If you are an iOS fan, you should know all the things, even the small ones, of iOS. By “all the things” we mean the “how-to”s of iPhone. And the trendiest one around the corner nowadays is the concept of screen recording. Well, let us tell you iOS fans, screen recording has become a must owing to its advantages. Are you aware of how to screen record on iOS 11? Screen recording is very important for various reasons such as showing a process, record a software error, show new app features and functionalities, provide feedback, record your gameplay, and so on.

Today we will be discussing how to record screen on iOS 11 in the below article. Find the best answers for your how to do screen recording on iOS 11 from the below list.

Method 1: How to Screen Record on iOS 11 using DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS

To know how do you record your screen on iOS 11 with simplicity and with ease, you will need a helping hand of an expert who will help you in screen recording on iOS 11. DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS is an ultimate solution for this. It is a screen recording software available for free trial and will fulfill your requirement to the fullest. With this software you do not need to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone or any other iOS device to record your screen.

The screen recorder is able to record everything going on the screen of on your iOS 11 device. It can also create professional presentations as well as video tutorials along with in-depth edits including cropping, trimming, adding PIP (picture-in-picture) effect, watermarking, and so on.

It is an amazing software that gives both the iOS screen recording feature as well as the editing feature in a single software. The software will act as the best answer for your how to screen record on iOS 11 question. It can record anything on the screen seamlessly and with audio. More to the list is, you can also have advanced editing with the amazing software’s features. Follow the below steps to know how to screen record on iOS 11 using DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS.

Step 1: On your computer, open the DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS. Select the Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS option that will be seen the Utilities tab.

Step 2: You have to follow the on screen instructions displayed. With this you can connect your iOS device with the tool through AirPlay Mirroring.

Step 3: Video-only stream is the default option as far as recording of the screen is considered. In addition, by simply toggling the switch you can also record the screen of your device with audio. Once the setting work is done, you can start the recording process by clicking the red circle.

Step 4: When the recording process is finished, simply end the recording of your screen. You can also preview the recording with the Preview button present. This button is present at the window’s top right side.

Step 5: Furthermore, you can also edit the recorded video. With the provided editing features, one is able to remove the extra clips, crop the unnecessary part from the display, and add text as well as image watermark to the recorded video.

Step 6: When the editingis done, save the recorded video by tapping the Save button at the side of Record button. You can also export the video recorded in the MP4 format too.

Method 2: How to Record Screen on iPhone iOS 11 using QuickTime Player

Another answer for your “how to screen record on iOS 11” question is QuickTime Player. It is a tool that will give the best answers for how do you screen record on iOS 11 question. The software is a media player developed by our very own Apple Inc. The media player is famous for providing numerous functions including playing music and video, along with viewing picture, and so on to its users. Even though the software has been famous as a default media player specifically for Mac devices, the software’s earlier version was accessible for Windows platforms also. You require 3 main things to use QuickTime Player and know how to record screen on iOS 11, that is, Mac having OS X Yosemite (or later), device having iOS 8 (or later), and a lightning cable. Follow below steps to use the tool to know how to do screen recording on iOS 11:

Step 1: Connect Mac and your iPhone using a lightning cable. Now on your PC, open QuickTime Player.

Step 2: Navigate to option File and from the dropdown select option New Movie Recording.

Step 3: A recording window is displayed with this step. Tap on the arrow beside the red record button. Here you have to choose your device.

Step 4: By selecting your mic of iPhone, you can record the video with audio. Simply click on the red record button to start the screen recording. When the recording is done, tap the Stop button so as to end recording.


Method 3: How to Screen Record on iPhone iOS 11 using dr.fone—iOS Screen Recorder

Another answer for how to screen record on iOS 11 is dr.fone—iOS Screen Recorder. dr.fone—iOS Screen Recorder is a professional software that gives very high quality iOS 11 devices screen recording. It is also compatible with other version of iOS. It provides support to both jail broken and non-jail broken devices. With this tool, you can mirror the screen of your iOS 11 device wirelessly along with audio. You can also export the videos in high quality from your iOS 11 to your PC. The tool you can record mobile games and other videos with ease on iPhone as well as PC. The software provides HD recording in real-time along with no lag at all. Follow below steps to use the tool to know how do you record your screen on iOS 11:

Step 1: Download and install the screen recorder on your device. Open it and tap on Next.

Step 2: The screen recording will start immediately. To end the recording process, click the red button. A message will be displayed that says “the recorded video have saved to Camera roll.”

Step 3: Now connect your PC and iPhone with the USB cable and go to Control Center >> AirPlay >>dr.fone. From the screen’s bottom, swipe upwards to open Control Center.

Step 4: Simply on the screen’s bottom side, click on left circle button to record the device’s screen. The recording can be stop by just clicking the same circle button again. Automatically, high quality videos will be exported to your PC.

Method 4: How to Record your Screen on iOS 11 using AirShou

One more on the list to know how to screen record on iOS 11 is AirShou. It is also a software that will help you record everything going on your screen with ease. The software all you to record in 4 different orientations and that too without any time limit. It also renders very high-quality video recordings of exhaustive apps as well as games along with very less processing power required. Simply follow below steps to know how to do screen recording on iOS 11.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to trust the app. For trusting the app, go to Settings >> General. Here click on the Profile Setting option. Choose AirShou and click the button to trust the app present on the screen. Confirm to proceed further.

Step 2: Open the app on your iPhone and click on the record button to initiate the screen recording process. Additional feature are present for customizing settings of resolution.

Step 3: Now start airplay however make sure that in your device mirroring is ON. Now the process of recording will be started.

Step 4: When the recording is done, navigate back to the app and click the Stop button.

Step 5:Preview the recording and finalize the video. Now save the recorded video to any location directly on your device.



The above article gave a brief description on how to screen record on iOS 11 along with why should one record their iPhone screen at the first place. In addition, other alternatives of screen recorders that tell you how to screen record on iOS 11 are also discussed in detail along with their steps. We hope that one of the above screen recorders were helpful for you. The DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOSis highly recommend by us as it the best screen recorder for iOS 11 owing to its outstanding features to record the iPhone screen with ease and without any issues. It is the ultimate screen recorder that provides other editing features for recorded video. It records the screen with high quality. What else one wants if you are getting all under one single roof!