering that the recorder is a free version, this comes as a pleasant surprise. After all, most free applications are plagued with ads. Also, there are no in-app purchases and neither are users prevented from using any features because it is a free option.

The only problem with this screen recorder is that it does not allow you to record PIP, so this might be the best screen recorder for Windows but only for basic use.


OBS Studio

Another quality screen recorder for Windows users is OBS Studio. For all those of you who are gamers and wish to relay your expertise to others, this is the best tool for doing so. The fact that the software is free to use and is open source has fared well with gamers who are usually stuck with free versions that only let you record your screen for 30 seconds.

Moreover, this screen recorder records the screen in HD quality rather than in subpar quality. This further gives a professional look. Rather than recording the video on your hard drive and then transferring it to your graphics card, OBS Studio can be used directly from the graphics card. Hence, rather than filming a windowed version of the game, you can record the given game in its full glory. Its ability to film 60 fps or higher has also made it a popular choice among professionals.

There is one flaw embedded in the software. The setup process takes quite a while. Hence, you have to allow time to set up the screen recorder and take care of various settings before you can begin recording.


Mobizen Screen Recorder

Android users might require a screen recorder that is made keeping in mind the various needs of the operating system. If you have an Android version 4.4 or later, one of the best screen recorders for Android is Mobizen. However, the fact that it only works on KitKat or later versions may be a source of inconvenience for some users.

Even with its limited use when it comes to Android users, this software has been successful in being lauded by the masses. Its popularity is largely based on its user-friendly interface. Apart from the DVDFab Screen Recorder, you might have noticed that the other options rarely have an easy screen recording process. This is not true for Mobizen which features a straightforward and fast way of recording the screen.

Also, the output quality of the screen recorder is up to par. The fact that you can record the screen in HD quality means that the screen recorder can be used for professional work. The output can support 60 fps. Whether you see it as a benefit or a flaw, the software allows you to record videos without any watermarks. This delivers clarity to the video, but it also means that it can be easily reproduced.

Other value-added features include video editing tools and filming PIP using the FaceCam feature. While the screen recorder is free on the surface, it does demand you to pay a price if you want to get rid of the annoying ads that pop up.



Each of these screen recorders is the best in its niche. When it comes to the overall comparison on the basis of functionality, the DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor surely wins. However, its use is generally limited to iOS devices. Select a quality screen recorder and start your filming journey.