In the recent days, games are the most desired and prominent way of entertainment on the internet that attracts the majority of the young audience. Several types of gaming software with high configuration are available in the market to gain an extra concentration of teenagers and adolescents by showing them the type of gameplay you perform. 

There are several game recorder software which not only comes with features of recording games but also with editing tools and built-in live streaming options. Thus to initiate the discussion about the best available gaming screen recorders, we need to know that there are different game screen recorders that can be used to record the screens of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOSdevices. So, for the ease of readers, we have segregated the discussion in two parts. Where, the first part goes with Top 10 Best Gaming screen recorders for Android and iOS. And the second part holds the list of Top 10 Best Gaming screen recorders for Windows and Mac.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Game Screen Recorders for Android/iOS

List of the best 10 Game screen Recorders for Android and iOS are listed below:

1.      DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS

The DVDFab Screen recorder and Editor for iOScan record everything and capture any videoon your iOS devices,be it a game or any other software. And with those captured and recorded video of the game, it can also create professional video tutorials and presentations with in-depth edits such as cropping, trimming, adding picture-in-picture effect, watermarking, create PIP effect. The app works through the Airplay Mirroring without any lag. The app also comes with fantastic video editing tools that can help you make the most out of your game screen recorder.But please note that the recorder should be used on a Windows platform.

2.     FilmoraScrn

It is one of the best game screen recorders for free and editor that also comes without any watermark and time limitation. It is recommended as a powerful screen recorder that can record the primary and secondary displays. It can reduce the noise of the recorded audio and bears the feature of customizable video quality recording.

3.     TechSmith Capture

TechSmith appears with the powerful technology of screen recording to any mobile device. It can record any video, games, audio, apps, other content for a video demo, presentation, tutorials for free on any iOS screen. It can easily record gameplay and share the best gaming moments online.

4.     AirShou

It is one of the most recommended game screen recorders for iOS by the gamers as it works with Apple’s Replay Kit to the support the live streaming games on iOS 10. Along with recording it also comes with the feature of editing the recorded videos and can create tutorials for recording gameplay and other videos.

5.     BB-Rec

It is also a well-recommended game screen recorder app that provides several features like AirShou as a standalone screen recording app for iOS. Through BB Rec, the users can record their iPhone screen and broadcast live video through the streaming server. It bears a very user-friendly interface and gained huge popularity for these features.

6.      Wondershare MirrorGo Android Recorder

Wondershare MirrorGo is one of the popular and highly recommended game screen recorders for Android devices. It can emulate the screen of the Android device by connecting it to the PC. This game recorder can record the classic gameplay by capturing the screen at the crucial points.

7.     Rec. (Screen Recorder)

This is one of the best game screen recorder app for Android available for free and bears the simple and convenient way to record the running android device screen. It provides fully configurable and flexible screen recording capabilities for the Android device. It has an intuitive and flexible user-interface incorporated with the best possible features.

8.     AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen recorder is among the best game screen recorder app that is compatible with the Android 5.0 version or above. It records different games without the requirement of root access, no watermark, and no time limit. It available for free and is very easy to use with a single action to start and stop recording.  

9.     ilosScreen Recorder-5.0+

This screen recording software is available for free in the market with the capability of recording gaming videos from the Android device 5.0 or above. Those recorded games can be shared on YouTube, Facebook, Drive, etc. or the user can save the recorded video directly into the mobile device with no watermark, and time limit.

10. One Shot screen recorder

The process of screen recording with One Shot screen recorder is straightforward and easy. It is recommended as one of the best-featured game screen recorders with the paid version of it. For the convenience of the user, it divides the whole recording process into four easy steps. 

Part 2: Top 10 Best Game Screen Recorders for Windows/Mac

The lists of best 10 Game Screen Recorders for Windows/Mac are provided as below: 


1.     Open Broadcaster

Open Broadcaster is recommended as one of the best game screen recorders forYouTube that is free and offers several functionalities to the user apart from game recording. It is open source software with live streaming of the video on YouTube, Twitch, etc. The user can also save the recorded video on the computer as FLV or MP4 format.   This software comes up with good editing options as well.It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux system.

2.     Bandicam Software

It is one of the best-paid video and game screen recorder for PC on the internet. The software bears a simple and easy to use interface with multiple functionalities. The user can record the video at 4K resolution with this software along with the feature of editing and video compression.

3.     Action

The Action is also recommendedas one of the best game screen recorders with facecam, andwithits paid version it offers outstanding features. It does not put more pressure on the CPU as it uses GPU to record the game screen. It can add the user’s voice to the video and can capture video up to 4K resolution.

4.     D3D Gear Software

It is simple to use and light software or screen recording. It has the feature of built-in compression that helps in occupying very less space in the computer. It is an efficient game recording engine that can record the audio of the main game and can implement microphone voice commentary.

5.     ShadowPlay Software

ShadowPlay is one of the best game screen recorders for PC. The software can easily be used for recording game and is provided by the Nvidia GeForce Company. Rather than CPU, this software also uses GPU for recording game screen. For recording there are two different modes in this software, one is shadow mode, and the other is manual mode.

6. Camtasia Studio

Anotherversatilegame recording software is Camtasia Studio, which supports both Windows and Mac platforms with intuitive controls. It is well-known for itssmooth and lightweight screen recording, which can be modified later by adding music and photos. You can benefit from a multi-track type timeline for a simple video recording facility with some virtual effects like drawing tools,video blurand more. It is definitely a good and easy to use game recording tool.

7.    Monosnap

It is free game screen recording software with high rated screenshot editor that the user can download from their App Store. It has the option for editing and annotations along with multiple screen capture feature. It also bears an essential feature of stopping the recording at once and then starting it again.

8.    Apowersoft

Apowersoft is one of the best and free screen capture software for Mac OS. It performs real-time editing and can convert the videos to MOV, MPEG, WMV, FLV, AVI, ASF and more. It can save time by customizing the keyboard shortcuts.

9.    TinyTake

TinyTake is simple and easy to use game screen recording software that includes a free cloud storage service with 2GB of storage. The user can annotate videos in this software and can share the bulk files of the screen recordings.

10.     Screencast-o-Matic

It is considered one of the best game screen recorders with the availability of its premium version. Most of the features of this software are available with the premium version right from creating tutorials video to editing the recorded videos.


The above mentioned all the screen recorders are recommended as best screen recorder for games by their performance, video quality, incorporated features and its compatibility in different platforms. Apart from recording games, all the software possesses other different features like editing, compression, annotation, etc. for enhancing the quality of the recorded video.