YouTube is video streaming service owned by Google. YouTube is so popular that you can find almost every video that you want to watch. YouTube offers videos in multiple resolutions and also supports 4K. So this UHD resolution makes YouTube suitable for many large screen smart TVs. Not only TVs YouTube also supports small screen phones with adjusted video quality. But serving such a large video base YouTube doesn’t provide any direct way to record and save those videos on your phone, PC, or iOS. Instead it provides a difficult way to record your PC screen via the live streaming feature. But you can overlook this feature because its time-consuming and cumbersome. In this article we’ll discuss some of the YouTube recording tools for iOS, PC, and Android.


Part 1: How to Record YouTube Videos on iOS with DVDFab iOS Screen Recorder and Editor

DVDFab iOS Screen Recorder and Editor is currently the best and the easiest way to record your iOS screen without jailbreak. With the help of this iOS screen recorder you can record YouTube videos on iOS. While recording the iOS device screen you can also put a video overlay over the iOS device screen. This video overlay can be you recording yourself from the PC’s webcam. This video overlay will be extremely useful if you are creating a tutorial. It also let you edit the recorded YouTube video with the inbuilt editor with editing tools like crop, cut etc. Follow the steps below to record YouTube videos on iOS.

·         Download and install the 32-bit DVDFab 10 software as iOS screen recorder software will only work in 32-bit DVDFab 10.

·         Connect your iOS device to PC or Mac through AirPlay and launch the DVDFab iOS screen recorder software.

·         Click the ‘Utilities’ tab and then select Screen Recorder and Editor for iOS. You have to wait until it downloads and installs itself.

·         When the recorder finishes installing itself then again go to ‘Utilities’ and launch the iOS screen recorder from here.

·         When the screen recorder opens you will be asked to select an iOS version. Select the right version and proceed.

·         Now tap the bottom of your iOS device’s screen and swipe upwards.

·         Tap the ‘AirPlay Mirroring’ and then select ‘DVDFab’.

·         Now the iOS screen recorder and editor program opens up in DVDFab on your PC.

·         By default the iOS device screen will be recorded but you can tap the ‘video’ icon to add another video from your webcam to create a picture-in-picture effect.

·         You can also record your narration or voice over by simply clicking the ‘volume’ icon.

·         Now open the YouTube app on your iOS device and start playing any video in full screen mode.

·         When the video starts playing on your iOS device click the ‘record’ button in DVDFab iOS screen recorder to start recording your YouTube video via your iPhone or iPad.

·         Stop the recording when you want to finish and then click the preview button.

·         After the preview you can begin editing your video and use tools like crop, trim, add a text or image watermark.

·         Finally click the ‘Save’ button next to the Record button to export the recorded YouTube video to a MP4 video on your computer’s hard drive.

So, this is how you can record a YouTube video on an iOS device using the DVDFab iOS screen recorder and editor.


Part 2: How to Record YouTube Videos on a Windows 10 PC

Recording a YouTube video on a Windows 10 computer is not a difficult task. You just only need the right tools to record your screen. We now have more advanced screen recording tools which can record a selected part of the computer screen instead of recording the entire screen. Here we are listing some tools to record YouTube videos on a Windows 10 PC.


1. Bandicam

Currently the most advanced screen recording tool for Windows  7/8/10 ever developed. It records high definition videos. So even if you are recording YouTube videos you can record it in high definition with clear audio. Below is a quick tutorial to use Bandicam for recording YouTube videos on desktop computer.

·         Download and install Bandicam screen recorder software from its official website.

·         Open the Bandicam software and click ‘Fullscreen’ . Then minimize the software.

·         Then open any browser and go to YouTube.

·         Start playing the video and then click the ‘Settings’ icon in the YouTube player and select your video quality. You can select high quality and click the the fullscreen button to view the video in fullscreen.

·         Now when the video starts playing in full screen move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen unless you see Bandicam screen recording panel.

·         Then hit the ‘F12’ key on the keyboard. To stop recording the video you will again have to press ‘F12’ or click the ‘Stop’ button in Bandicam.

·         You can customize Bandicam settings like screen resolution, frames per second, video format. Apart from that you can also select a screen recording mode like a rectangle area, HDMI recording etc.

·         In the free version the YouTube screen recording can be done only for 10 minutes with a Bandicam watermark.


2. Windows Game Bar

If you’re using Windows 10 and it has a built-in screen recroder that records any one software, app window at a time. It is a 100% free solution to record YouTube videos on your Windows 10 PC. Before starting the recording you will have to enable the Windows 10 Game Bar by going to ‘Settings>Game Bar’. Here enable ‘Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar’. Now follow the steps below to record YouTube videos on your PC.

·         Open any browser like Google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, or Internet Edge and open the YouTube website.

·         Here search for your favorite YouTube video that you want to record.

·         Start playing the video and then click the ‘Settings’ icon in the YouTube player and select your video quality. You can select high quality and click the the fullscreen button to view the video in fullscreen.

·         To start recording the video just play it from the start with your selected quality and just before the video starts playing press ‘Windows key + Alt + R’ to immediately start recording the screen.

·         You will see a small recorder button in the top right corner with timing. Click the ‘Stop’ button or ‘esc’ button on keyboard whenever you want to stop recording.

·         The recorded YouTube can be found in ‘Videos>Captures’.


Part 3: How to Record YouTube Videos on Android

Recording YouTube videos on Android is a bit easy and convenient. You only need an app named AZ screen recorder. The only problem with Android screen recorders is that they don’t support internal audio recording. So the app will record audio from your phone’s mic. To suppress noise you should use a bluetooth speaker or an aux speaker. Connect your phone to this speaker and raise the volume to full and put the phone near to this speaker then start recording YouTube videos with less noise.

·         Download and install the AZ screen recorder from Google Play.

·         Tap the ‘Video camera’ icon on the left side of the screen and tap the ‘Settings’ button. You can customize the resolution, bit-rate, and frame rate. You can also use the front camera as an overlay.

·         After changing the settings go back to the home screen and then tap the ‘Video camera’ button on the left side of screen. Then tap the ‘Recording’ button to start the recording.

·         When the screen recording starts open the YouTube app and play the video in full screen.

·         The YouTube video will be recorded on your Android phone. To stop recording swipe down the notification panel and tap the stop button.

·         You can find the recorded YouTube videos in ‘Storage/emulated/0/AzRecorderFree’.

·         This Android YouTube recorder doesn’t have any limits on recording.



So you just have seen various YouTube video recorders for iOS, Windows, and Android. iOS used the DVDFab iOS screen recorder and editor while Windows used Bandicam and Game Bar. Android used an useful app named Az screen recorder. All of these YouTube video recorders are best in the features they provide. They are capable enough to record high quality YouTube videos.