Halloween is around the corner, and it isthe time of the year when the weather starts to get colder and the nights are becoming creepier. And to keep the Halloween spirit even more spooky, we have selected top Halloween Punk songs for you.

Punk is a rock music genre of music that became famous in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia in the mid-1970s. So, let’s get straight into the list.

Part 1: Top 10 Halloween Punk Songs

1.     The Misfits- Halloween

This Halloween song by Misfits is a song that brings back every memory of Halloween that you have celebrated. Every time during the preparations of Halloween, this is my favorite song to listen as it has the perfect eerie lyrics and music is just awesome. The lyrics of the song mentions carved pumpkins, skeletons, and other Halloweeny things.

2.     Kristin Hersh- Your Ghost

This famous punk Halloween song is by Kristin Hersh released in 1994 for the album Hips and Makers. The song is definitely going to give a spooky feeling as the music, and the words follow the same. In the song, the singer sings about the dread feeling of the spirit of an ex is hanging around the house, the lyrics go, ‘Till I wake Your Ghost.’

3.     The Misfits- Night of the Living Dead

‘Night of the Living Dead’ is one of the top punk rock Halloween songs by Misfits. The song is about the zombies, and the song is titled after a movie with the same name with the zombie plot. There are several songs by Misfits that are perfectly horror and suitable for your Halloween playlist, but this one is definitely one of the best.

4.     The Arctic Monkeys- Pretty Visitors

‘Pretty Visitors’ from the Arctic Monkeys band is a perfect song around Halloween because of its creepy and chilling music, rap and lyrics. The lead singer, Alex Turner raps about the pretty visitors that come and wave their arms…..”It’s perfectly placed for the reasonably frightening.”

5.     Franz Ferdinand- Evil Eye

The video is even creepier than the music and the lyrics of the songs together. Weird creatures and organs rolling down in the whole video are enough to give you a chill, and if you are a weak hearted, this is enough to give you a nightmare.

6.     Rocky Erickson- If You Have Ghosts

The song by Rocky Ericson is about ghosts. The lyrics go, “If you have ghosts, then you have everything.” The singer sings about the benefits of having a ghost around you.  

7.     The Ramones- Pet Sematary

‘Pet Sematary’ is a song by the punk rock band Ramones released in 1989 for the album Brain Drain. The lyrics of the song says it all for why it is perfect for your Halloween season. Here are a few lines of the song,

“Under the arc of a weather stain boards,
Ancient goblins, and warlords,
Come out of the ground, not making a sound,
The smell of death is all around,
And the night when the cold wind blows, No one cares, nobody knows.”

8.     45 Grave- Partytime (Zombie Version)

‘Partytime’ is a punk rock song by 45 graves. The song is a tribute to a little girl who had a series of horrible event and was abused and killed by her mother and friends. It is definitely sad to listen to the song especially when you know what is it about. The music and lyrics are eerie and perfect for the Halloween.

9.     Agent Orange- This House is Haunted

‘This House is Haunted’ is another top punk song to be on your Halloween playlist songs. We don’t need to tell you this, a few lines from the lyrics will tell you why,

“I was sitting in my room, dark and gray and crying

Someone in my life I fear was at the point of dying

A cold wind blew right up my spine; it was the break of dawn

A little voicewent deep inside told me she was gone”

10.     The Cramps- What’s Behind The Mask

Whether it’s a Halloween party or you are busy preparing for the Halloween and need some creepy background music, this song is just the right choice. In the song, the singer sings about a girl in the Halloween Party and wants to know who is behind the mask.

We hope you would enjoy listening to these songs as the eerie feeling is in the air. Add the songs in your playlist.

Part 2: How to Download Halloween Punk Songs From YouTube?

Let’s now talk about downloading the MP3 version of these songs since finding MP3 of these songs might not be free as the good sites ask money to download. But, on YouTube, you get these songs free, but those are videos, not audios.

That is why you need a tool that can extract MP3 from the video. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is the best one in the business that directly downloads the MP3 when you feed it with the YouTube link of the song. Not only this, this tool can download the whole playlist in the one go if you provide it the YouTube Playlist link.

Notable Features of DVDFab YouTube to MP3

·        It can download the full playlist if it is feed with the YouTube playlist link.

·        Thisalso downloads the metadata of the songs such as cover art, artist, title, etc. So that while playing these MP3 songs, this information do show up in the player if the player supports showing metadata. In short, the metadata is retained.

·        DVDFab offers VIP Speed Download feature to speed up the download speed when you are downloading the complete playlist.

Below are the steps to download YouTube to MP3 of Halloween Punk Songs:

1.      Download DVDFab YouTube to MP3 on your computer, and install.

2.      Once installed, launch it. You will see the DVDFab 10 main screen. Now, go to Utilities >> YouTube to MP3, and click on that.


3.      YouTube to MP3 window will be launched.


4.      Now, go to YouTube, and get the YouTube link of any of the Halloween Punk song and click on “Paste URL”.


5.      Also, set the “Save to” location to save the output file at your desired location.

6.      After pasting the URL, you will see that the download has begun already.


7.      Once the downloading is finished, you can click the “Finished” tab to find it.

That is all needed to be done to download YouTube to MP3 of Halloween Punk songs. Now, you can take this MP3 file to your phone, pen drive or any media.


Since Halloween is around the corner, we havebrought these Halloween Punk songs exclusively for you. And, the download their MP3 versions is explained as well.

Happy Halloween!