Christmas songs are all about the feel of celebration and festival season. No matter whether you are in the market or at church or in your office, when you listen to the Christmas songs your lips curve and form a smile.  Many artists have sung the Christmas songs and made them popular but in this post, we will be talking about 10 best Irish Christmas songs.

The list of Irish Christmas songs contains some traditional and not so traditional songs that can boost the Christmas spirit in everyone. So here is the list of top Irish Christmas songs; enjoy these catchy tunes.

Part 1: 10 Best Irish Christmas Songs

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Gavin James

irish christmas song

This song can be a kick start to your Christmas celebration mood. The melodious voice of Gavin James and the mesmerizing lyrics of the song is a combination that we want for the celebration of Christmas. This one of the best Irish Christmas songs is a must listen on Christmas.  

Sweet Bells by Kate Rusby

The ‘Sweet Bells’ is the first Christmas album by the Kate Rusby and the title track of this album is like its soul. The song ‘Sweet Bells’ is inspired by a folk Irish song. It’s a melodious creation by Kate Rusby. 

Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon

This classical creation of John Lennon is at the top of Irish Christmas songs from a long time. This song has a beautiful voice and melodious music but it is famous for one more reason. John & Yoko used this song to show their anger and highlight their protest against the Vietnam War. Well, we remember it as the iconic Irish Christmas song.   

This Christmas by Picture This

irish christmas song

This top Irish Christmas song is sung by a famous Irish band.  ‘This Christmas’ track by ‘Picture This’ was a hit in its releasing year and still, people love to listen to this one. The best parts of this song are Ryan Hennessy (vocals) and Jimmy Rainsford (drums). The song has now become an all-time Christmas classic.

Walking In The Air by Ryan Sheridan

The song ‘Walking In the Air’ is written by Howard Blake in 1982 for an animated film. Since then, many versions of this song hav been launched. Out of so many versions of this legendary song, my favorite one is the one sung by Ryan Sheridan. I am sure that this Christmas day Irish song will take you to the lane of your childhood memories.

Silent Night by Sinead O’Connor

irish christmas song

Playing ‘Silent Night’ has become a tradition at Christmas. The Christmas celebration seems incomplete without listing to this song. And when you listen to ‘Silent Night’ in the melodious voice of Sinead O’Connor then you will feel it even more. This Irish Christmas song is the only one that can make you feel like it’s Christmas even on Thanks Giving.

Lonely This Christmas by Kodaline

irish christmas song

This song is all about the feeling of being alone on the Christmas. We all can understand how bad it is to be alone on this wonderful day and this song describes it very genuinely. You can feel the pain in the Kodaline’s voice while listening to this Christmas song by  Irish artists.

The Christmas Song by Gemma Hayes and Richie Egan

Here is another version of ‘The Christmas song’ sung by Irish Artists Gemma Hayes and Richie Egan. Both of these artists have done some magic with this song and made it different than the original one. Let me tell that the original one was by ‘The Raveonettes’ which was a huge hit. And this version has become a top Iris Christmas song too. 

Christmas Tree by Dustin the Turkey

I am sure that when you will listen to ‘Christmas Tree’ you would recall the past year’s Christmas celebrations. This is actually a funny Irish Christmas song. There was a time when this song used to be on the top in the list of the Irish Christmas songs but still many people play it every year on Christmas.

irish christmas song

Don Oíche Úd I MBeithil by Celtic Woman

This is an Irish folk Christmas song. Basically, it’s an old carol and the rough meaning of its title is "That Night in Bethlehem." Like other folk Christmas songs and carols, many singers and groups have sung this one. Recently it is sung by Celtic Woman. The Celtic Woman version is loved by everyone in Ireland.  

So guys, this was our favourite Irish Christmas Songs that we are sure you will also adore. Do listen to these and have a Merry Christmas!

Part 2: How to Download These Irish Christmas Songs from YouTube?

Now, you have the list of 10 best Irish Christmas songs with you, and you might want to download to keep them for offline use as well. Downloading their videos from YouTube is easy as you can get all the songs on YouTube. But, finding their audio version, i.e. MP3 can be tough as most of the paid sites only offer MP3 download. Some spam sites may offer to download MP3 songs but they are full of ads and malware so better not to visit such sites.

Therefore, for downloading MP3 of these Irish Christmas songs for free, you can use the tool, DVDFab YouTube to MP3from the house of DVDFab.

All you have to do is to feed the YouTube video link of the song, and it extracts the MP3 and the metadata from that, and downloads on your PC. It can even download the full playlist as well but that takes time as there are many songs to download in a Playlist.

Let’s look at the steps to download these Irish songs using DVDFab YouTube to Mp3

1.      Firstly, download and install DVDFab 11 on your PC.

2.      After installation, launch DVDFab 11. The main screen looks like this:

download irish christmas songs from youtube

3.      Now, click Utilities => YouTube to MP3

download irish christmas songs from youtube

4.      This will open a new Window with the option “Paste URL” at the top left corner.

download irish christmas songs from youtube

5.      Now, go to, and get the YouTube link of any Irish Christmas song.

6.      Now, in that “YouTube to MP3” Window, click “Paste URL”. You will see, that the song is imported into it, and now the MP3 extraction and download have been started.

download irish christmas songs from youtube

7.      As the download finishes, you can click “Finished” tab find the downloaded MP3 file of the song.

All done!


This is how you can download Irish Christmas songs from YouTube in MP3 format. So, download all your favourite Irish Christmas songs using DVDFab YouTube to MP3 tool, and enjoy them offline while travelling or working.

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