One niche in the world of vloggers are gamers and those who deliver online tutorials. To film such videos, you often need to record the screen of your device on Windows. For this, you must learn how to record screen on Windows.

There isn’t much difference in the process of how to record screen on Windows 10 compared to how to record screen on Windows 7. Similarly, you can use this guide and apply the learning for how to record screen on Windows 8.

Regardless of what version of Windows you have or the screen recorder you are using, the basics of the process generally remain the same. For the purpose of this guide, we will tell you how to record your computer screen on Windows 7 or other versions using specific screen recorders.


Using DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor

This software works to record the screen of your iOS device on Windows. It will allow you to learn how to record your screen on Windows 10. Before we get into the process, it is important to understand the various features delivered by this software. This will help you decide which feature you wish to use when recording the screen on Windows.

Apart from recording the screen of your iOS device on Windows, this screen recorder software delivers an array of editing options. You can use the software to include PIP, which refers to picture in picture. You might have noticed that tutorials tend to have a small box which shows the gamer or vlogger. This can be achieved by the PIP feature. All you need to do to achieve this is use the webcam or built-in camera of your Windows computer. You can then add video and audio as per your liking.

There is no lag between the recorded video and audio, further making this software the best option there is.

Other additional options you need to ponder over is whether you wish to add watermarks to the video, which is also provided by this recorder. Video editing tools like zooming in and out, animations, transitions, trim, and crop are also delivered. When learning how to record your screen using this recorder, you will have to decide whether you want to use the additional value-added features.

Here is a step-by-step process of how to make use of DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS on your Windows computer.

1.       Launch DVDFab 10 on your Windows. Go to the “Utilities” module and select “DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS.”

2.       To connect your iOS device to Windows, use AirPlay Mirroring. You will be told how to do so by DVDFab once you have launched the screen recorder.

3.       Start recording the screen.

o   Before you do so, you might need to alter a few settings. As per the default settings, only the video stream is recorded. If you wish to add audio or PIP as well, you will have to manually change the settings.

o   The PIP effect can be added by pressing the “Add Video Track” tab. Here, you can decide if you wish to film via a webcam or a built-in camera.

o   Click on “Add Audio Track” to add your voice narration to the recording.

o   Press “Record” to begin recording the screen on Windows.

4.       Use the built-in editing tools to edit the recorded video and save it when you are satisfied with it.

o   Press the “Preview” button to see the recorded video.

o   Go to editing tools to trim, crop, add text and add watermark to the video.

o   Once you are done with editing, click on the button that says “Save.” This will export the video to your Windows storage.


Using PowerPoint

Did you know that you could record the screen of your computer via the latest version of PowerPoint? The Microsoft tool does more than make slides!

Here is how to record your computer screen on Windows 10 using PowerPoint.

1.       Launch the latest version of PowerPoint. Locate the “Insert” tab from the panel shown at the top of the screen. Here, you will find an option called “Screen Recording.”

2.       You can choose which area of the screen you wish to record. You can also record the entire screen by pressing the Windows key, F, and Shift.

3.       Press the record button to begin recording the screen.

4.       Save the file and embed it if needed. Remember, you can’t edit the recorded video.

Only the screen will be recorded via PowerPoint. You can’t add PIP or audio in real time.


Using YouTube Live Stream

Now, those of you who have a massive following on YouTube might not see it fit to use this option, but a great way to record the screen of your Windows without requiring any software is via YouTube. You could even create an account for the sole purpose of recording your screen.

Here are the steps you need to follow to record your screen via this method.

1.       Sign into your YouTube Account since you can only live stream if you are signed in.

2.       Click “Upload” and go to the “Get started” option of live streaming.

3.       Select “New Live Event” under “Events.”

4.       Once you have given the required information, go to “Go Live Now.”

5.       Now both the audio and video are being shared on YouTube. Click on “Screenshare” and then “Start Broadcast.” The video recording will start and can be stopped when you click on “Stop Broadcast.” Save the event and edit it using a video editing software.



You might have noticed that the three methods discussed are starkly different from one another. When it comes to delivering a professional tutorial, the best way to do so is by using DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor.

Select whichever method you think is easy for you to use and record the screen on Windows.