Videos are something that we all watch whether they are TV shows, movies, video songs, or even funny videos. There are many types of videos we watch every day. General users don’t care about video formats, but formats do matter in various cases. Some are supported by most of the latest video players; Some are having better quality than others, etc. In this article, we are going to talk about how to convert WMV to MP4 file format.

Both WMV and MP4 are popular formats but if we talk about the current generation, MP4 is more popular, and it does have better quality than WMV.

In case you get a WMV video file, but your favourite video player doesn’t support it, what will you do? You might try other player but since the existing is your favourite you might not think of switching to some other video player. So, the best option for you is to convert WMV to MP4, and then play that on your favourite video player.

Let’s talk how to convert WMV to MP4 format using various video converter software tools.


1.       DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab is the most recommended video converter tool on this list as it is robust and conversion speed is quite fast without the quality degrade.

Features of DVDFab Video Converter:

·         Very easy to use. No technical knowledge required.

·         You get better control on output file as you can get a part of it or entire. You get all the features that you can use.

·         No quality loss after conversion.

·         Quickly convert WMV to MP4. However, if file is large, it may take some extra time.

·         30 days trial is offered for you to try it before you buy.

·         Clean and simple UI.

·         Quite robust and efficient software.

Now, let’s see how to convert WMV to MP4 using this software.

First of all, download DVDFab Video Converter software. Once the setup file is downloaded, double-click to launch it, and install the software by following on-screen instructions.

Now, since it is installed, launch it. On its user interface there you will see many options. Click “Converter”.

Now, click the big + icon in the center of the interface to import the WMV video to the converter or you can simply drag the video to the interface as well. As you click the + icon, it will open the file explorer in a dialogue box to select the video.

Either double-click the WMV video file or select it and click “Open”. The WMV video is now added to the converter.

Now, you can see WMV at the top-left corner just below the logo. Click this, and select MP4 since we want to convert it to MP4.

Once you have selected MP4, click “Start”. Within some time, you will be prompted as the process is completed successfully.

Now, the WMV is converted to MP4. You can go to the location where the output file is saved, and there you will see a new MP4 file is saved.

That’s all to convert WMV to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter software. If you are a Mac user and want to know how to convert WMV to MP4 on Mac then don’t worry because steps are exactly same for Mac as well.


2.       VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player does various things apart from playing the videos. Conversion is one of those things. It can convert WMV file to MP4 easily. VLC Media Player is a free software tool.

Download VLC Media Player from its official website, and then install it on your computer.

Once done, launch it, and go to Media >> Convert / Save

It will open a popup box that you need to use to import the WMV video. Locate the video and then click Convert / Save.

This will open the next window where you have to select the MP4 profile, destination folder where you want or need to save the output MP4 file, and then click Start to begin the conversion

Select Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) as the profile.  Set destination location, and click Start.

In a matter of few seconds, the WMV file will be converted and saved as MP4 in the destination folder that you set.

Thisis how to convert WMV to MP4 using VLC. That’s all.



If you want to know how to convert WMV to MP4 online, just head over to, and click on “Convert to MP4”.

Now, you will be on the page on which you can convert any video including WMV to MP4 online. Upload the WMV file by clicking on “Choose File”. Then there are many settings which you can change or just left it as that are optional. Wait for the the video file to be uploaded because this tool converts the file online. So, it first uploads the video then convert. Then you can download the output MP4 file. Once the video is uploaded, click “Convert” .

Thisis how to convert WMV to MP4 for free.

This method is a bit slow because you have to upload the video first which takes a bit of time. If the video file is heavy, it will take more time to upload.


4.     Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a free WMV to MP4 converter tool that does the conversion quickly and efficiently.

First of all, you need to download thesoftware from its website. Then install it on your computer.

Now Launch it. Click +Video to select the WMV video file. Then click MP4, and choose a ready-made preset. Lastly, click Convert, and wait for some time to get the converted file to MP4.

Despite being a free tool, Freemake Video Converter is renowned for its robustness and efficiency.


5.       Free WMV to MP4 Converter

Thisis a free tool that you can use to convert WMV to MP4. You can download Free WMV to MP4 Converter from Softonic.  Once downloaded and installed, launch it. You will see its UI where click “Add Files” to locate the WMV video(s). Now, select the output format, and destination location. Lastly, click on “Convert Selected”.

In some time, your WMV video will be converted to MP4.



These are the best software programs to convert WMV to MP4. However, we would highly recommend using DVDFab Video Converter since it is a premium software with great features and better control over output file.

So, next time if you want to know how to convert WMV to MP4, how to convert WMV to MP4 on Mac, how to convert WMV to MP4 using VLC, how to convert WMV to MP4 for free, head over to this article as you can learn and do all mentioned things with these tools.