Olamide, popularly known as Olamide Baddo is a Nigerian hip-hop singer, songwriter, rapper, and recording artist who records mostly in his native language, Yoruba. His own label is YBNL Nation. Olamide has won several music awards, including many times Nigeria Entertainment Awards and The Headies Awards. Here, we have made anOlamide latest songs list for you.

Part 1: The Latest Songs of Olamide

1.      Logba Logba

Olamide’s latest song, ‘Logba Logba’ song is his fourth single released in September 2018. The song talks about making the best use of his time. He also expresses his feelings about his legacy in the music industry that he hopes will be remembered long after him.

olamide latest song

2.      Criteria

‘Criteria’ is another single by the singer and rapper Olamide released in August 2018. In the song, the singer expresses his feeling for his love and his willingness to do anything for her. The song is produced by Pheelz.

3.      Motigbana

‘Motigbana’ is the latest song from Olamide released in August 2018. This new single of his was released by Killertunes. The English meaning of the title is ‘I’m on fire.’

4.      Fe Nu Shey Street

‘Fe Nu Shey Street’ is the latest song of Olamide from his latest album Lagos Nawa released in 2017. In the song, the singer is paying homage to the street and talking about his grind on the road.

5.      Yagaga

‘Yagaga’ is also one of the songs from his album Lagos Nawa released in 2017. In the song, the singer expresses his feelings for his beloved woman.

latest song from olamide

6.      Radio Lagos

Radio Lagos, a song from Olamide’s latest album ‘Lagos Nawa’ released in 2017, gives hip-hop feeling as it plays. In the song, the singer is singing about Radio Lagos.

7.      Oro Paw Paw

Oro Paw Paw is a song by Olamide from his album ‘Lagos Nawa’ released in 2017. In the song, Olamide explains how he made his way to the music industry.

8.      Bend It Over

‘Bend it Over’ is yet another song from the album ‘Lagos Nawa’ released in 2017, featuring Reminisce and Timaya. It is a dance hall song and uses the language that can be caught up by the censor.

9.      Shine

‘Shine’ is the seventh single by Olamide for his seventh studio album, Lagos Nawa released in 2017. The singer himself produced the song under his label, YBNL Nation. Olamide rap in this track is worth listening. In this song, Olamide tries to give a peep into the industry and says that he is not happy with that. He encourages the young talent to stay true to them and shine brightly.

10.   Shawa Shawa- 2018

‘Shawa Shawa’ is the latest song by DJ Neptune and Slimcase for the album Greatness released in 2018. The song features Olamide, CDQ, and Larry Gaaga.

11.   Science Student- 2018

‘Science Student’ is the first official single of Olamide in 2018. The track became famous as yet another street anthem from the singer. The song got massive success amongst the fans.

download olamide latest song mp3

12.   Omo Ologo- 2018

‘Omo Ologo is the second single from the singer in 2018. The song features a fine tune, and the track is all about appreciation and gratitude. In this song, Olamide, who is known for his rap has shown us that he is not only about rapping but he can do the freestyle as gracefully as the latter.

13.   Abakaliki 2 Lasgidi- 2018

14.   Saysay Marley- 2017

15.   Mo Je Dodo- 2017

16.   Every day is not a Christmas- 2017

17.   On a Must Buzz- 2017

18.   Shanko Baby- 2017

19.   Fine Fine Girls- 2017

20.   Enimimomi- 2017

So, here is our list that will help you download Olamide latest song mp3.

Part 2: How to Download Olamide Songs?

Now, you have a great list of your favourite singer, Olamide’s songs. Now, if you want to download MP3 version of the songs, how you will do that?  To download Olamide latest mp3 songs,you can do two things; either try searching on the web for MP3 version directly, or you can make use of some tool and convert YouTube to MP3. That means, you find Olamide’s song on YouTube, get its link, and then extract MP3 from that video.

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·         No quality degrade.

Let’s check out the steps to download YouTube to MP3 using the tool.

Step 1: Go the download page of DVDFab YouTube to MP3, and download the tool. After the download completes, install it by launching the setup file.

Step2: Launch DVDFab.

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Step 3: Then go to Utilities, there you will see “YouTube to MP3”. Click that, and a new window will be opened.

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Step 4: Now, go to YouTube, and search for Olamide’s song from the above list. Get the link of that song, and Get back to the tool, and click on Paste URL.

youtube to mp3

In a few moments, you will see that the MP3 is being downloaded from that song’s YouTube link.

youtube to mp3

Step 5: Click on “Finished” once the download is complete to find the downloaded MP3 song.

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All done! Now, Olamide song’s MP3 has been downloaded to your PC, and it gets saved to the location you set as “save to”. It is optional to set the location of your choice otherwise by default it will be found in c:\users\\Music.


You have 20 Olamide’s songs on this list which is well enough for you to download and make a collection for now, and listen to the songs on the go.The YouTube to MP3 converter from DVDFab makes your work easier by offering easy option to extract and download MP3 from YouTube videos. It is helpful because finding the audio version free on the internet is tough. You will have to pay to get MP3 from good music sites. But, finding on YouTube is quite easy and free as well. So, Extracting Mp3 from YouTube is a great idea.

Enjoy the music!