iPad is Apple’s lineup of tablet computers. We use iPads as mini computer that you can carry anywhere. You may anytime feel the need to record your smartphone’s screen and iPad is no exception. As an iOS user you may need to record your iPad’s screen to capture some important things. You may want to record your iPad’s screen just to show the world how good you are at playing iPad games. Or you may need to record iPad’s screen just to teach others the solution to a particular iOS problem.

So the reason can be anything to record your iPad’s screen. Back in the older days of iPad it wasn’t easy to record its screen. You first had to jailbreak your iPad and then use apps like cydia for screen recording purposes. But with advancements in the technology and introduction of iOS 10 it is now possible to record iPad screen without jailbreak.

In this tutorial we are sharing several methods to record iPad screen. Let’s start with the best method first.


Part 1: How to Record iPad Screen with DVDFab iOS Screen Recorder and Editor

DVDFab iOS Screen Recorder and Editor is the best and the easy way to record your iPad screen. DVDFab iOS screen recorder and editor uses a plug and play approach. Just launch the software and connect your iPad to PC with USB and start recording the screen. While recording the iPad screen you can also put a video overylay over the iPad screen. This video overlay can be you recording yourself from the PC’s webcam. This video overlay will help you if you are creating a tutorial video and will let you explain things. You can also edit the recorded iPad screen video with the inbuilt editor with editing tools like crop, cut etc. This will make the video more meaningful and less video edits will be required. Below is a tutorial to use the iOS screen recorder and editor.

·         Download and install the software on your PC computer.

·         Click ‘Utilities’ and then select Screen Recorder and Editor for iOS. Wait till it downloads and installs this plugin.

·         After the program you may need to re-launch the iOS screen recorder from the ‘Utilities’ tab.

·         When the screen recorder opens you will be asked to select an iOS version. Select the right version and proceed.

·         Now tap the bottom of your iPad’s screen and swipe upwards.

·         Tap the ‘AirPlay Mirroring’ and then select ‘DVDFab’.

·         Now the iOS screen recorder and editor opens up in DVDFab on your PC.

·         By default the iPad screen will be recorded but you can tap the ‘Add Video Track’ icon to add another video from your webcam to create a picture-in-picture effect.

·         You can also record your narration or voice over by simply clicking the ‘Add Audio Track’ icon.

·         After making all the changes click the ‘record’ button to start recording your iPad screen.

·         Stop the recording when you want to finish and then click the preview button.

·         After the preview you can begin editing your video and use tools like crop, trim, add a text or image watermarmark.

·         Finally click the ‘Save’ button next to the Record button to export the recorded iPad screen video to a MP4 video on your computer’s hard drive.

DVDFab Screen Recorder for iOS: Pros

·         Easy to use with simple controls.

·         Provides a built in video editor.

·         Has options to add picture-in-picture effect and record your narration.

·         No need to jailbreak your iPad.

·         Works with all iPads running iOS 9 or 10.

·         Export video in MP4 format.

Part 2: How to Record iPad Screen With QuickTime, AirShou, and Vidyo


1. QuickTime

QuickTime is the other way to record your iPad screen. This method of recording iPad screen is completely free and is available to Mac users only. Windows 10 users should check DVDFab screen recorder and editor for iOS. You should be running iOS 8 or later to use iPad screen recording with QuickTime. Here are the steps below that you need to follow.

·         Connect your iPad to your Mac computer with a lightning cable.

·         Open QuickTime player and click ‘File’ then select ‘New Movie Recording’.

·         A recording window will open. Now click on the arrow just next to the red record button. Select iPad from this list.

·         Select iPad in ‘Microphone’ option if you want to record sound from your phone’s mic.

·         Finally click the recording button. When you want to finish click the stop button.


·         Completely free for Mac users.

·         No need to jailbreak.


·         Recording feature not available on Windows 10.

·         No built in video editor.

·         No picture-in-picture effect supported.


2. AirShou

AirShou is a free iPad screen recorder. This is an app that directly installs on your iPad and provides screen recording capabilities. You just have to download and install AirShou from emu4ios.net. After installing this app on your iPad you can record the screen. You don’t need any cables or PC. Just install the app and enable AirPlay and start recording the iPad screen.


3. Vidyo

Just like AirShou, the Vidyo app doesn’t require any cables and PC. You just have to install this app on your iPad and start recording its screen. But unfortunately this app isn’t available in the Apple’s app store. You have to manually download its IPA file from the internet and install it on your iPad using the cydia impactor. Once you download the Vidyo app connect your iPad to Mac PC and launch the cydia impactor. Then drag and drop the Vidyo IPA file in the cydia impactor. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. Follow the instructions to install it. After installation you can use it record iPad screen.



So these were two methods that let you record iPad screen. DVDFab provides much better approach in recording iPad screen. It provides a built in video editor and supports the picture-in-picture effect. If you don’t want these special features and just only want to record your iPad screen for free then you can always use the QuickTime player with limited functionalities. And if you don’t want to use any PC or Mac then you can always try the AirShou app. You can use this iPad screen recording app anywhere and without the hassles of cables and PCs. This app is completely free. Vidyo app is also free but try only if nothing works for you because finding its IPA file on internet is not easy.