In the past, people turn to MP3 player for music enjoyment.
But now, smartphones are their first choice.
How to download music on LG phone?
The answer is to be unveiled here.
Notes: Why are LG G series phones so popular among music lovers? First, equipped with advanced player and sound technology, LG G series phones are dedicated to providing users with clear and high fidelity audio. Second, to satisfy users’ needs for as many tracks as possible, 32G memory is afforded, making LG phones be of great help.

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How to Download Music Free

1. Two ways to fix "how to download music on LG phone"

The first option needs the cooperation of your PC and LG phone, while the second option needs the help of a competent LG music downloader. Let’s explore the two solutions one by one.

Transfer Downloaded Music from PC to LG Phone

  • Download your favorite music to a folder on your computer
  • Connect your computer and LG phone with a USB cable
  • Choose the mode of “Transfer photos (PTP) if you have not set it

Connet The Music Downloader For LG Phone With Your PC

  • Create a folder on your LG phone to store your favorite music
  • Drag the downloaded music from PC to the music folder of your LG phone

Then, you can locate your favorite music downloaded from PC on your LG phone. Play it and enjoy the music.

Download music on LG phone with DVDFab YouTube to MP3

These are the steps you should follow to download music free from 1000+ websites with DVDFab YouTube to MP3.

(1) Download and install DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to LG phone

Notes: The process of downloading and installing DVDFab YouTube to MP3 only takes you three clicks. You can install this software to both your LG phone and PC (Win/Mac) following different download links. After the installation finishes, start this software. For LG phones users, DVDFab YouTube MP3 is like a music folder, so you can locate your downloaded music directly in this software, or choose a place to save your file instead through the Download Directory option under Settings. The option of Settings can be found by clicking the crown-shaped icon at the bottom of the main interface and click the eye-shaped icon on the upper-right corner. For PC users, considerations are listed here. (1) How to set the interface language? Click the inverted triangle on the upper-right corner of the main interface of DVDFab YouTube to MP3. Click Settings and choose your preferred language under the option of “Language”. (2) Where to save downloaded files? Click Settings>Audio Directory. Subsequently, I will take the LG phone as an example to talk about the use of DVDFab YouTube to MP3.

Download Music Free

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download   

(2) Locate targeted music in DVDFab YouTube to MP3

Paste the music URL to the search bar or take advantage of the built-in browsers to find it
Notes: Click the “Search” icon on the main interface of DVDFab YouTube to MP3. Then, paste the music URL to the search bar at the top of the interface and keep your music playing. Or, use the built-in browser like YouTube, Facebook and more to locate your favorite music.


Locate Targeted Music With LG Music Downloader

(3) Download targeted music

Click the icon of “three horizontal lines”>Download
Notes: Pay attention to the lower-right corner and click the blue icon of “three horizontal lines”, and a series of options will show up in front of your eyes as shown below. Click the option of “Download” and you will be asked to choose Video or Audio to be downloaded. After you choose Audio, several choices related to audio quality will be represented. You can choose your preferred audio quality to download your music. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 also supports music download free on PC which you can see the screenshot with detailed audio quality below.

Download Music on LG Phone with The LG Music Downloader App

(4) Save targeted music

Click the icon of “three horizontal lines”>Like/Add to Playlist
Notes: Instead of downloading your favorite music, you can choose to save it as well. Click the option of “Like”, and this song will be added to your Favorites. Then you can find this song through the download button at the bottom of this interface. Click the option of “Add to Playlist” and you will be led to create a playlist and add this song to it. The image below is how to download music free on PC with DVDFab YouTube to MP3.

Download Music from YouTube

(5) Play the video or audio of targeted music

Click the icon of “three horizontal lines”>Watch Video>Play Music
Notes: Click the option of “Watch Video”, and this song will be played with a fixed video cover. You can choose to play it in full screen as well. Click the option of “Play Music”, and only the audio of this music will be played. Click the option of “Play Next” and this song will be added to the playback queue.

How to Download Music Free

(6) Download or save targeted music playlist

Locate your targeted playlist>keep it playing>click the “three horizontal lines” icon>six options
Notes: How to download a favorite music playlist where all your preferred music is included? The same with downloading or saving a single song with the LG music downloader app. Paste your music playlist URL to the search bar or use the built-in browsers to locate your playlist. Also, there are various music playlists provided on the main interface of this software. Keep your playlist playing and focus on the lower-right corner, where a powerful “three horizontal lines” icon is waiting for you. Click the blue “three horizontal lines”, and you will see six available options. Try each of them to add the whole or part of the playlist to your Favorites, save or download the playlist, or put it on the playback sequence.

2. Other Functions of DVDFab YouTube to MP3

  • Support 1000+ websites to download music

Apart from the supported websites listed under the search bar of this software like Twitter and Vimeo, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 enables users to download their favorite music from other popular websites or less popular websites like Periscope, Smashcast, and among others.

  • Download music at Turbo-Speed

To satisfy users’ needs in download speed, this software allows users to download their music at ten times faster than the normal speed. So, there is no need for you to worry too much time will be spent in music download. When you choose the premium version of this software, the Turbo-Speed download function will be enabled automatically.

  • Allow 5 files to be downloaded simultaneously

Considering there are so many files needed to be downloaded, batch download will save users more time. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 supports batch download and allows users to download 5 songs at the same time. So, don’t worry you have too many pieces of music to be downloaded. This expert will help you finish that as fast as possible.

  • Keep saved playlists updated automatically

If you have subscribed to some channels and save or download its playlist, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is able to update all the information on time and remind you when you prepare to watch this channel. Then, you will not miss any important message related to your favorite people or cases.

  • Metadata download

Facing the preferred music, users cannot help learning about all the information on it, such as who sings it, when it is issued, how long it lasts or whatever. To meet the demands of users, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 supports metadata download. Then, everything about your favorite music will be easily available.

3. Conclusion

Now, have you found the answer to “How to download music on LG phone”. You can try each of the options I have recommended and there is a belief that the free LG music downloader will be of great help.
Download Music Free with DVDFab YouTube to MP3

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