Come Christmas time and many people love to listen to Christmas rap songs to add to the festive spirit. A lot of rap artists from Kanye West to Snoop Dogg have made rap songs to suit the Christmas festivity and season. There have been many reputable as well as ridiculous and funny songs that have been made by the popular hip-hop artists from around the world to liven up the holiday season.

The Christmas rap songs are unique traditions of the American culture and everyone loves to listen to them during the festive season. As the years have gone by, some of the big names in the rap industry have crooned songs on Christmas and the holiday season and they have also become huge hits among the song lovers. Let us see some of the best Christmas rap songs that you can always listen during the festive season.

1.    OutKast – “Player’s Ball”

This is a debut single from OutKast that suits the festive season. The rapper pair of Andre and Big Boi circa from Atlanta gives us a taste of their Christmas life in Atlanta through this Christmas rap song. It is a gloomy track talking about their Christmas life and this song reminds many that the festive season is not always cheerful for everyone.


2.    Snoop Dogg – Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto

Snoop Dogg is one of the most popular rap artists in America and has a huge fan following all over the world. This song by Snoopy tells us what he got during the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd day of Christmas. It has the jingle bells and the whistle sound in the song to add to the festive spirit. There are many featured rappers taking part in the song to add liveliness to the song. It is one of the best Christmas rap songs of all time.

3.    Ying Yang Twins – Deck Da Club

The Ying Yang Twins also have made their contribution to the Christmas season with the “Deck Da Club” song from their Christmas album ‘The Ying and Yang of the Holidays’. It is a fun song that allows you to party, dance and have loads of fun during the festive season.


4.    Afroman – 12 J’s of Christmas

This is a Christmas rap song from the Afroman album ‘A Colt 45 Christmas’. It is a very entertaining and oldish style of song that rings in the Christmas spirit. It talks about the 12 days of Christmas in the life of Afroman and his interaction with the police team on every day. This is one of the rap Christmas songs that is played as a tradition in many homes and parties during the festival season.


5.    Eazy-E – Merry Muthaf**kin Christmas

As you can see from the name of the song, there is a lot of bizarreness attached to this Christmas rap song from Uncle Eazy-E. He is a filthy person and lives up to his reputation of filthiness in this song. The song celebrates all the things that no one can ever associate with Christmas. It talks about the story of the bad Eazy-E.  This song has caught the imagination of many youth and fun-loving people. This is an out of the world, Christmas song hat features fart noises, blowjobs, the f*** word, etc.


6.    Dipset X-Mas Time by Jim Jones

Live the life to the fullest is the mantra that Jim Jones and his Dipset team are looking to tell through this X-Mas Time song. Jones explains in this song that if things are taken lightly, then you can celebrate every day as Christmas day. It is a fun loaded song that features in many of the top Christmas rap songs list. There are many lofty dreams that Jim shares with his listeners in this song.

7.    Christmas Rappin by Kurtis Blow

There is loads of energy filled with this song that puts behind the tiredness of the night before Christmas. The song instantly gets into the Christmas rapping mode and is a delight for all the fans who love to listen to the best Christmas rap songs always. The song also deals about how the Christmas party was like the year before. It talks about what Kurtis does to celebrate Christmas.

8.    Christmas in Harlem by Kanye West

Kanye West is one of the most popular hip-hop artists in America and has a huge fan following the world over. He is good at creating great rap songs and does not disappoint with this Christmas rap song. He carried out a humble narration of the holiday season through this rap song. He says that he wants to place his baby on top of the Christmas tree to replace the Christmas star.


9.    Jingle Bellz by Juelz Santana

There is an interesting spin that Juelz gives to the Christmas in this song Jingle Bellz. This song also involves Starr and is featured in the album Jim Jones & Skull Gang that gives a tribute to the Bad Santa. It is one of the funniest Christmas rap songs around and will always be played by fun loving people who celebrate Christmas time with their close friends. It shows that diamonds are always a girl’s best friend and that is the best gift to give your girl during the festive season.


10.Run DMC - Christmas in Hollis

One of the most classic rap Christmas songs that you will ever hear is the Christmas in Hollis. Run DMC celebrates Christmas in this song in Santa’s workshop in 1987. The little elf causes havoc by messing with the holiday switchboard when Santa is not there. This song is still one of the hottest songs about Christmas, despite being 30 years old.


11. Run the Jewels– A Christmas F**king Miracle

One of the darkest Christmas rap songs of Run the Jewels are the ‘A Christmas F**kin’ Miracle’. The elves of Christmas are the rascals that create hatred and poison in the surroundings. Killer Mike takes part in the holiday entertainment with a pumpkin head punk on his Face. This song not only trashes the holiday season, but it also criticizes the celebrity culture and also has some criticizing rhymes.



12. Ludacris – Ludacrismas

This song by Ludacris takes you back to the old Christmas period where the songs had a soulful feel to it. This Christmas rap song has the right beat to fire the holiday spirit and has easy lyrics. It is one of the apt songs made for the Christmas season that talks about what Ludacris feels about the Christmas season. The singer introduces Fred Claus, the brother of Santa and makes everyone remember that character.



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