AVI is a container format while WMV is a series of video codecs both are developed by Microsoft. WMV was developed for higher compatibility with Microsoft Windows OS and it was also adapted for online video streaming services. Microsoft introduced WMV as a competitor to RealVideo format. The main difference between AVI and WMV is that WMV is designed to work everywhere on a Windows based PC and AVI is just another video container format with higher quality.

And secondly, AVI video files are larger than WMV video files. As I said WMV video files have excellent compatibility with Microsoft Windows operating systems and they are smaller in size. So this is the only reason which makes me convert AVI to WMV as all the time I won’t have any playback issues. Whether I embed my WMV movie in a software or a webpage all the time I’ll enjoy a superior compatibility if it’s being played on a Windows-based PC.


Top 4 Tools to Convert AVI to WMV

Here is the list and quick tutorials for the top 4 best AVI to WMV converters. This list mostly includes free AVI to WMV converters. Being free, some of the given below video converter tools are extremely productive.


1. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is the best AVI to WMV converter. It can convert almost every know video format today from one format to another. It supports converting 4K videos to lower resolution videos. It fully supports hardware acceleration technologies like Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia CUDA, and AMD acceleration which speed up the video conversion by many folds on a supported computer hardware. Follow the steps given below to convert AVI to WMV in DVDFab 11.

·         Download and install either 64-bit or 32-bit version of DVDFab 11. It is available for download for both Mac and Windows 10 or lower operating systems.

·         After installing, launch the program and click the ‘Converter’ tab. Then click the ‘Add’ button or the big ‘Plus’ button in the centre of the program screen to load a single or multiple AVI videos. If you want to wirelessly add videos from your mobile then you can click ‘Add from Mobile’ button and use the DVDFab Remote app to pick videos from your phone via WiFi. This is new wireless feature added in DVDFab 11.

convert avi to wmv

·         After loading the AVI video or videos the program window will look like this. Please check the annotations before proceeding.

convert avi to wmv

·         Click the video profile button and then click the ‘Format’ tab. In the left options pane make sure ‘Video’ tab and the ‘General’ option is selected. From here click the ‘WMV’ format.

convert avi to wmv

·         Then Click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button and change the video settings like output resolution, frame rate, video quality, increase video volume etc. If you have loaded multiple AVI videos then change the settings of each video individually. If you’re using dual audio AVI movies/videos then you can select the audio stream and can also select subtitles.

avi to wmv converter

·         After changing the video settings you may jump to the DVDFab video editor by clicking the dedicated video editor button. Here you can crop, trim, rotate, change video properties, add watermarks and subtitles but it totally depends on your requirement.

avi to wmv converter

·         Select the ‘Save’ location if you want to change it. Finally click the ‘Start’ button and all your AVI videos will be converted to WMV one by one and in batch if you added multiple videos.

·         You’ll be notified once DVDFab finishes converting all the AVI videos to WMV.

So this is how you can convert AVI to WMV in DVDFab 11 video converter. If you ever wanted to convert any other formats then you can use this software for the same. There are hundreds of video profiles which can be inter-converted.


2. Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter by Anvsoft is a free video converter available for both Mac and Windows. It is a free AVI to WMV converter and converts other formats also. Now follow the tutorial below to convert AVI to WMV in AVC. AVC free also has a large video profiles library which is too good.

·         First of all download and install the software for your Mac or Windows 10/8/7/Vista PC.
Launch the program and click the ‘Add Video’ button to load an AVI video. Just like DVDFab 11 you can also load multiple AVI videos at once, change their settings, apply video effects, and use the free video editor.

·         After loading the AVI video the program’s UI will look like this below. Check the detailed info of controls in the image below.

convert avi to wmv

·         After you load the video simply click the ‘Format/Device profile’ selection button and select ‘WMV’ from the list.

·         In ‘Video settings’ you can change the resolution and bit-rate.

·         Any video converter also lets you choose the dual audio stream.

·         After making all the settings click ‘Convert Now!’ to convert AVI to WMV.

You have successfully converted AVI to WMV using the AVC free video converter.


3. VLC Media Player

You know that VLC is a free media player with lots of quality features. But you may not know this that VLC can actually be used to convert videos. With VLC you can easily convert AVI to WMV for free and without any watermarks. Follow the steps below to use VLC player as a free AVI to WMV converter.

·         Download and install VLC media player from official VideoLan website.

·         Once installed, open the player and click the ‘Media’ tab and select ‘Convert/Save’ or press ‘CTRL + R’.

·         Now click the ‘Add’ button and load your AVI video which you want to convert to WMV. Then click the ‘Convert/Save’ button below.

free avi to wmv converter

·         Now click the ‘Profile’ drop down list and scroll to the end and select ‘WMV’. Just next to the ‘WMV’ profile click the ‘Settings’ button, a wrench icon.

avi to wmv converter

·         In ‘Encapsulation’ select ‘ASF/WMV’. Then click the ‘Video Code’ tab and put a check on ‘Video’ and ‘Keep original video track’. Then move to ‘Audio Codec’ and put a check on ‘Audio’ and ‘Keep original audio track’. Then click the ‘Save’ button which will take you back to the ‘Convert’ dialog box.

avi to wmv converter

·         Here just click the ‘Browse’ button and select the location where you want to save the output video. Name the video as ‘File_Name.wmv’. You have to add the ‘.wmv’ extension in the output video file name otherwise it will be by-default saved to AVI format. Also set the ‘Save as type’ to ‘All’ while saving.

convert avi to wmv

·         Finally click the ‘Start’ button. After that go to the destination folder and check your converted video.


4. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a quick and easy to use AVI to WMV converter. It comes with good video converting capabilities. You can set or change the output video resolution and select the inbuilt device profiles for quick conversion.  Freemake also provides options to select audio streams, subtitles, and have an inbuilt video editor. Follow the steps below to convert AVI to WMV.

·         Open the program and click the ‘Video’ button and load an AVI video.

·         In ‘Output format’ select ‘WMV’. The video settings will open automatically. Here you can change settings like bit-rate, resolution, FPS, video quality.

·         Use the video editor if you want to edit the AVI video.

convert avi to wmv

·         Finally click ‘Convert’ button to start the conversion process.

·         There is one problem with Freemake which is that the converted AVI video will have the freemake logo. So if you do not want any logo then try either DVDFab video converter or AVC free.


5. CloudConvert.Com

Cloud Convert a tool to convert AVI to WMV online free. Because this is an online AVI to WMV converter so we suggest you use it for only small and non-personal AVI files. Large AVI files will take a long time to upload and then you have to download the converted WMV videos. This online video converter is easy to use and supports common audio and video formats. Simply go to the website and load your AVI file.

Select the output as WMV by clicking the profiles button just before the ‘wrench’ icon. Adjust ‘Video Settings’ by clicking the ‘wrench’ icon. You’ll be offered download links once the conversion gets over. The good thing about this online  AVI to WMV converter is that it can also be used in a mobile device browser.

convert avi to wmv online



So this is a detailed tutorial which taught you to convert AVI to WMV with free tools. We have discussed five tools and now you are free to choose the one which works best for you. If you want a simply awesome AVI to WMV converter then blindly go with video converter in DVDFab 11 which can also convert hundreds of other video formats. AVC is another good and free option and enough for the purpose. You can also use VLC which is totally free and finally using freemake or clouldconvert will be your personal choice.