Music has become an indispensable part of our life for its powerful influence on both life and work. It performs well to bring people pleasure and is even used to free patients from spiritual diseases. So, we often turn to music for entertainment and has developed the habit of downloading music almost every day. But, under the growing limit of copyright, it is not that easy for us to download the music from our favorite artists any more, unless we pay for each piece of music. Thus, downloading music seems a huge personal investment of money, right? Then, is there any way to fix the problem of free music download? Let’s begin the exploration.
Input “free music download” or other related collocations with it like “free music downloader” or “YouTube to MP3 download” or others in Google, a wide range of search results will flood into your sight. After looking through the first two-page results under each searching phrase, you will definitely observe that MediaHuman and DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is two popular music download tools which frequently show up when you click different searching results, and both of them leave you a deep impression. Then, out of curiosity, you may cannot wait to find more information about the above-mentioned music download software. What have you seen?

How to Download Music from YouTube

Table of Contents:

1. MediaHuman

Let’s talk about MediaHuman first. In summary, MediaHuman claims itself as a useful assistant to help the music lovers who like to save music on YouTube or SoundCloud for offline playing, or intend to download soundtrack of a new movie. No matter your music is from a playlist or a channel, YouTube, Vimeo, or other websites, and no matter you are going to download the music to Windows, macOS, or other operational systems, this MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 will finish your task with high audio quality up to 320 kbps and at high speed by batch download. In addition, this MediaHuman audio converter also designs a simple tag editor with cover art support and enables you to import music to iTunes directly. Now, follow me to see how to use this Mediahuamn YouTube to MP3 converter and enable its various functions.

Download and install this software

The first step for us is to download and install this MediaHuman YouTube Downloader. This apps can be checked daily and there is no toolbars, viruses or malicious codes involved when you use this MediaHuman Youtube to MP3 converter review. After locating the official website of MediaHuman and downloading this software as instructed, start it and you will come to the main interface of this MediaHuman YouTube MP3 downloader. By the way, if you find the interface language is not your preference, you can change it into your native language by clicking the inverted triangle on the top corner. Then, let’s learn about its user interface and see what each icon stands for.

Interface introduction

In total, there are ten icons you are supposed to be familiar with, no matter you need a mediahuman audio converter for windows or MediaHuman MP3 converter mac. How about knowing them one by one?

Interface introduction of MediaHuman

  • Paste the URL

This button is used to paste your single song URL or a playlist URL. When you find your favorite music or playlist on some website like YouTube, Vimeo or others you like, press Ctrl + C, and click this + icon. Then your single song or playlist will be played in this software.

  • Tracking button

It is used to track and manage your files, including playlists and subscriptions.

  • Start all button

Click this button and your music will be downloaded.

  • Remove button

Click this button and your selected music will be eliminated from this download list.

  • Tag editor

Enable you to edit the most used tags before a track is downloaded. You can edit many tags of different tracks simultaneously.

  • Start button

Seleted music will be downloaded after you click this button.

  • Cover art editor

Pop up a dialog and then you can change the found artwork based on your preference.

  • Locate button

Open the default file browser where you can find your downloaded files.

  • Right-click menu

Right-click on any track or several selected tracks, and then you will get a menu with additional functions.

  • Status bar

It has some more options and indicators and will be explained below.

Stats bar explanation of MeidaHuman YouTube to MP3

(1) Clear
It is used to clean up the download list by either clicking Remove Completed or clicking Clear.
(2) Options
This is an easy way for you to find your widely-used options.
(3) iTunes export switch
This button will become blue when iTunes export is enabled.
(4) Speed limit switch
It also becomes blue when the speed limit mode is enabled. Configure it in Preferences->Download.
(5) What to do after all downloads have finished
Keep blue if you choose others instead of Do nothing
(6) Tracking
You can add new videos from Tracking by means of this quick access.
(7) Help
Dialog, links to tutorials on Windows can be seen here.

Use instructions

Subsequently, how the icons of MediaHuman work to help users to download music will be specifically illustrated.

  • Music Download

First of all, you should search a piece of your favorite music on any website you like. Then, copy the URL of the music, and come back to the main interface of this MediaHuman free audio converter. Click the + icon on the left of the word “Paste link”, click the downward arrow on the right top corner and wait for this youtube MediaHuman to load your file. After a while, your file will be downloaded by this YouTube to MP3 download MediaHuman.

How to download music with MediaHuman audio converter

  • Playlist Download

Then, what if you want to download a playlist with the help of this Mediahuman Youtube to MP3? Similarly, the same operational procedures with the download of a single song which I have talked about above, but this time you should click the button of list to tell the MediaHuman audio converter. When you are playing a piece of music from a playlist, MediaHuman will recognize it automatically, so if you tell it list download, and this download MediaHuman YouTube will do as you expect.

How to download a playlist with MediaHuman

  • Channel Update

It will be fantastic if the channel you have subscribed to can realize automatic update. Then, all the newly updated videos or music you are fond of will be easily available. To meet this need of users, MediaHuman arranges special design. Click Tracking, paste the channel URL to the search bar and click Load at the bottom. Then the information on this channel will be downloaded.

How to access to updated channels with MediaHuman

Then, on the same panel of this YouTube to MP3 download mediahuman, you will see the options below. Here, check the first two options, with “add new videos automatically” and “start download automatically” included. Choose your preferred output directory and click Track. Then, when new music is updated to this channel, you will be informed. In addition, you must see the option of add to iTunes in the picture below. If you have this demand, you can click that option and add your favorite music to iTunes.

How to add songs to ITunes with MediaHuman

Basically, these are the instructions on how to use MediaHuman, a popular mediahuman audio converter on the market to download your favorite music, playlist and keep your subscribed channel updated automatically. Are you clear of these operations for MediaHuman review?

Personally speaking, I am not into this MediaHuman Youtube to MP3 converter very much. MediaHuman seems to give users too many options and is not user-friendly. Then, is there a more easy-to-use music downloader compared with MediaHuman? The answer is definitely Yes. Now, I will elaborate on another highly-recommended music download software - DVDFab YouTube to MP3. It contains all the functions MediaHuman has, and is bound to bring more surprises to all the music lovers.

The Best Music Downloader

DVDFab YouTube to MP3

Next, I will introduce DVDFab YouTube to MP3 in terms of its installation and use in contrast to that of MediaHuman, and I will put forward the specific advantages of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 over MediaHuman.

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download   

Advantage one - easier to be downloaded and installed

Compared with the music downloader - MediaHuman, the download and installation of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 takes less time and efforts. After inputting YouTube to MP3 to Google, you will quickly find the official website of this software. Then, on the official page of this software, two strikings words “Free Download” will come into your sight. Click Free Download, then Quickly Install, and you will succeed in installing this software. Different from the installation of MediaHuman, here you needn’t read the information on each download panel full of small font carefully, or click “I accept the agreement” before installing this software. The download and installation of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is so easy. After the installation of this software, you are going to start it. Then, you will be led to the main interface of this software as shown below.

Then, the first thing you need to do is to set the language of this software for easy use by clicking the inverted triangle on the right top corner, and choose the option of Settings. Next, a new panel will pop out, where you will see this software is available in 12 languages, including English, Japanese, Italian and so on. Choose any language you like. On the same panel, pay attention to the button of Audio Directory, where you can click the folder to choose a place to save your downloaded files in the future. Continue to focus on the option of Download Audio, where you’d better choose “Ask me each time”. Then when you download your favorite music from a website, you always have an opportunity to match the best audio quality with your music.

The installation of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 in contrast to MediaHuman

Advantage two - well-designed built-in browsers

The second advantage or we can call it the most striking feature of DVDFab YouTuen to MP3 is characterized by its built-in browsers. Where are the built-in browsers? Have you found them?Yes, right below the search bar, there scatter so many popular browsers you can see, namely, YouTube, Facebool Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Ted, FC2 Video and more. No matter which website your music comes from, there is belief that this tool will help you find it. Different from MediaHuman, when you want to download a piece of music, you must find it by means of an external browser and paste the music URL to this MediaHuman YouTube to MP3. So, it is really very convenient to use DVDFab YouTube to MP3, which saves you much time and makes music download easy and fun.

The built-in browser of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 in contrast to MediaHuman

Advantage three - built-in player

With so many versions of the same song available on websites, it is plausible to recognize which piece of music is what you want. Then, ask DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for help, which specially designs a built-in player, enabling users to have a prior experience of their to-be-downloaded music. Then, where to find the built-in player? We take the YouTube website as an example. You can also paste the URL of your favorite music to the search bar on the main interface. Use the built-in browser YouTube to find your favorite music. Then, when your music is playing in DVDFab YouTube to MP3, this software will actively take action to analyze your playing music. Only several seconds is needed before this tool finishes the analysis task and presents you with three buttons: Add to, Play and Download. Here, if you play a piece of music from other websites instead of YouTube, only Download button will appear when your music is playing.

To use the built-in browser, you are supposed to move your mouse point onto the Play button, and click Play Audio. Then, what happens to the bottom of the main interface of this software. Is there a narrow strip at the bottom of this interface with a video cover? Hover your mouse onto the video cover and you will see an upward arrow turns up. Click the upward arrow and you will see the music is played in full screen, where a fixed picture displays on the whole interface. At this moment, if you hover your mouse to the same video cover, you will find that there is a new downward arrow. Click the downward arrow and you will come back to the former interface, that is, the main interface of this software. In line with the small video cover at the bottom, there are some icons you may have been very familiar with. For example, the heart icon is used to add your playing music to My Favorite in the left navigational column. The downward arrow beside the heart icon is used to download your playing music. Click the download icon and you will see two options: Download Audio and Download Video. Choose Download Audio and three audio qualities are for your choice, namely, Super Quality - 320 kbps, High Quality - 192 kbps and Standard Quality - 128 kbps. Alternatively, you can download your playing music in another way. Keep your favorite music playing in DVDFab YouTube to MP3, and wait for this tool to analyze the music. When the Download button pops out, click the Download button and choose Audio Only. Then, similarly you will be led to choose your preferred audio resolution before you click Download at the bottom of the small panel. Then, let’s come to the five play icons in the center of the narrow strip at the bottom. The cyclic icon offers you four choices: Repeat All, Repeat Single, Sequential and Shuffle. The arrow to the left is used to play the last. The arrow to the right is used to play the next. The icon between the arrow to the left and the arrow to the right stands for pause. You can use the loudspeaker to adjust the volume of your music. The last two icons are used to change the playback speed and check the play list. Different from MediaHuman, which only allows you to preview your music in a small screen, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 knows how to provide you with a better music preview experience.

The built-in player of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 in contrast to MediaHuman

Advantage four - faster speed to download or save a playlist

Similar to MediaHuman, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is also a music downloader able to recognize a playlist automatically. But, the service of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 in terms of downloading or saving a playlist is easier and more convenient. When your favorite music is playing in this software, this tool will quickly detect it. How do we know that your music downloader has found the playing music is part of a playlist? You can hover your cursor onto the button of Download. Then, there will be the option of Playlist. Normally, if you are playing an independent music, which does not belong to any playlist, there will not be option of Playlist under the button of Download. Click the option of Playlist and all the songs in this playlist will be presented on a new panel, where you can uncheck the songs you do not want, select Audio Only, as well as the audio quality you would like and click Download next. Then, you will come back to main interface of this software, and you can see the option of Downloads on the left of the navigational column is working. At this moment, you can click the option of Downloads on the left and click the option of Downloading on the top, if this music downloader has not finished downloading your playing music. Then, you can enable the function of Turbo-Speed download, which will accelerate the music download process and give you a experience of 10X download speed. When the playlist is downloaded, you can also find it by clicking the option of Download in the left navigational column.

Playlist download of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 in contrast to MediaHuman

If some people do not want to download their favorite YouTube playlist, is there any way to help them save their playlist? Of course. You have two ways to put away your playlist. Let’s talk about the methods one by one. In the first place, guarantee that your YouTube playlist is playing in DVDFab YouTube to MP3 and wait for this tool to analyze your playlist. When the button of Add to pops out, hover your mouse to the Add to button, and you will see such two options as Add to Playlist and Save Playlist. The Add to Playlist option is gray, while the Save Playlist option is black. If you want to enable the function of Add to Playlist, you need to create a new playlist first by clicking the + behind the Created Playlist in the left navigational column. Then you can use the name given by this tool as the playlist name, or rename the playlist you create. Afterwards, refresh the interface or click any option on the left, and you will see the option of Add to Playlist under the Add to button is available. Click Add to Playlist, and your playing playlist will be added to the newly created playlist. Another way for you to keep your preferred playlist is to click the option of Save Playlist under the Add to button, and your playing playlist will be saved to the left side. Each time you want to listen to your playlist, you can find them through two entrances: the newly created playlist or Saved Playlists on the left. 

How to save playlists with DVDFab YouTube to MP3 in contrast to MediaHuman

3. Conclusion

Now, have you been farmiliar with the function and use of MediaHuman and DVDFab YouTube to MP3 through my specific instructions? Which one is better for use? There is no denying that DVDFab YouTube to MP3 will outstrip MediaHuman for its considerate service and win the consistent praise from extensive users. With the help of this software, you will be a good expert to download and manage your favorite music, no matter it is a single song or a variety of playlists. In terms of batch download, it is more superior to MediaHuman for its faster speed. Clean interface, striking instructions and terrific loading speed, you will waste no time when downloading preferred music each time. Now, install DVDFab YouTube to MP3 as I have told you, search your favorite music by means of the built-in browsers or paste the music URL to the search bar directly. This tool will help you locate the targeted music quickly and act as a good assistant to download it. I sincerely hope you will have a smooth and rapid music download experience. If you also want to download 1080p movies, there is easy and free access.

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