If you’re wondering how to record gameplay on PC, here are programs that will help you do the job.

Check them out and see how they solve the problem of how to record PC gameplay.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at a cool program which records gameplay on iOS devices via PC.


How to Record Gameplay on PC: Plays.tv

If you're looking for an easy way to use a gameplay recording program without having to go through a steep learning curve, Plays.tv should fit the bill for you.

Here are the steps on how to record gameplay on PC with Plays.tv

On launching the program, you’ll be presented with two modes of gameplay recording - Automatic and Manual.

To choose which to use, go to Preferences under Video and make your choice.

Under Automatic, recording starts when you commence the game. Recording stops when you finish the game. This is the recommended mode.

In the Manual mode, you have the liberty of choosing a hotkey to start and stop recording.

The next step would be to choose your recording quality under Quality Presets.

The default quality is Medium with a video resolution of 720p at 30fps with a bitrate of 10Mb/s.

If you wish to change this setting, hit the Custom button and enter  your desired recording quality setting.

Done with that, you can begin and stop recording your gameplay according to the recording mode selected as mentioned above.


How to Record Gameplay on PC: OBS Studio

If you're not content with recording gameplay and keeping it for your eyes only, you should take a look at OBS Studio.

This freeware allows you to not only record gameplay but also broadcast it to the world on such platforms as Twitch.

Here are the steps on how to record gameplay on PC with OBS Studio

On launching OBS, choose the + button on the bottom half of the program interface under the Sources section. 

When the list of Sources shows up, choose Display Capture.

For normal recording, leave your display and audio settings in default mode and click Start Recording button at the right hand corner of the interface.

Click the Stop Recording button when you're done.

You'll find your recorded video in your Windows Videos folder.

If you wish to change the location of your saved video, click Settings and then choose Recording Path to set a different folder.


How to Record Gameplay on PC: Fraps

Are you into capturing gameplay in short segments? If you're then Fraps might interest you. You’re allowed to record up to 30 seconds of footage for free.

Fraps works well with games employing DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology.

Here are the steps to record gameplay on PC with Fraps.

On launching Fraps, choose the Movies tab to input the necessary settings to get you ready for gameplay recording.

First you want to choose the folder where you want to save your gameplay recordings. Click on change to set a new folder.

Next you may set the Video Capture Hotkey. The default is F9 and you may choose another.

Done with that, proceed to the Video Capture Settings. The default is 30fps. You may choose a frame rate as high as 60fps.

The last step would be to choose your Sound Capture Settings. If you wish to capture the game audio, tick Record sound. If you would like to add your own audio later, untick this option.

You're now all set to record your gameplay.

Go ahead and start the game. When you reach the point where you want to start capturing, hit the recording hotkey.

Fraps will display the recording frames per second in the corner of your screen.

Once you're done recording, hit the hotkey again to stop capturing your gameplay.

Your video will be saved in the location you set earlier.


How to Record Gameplay on PC Alternative: DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS

If by any chance you wish to record gameplay on your iOS devices, there's a cool program that could perform the task.

DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS is a versatile program that employs the AirPlay Mirroring feature to capture audio and video on your iOS device screen with perfect AV sync and no lags.

That being so, it's also well-equipped to record gameplay on your iOS devices, including employing the Picture-In-Picture (PIP) effect via a webcam.

You can learn to use DVDFab Screen Recorder within minutes. Upon installation, head to the Utilities menu and select Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS.

Then follow the helpful pointers to connect your iOS device to DVDFab via AirPlay Mirroring and start the gameplay recording process.

Once your gameplay is recorded you could then making the necessary enhancements including, trimming, cropping and watermarking.

Download DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS for free today and give it a test drive to see for yourself how exceptionally well it captures gameplay on your iOS devices.