Sad Christmas songs can come in handy whenever a joyful season that should normally be full of celebrations turns to a sad one. Christmas (from history) is supposed to be a celebration period for everyone but when our loved ones are not around or something uneven happens, then, it could be a very sad moment for affected persons.

Whatever the reasons might be, these are the top 20 sad Christmas songs for everyday uses.

Part 1: Top 20 Sad Christmas Songs

1. Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart

At that time someone who made your past Christmas terrible comes again during the next Christmas to plead for forgiveness, that’s when this song comes into your mind. The lyrics are quite sad and then you start reminding the fellow how he/she broke your heart last Christmas. This Christmas song is not really for kids anyway, it is for mature people who had been in love with someone before a breakup.

2. Christmas Shoes

The true meaning of Christmas is what this song tries to convey. It tells the story of a young boy and his dying mother. He needed to get a new shoe for his mother because he believes the new shoe will make the mother more presentable in heaven. Also, this is one of the saddest Christmas songs kids do sing when they don’t get a “new Christmas shoe” as a present from their loved ones.

3. Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas is also an emotional song usually sang who will be spending the holiday alone with his/her partner. The song was composed by Elvis Presley in the 19’s and it has been a hit for people who will be spending their Christmas alone.

4. Miley Cyrus My Sad Christmas Song

Miley Cyrus tries to pass a sad message through this song. Feeling lonely and depressed, nothing seemed to impress her about Christmas anymore. Even Santa couldn’t help out her melancholy. This song is the favorite some lonely lovers during the Christmas season.

5. I'll Be Home for Christmas

It was Christmas period when astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman were away from earth in 1965, they pleaded that NASA plays them this song so that their loved ones won’t miss them much. This song by Bing Crosby was sung in 1943 and it soon became a popular song people use to express their feelings for not spending the Christmas holiday at home or with their loved ones.

6. It's Not Christmas Without You

There are some persons that when they are not around us, it appears like we are lost in the center of a deep blue sea. “It's not Christmas without you” is among the popular sad Christmas songs lovers sing when they are in separate worlds during the season.

7. Please, Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas

sad christmas song

What a sad song indeed. That moment an alcoholic dad tends to go drinking again on a Christmas and his kids, with tears in their eye plead with him not to get drunk on a Christmas day. This is just the saddest Christmas song children sing during the Christmas period.

8. Please Come Home for Christmas


When you’ve not seen a loved one for so many years and Christmas is approaching again. You wish he/she would just decide to come back this time and end your blue Christmas of all time. It is an emotional Christmas song. Not only adults sing this, but even kids also sing this song when mum, dad, or a sibling had stayed out of home for quite so many Christmases past.

9. Merry Christmas, Darling

A song by the carpenters in 1970 but still one of the best sad Christmas song YouTube. When you listen to the original soundtrack, the tune drags because it is a disheartening tune of a lady who feels guilty for being away from her spouse during Christmas.

10. The little boy that Santa Claus forgot

This song tells the story of how Santa Claus forgot a kid who actually didn’t need much for Christmas. For every kid, Christmas comes once in a year and this kid had just missed it for this year, he has to wait for another 359 days until Christmas next year.

Very sad to know that this kid got no father. His only Christmas wish was soldiers and a drum, but he never got any from Santa.

Looking for Sadder Christmas Songs?

Well, these other songs can easily pass on as the saddest Christmas songs that are popular among lovers, couples and teenagers. 

11. Better Days

12. Christmas Just Ain't Christmas without the One You Love

13. Cold December Nights

14. Another Lonely Christmas

15. The Fairytale of New York

16. Just a Lonely Christmas

17. Christmases When You Were Mine

18. It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

19. Christmas Makes Me Cry

20. Same Old Lang Syne

Part 2: How to Download These Sad Christmas Songs from YouTube

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Using DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to download videos from YouTube

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Guide to using DVDFab YouTube to MP3

Launch DVDFab

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download sad christmas songs from youtube

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Copy the YouTube video URL

download sad christmas songs from youtube

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Click “paste URL” on DVDFab Youtube to MP3

download sad christmas songs from youtube

Each time you copy a YouTube video URL, click on “paste URL” on DVDFab Youtube to MP3; it will automatically pick the copied URL and fetch the video from YouTube. Also, it immediately starts downloading the video as MP3 once after fetching it from YouTube.

What more?

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