Recording your screen used to be a real hassle back in the day. You had to either use unreliable and complicated software or physically record your screen with a camera, which wasn’t exactly ideal. Luckily, screen capturing technology has improved significantly over the years to the point where now it’s easier than ever to record professional looking videos with very little effort. Indeed, you can now screen capture any video you’re watching and even edit it using intuitive and powerful software on any platform. In fact, the problem now isn’t finding a good video capturing software but deciding which one of the myriad of options to use. If this a problem you’re currently struggling with there’s no need to worry because we’re here to help.

Today we’re going to take a look at several pieces of software that let you screen capture any video from websites like YouTube to Vimeo. You can also use these programs to record other types of footage, such as a Skype conversation with a friend. Or maybe you want to capture some footage from your favorite mobile game that you can then share with your fellow gamers. Those are just a few examples but there are plenty of other scenarios where video capture software can come in handy.

Some of the recorders we’re going to talk about today are available on multiple platforms while others are exclusive to certain types of devices. Similarly, you can get some of these recorders for free while others cost a bit of money but provide you with additional features. At the end of the day it’s up to you to decide which video capturing software is most suitable for your needs.


DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS

If you want to screen capture a video on an iPhone or iPad there’s no better software than DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS. The name of this video capture software tells you everything you need to know about its purpose but its full list of features is more extensive than you might expect. In addition to capturing both video and audio in crisp quality and without any lag, the software also comes with powerful editing tools. These tools allow you to trim and crop the video, add watermarks or even great looking picture-in-picture effects using a webcam.

 It’s also possible to record audio using a microphone and then add the narration on top of the video if you’re looking to put together a presentation. The software automatically converts your videos to MP4 files that can then be converted to many different formats using other software provided by DVDFab. Of course, you could also just upload or share the videos directly on a multitude of sites since MP4 files are supported by pretty much every platform out there.


FlashBack Express

The previous entry is our top pick for video screen capture on iPhone but what about other platforms? Well, if you’re looking for good video capturing software for Windows FlashBack Express is not a bad place to start. The software may look fairly simplistic at first glance but it’s actually pretty complex if you’re willing to spend some time learning about all its options. But where FlashBack Express really shines is in its ability to make any screen capture video look good on Windows by hiding certain aspects of your desktop like passwords, wallpapers, and icons.


OBS Studio

OBS is a more popular alternative to FlashBack Express that can be used for a similar purpose but gives you access to more advanced features. That purpose is usually live streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live. That said, you can definitely use OBS to capture regular videos as well. An important reason for why OBS is so popular among streamers is that this is a free screen video capture software with very few restrictions. On the flipside, the software is fairly complex and tends to look intimidating for users who are not very tech savvy.


VLC Media Player

In addition to being a popular multimedia player, VLC also allows users to screen capture videos on Windows and Mac. If you’re already using VLC for video playback you already know that this is a very straightforward and simple to use piece of software. You can expect something similar when it comes to its screen recording capabilities. While it does offer some editing tools, VLC is most suitable for basic screen recording where you don’t need to worry about changing any settings. Not really ideal for professional screen capture video but great if you want to quickly record some simple footage without any hassle.



Pretty much any video screen capture on Mac is done using QuickTime. The software comes pre-installed by default with any recent version of MacOS so it’s available for free to all Mac users. QuickTime is very simplistic when compared to other screen recording software but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The fact that it’s simple to use and comes with a very minimalistic interface means that it’s perfect for those who don’t have a lot (or any) sort of experience with this type of software.


Xbox App

Microsoft made it easier for Windows 10 users to connect with their friends on Xbox. One of the features of the operating system that enables this is a built-in Xbox app. The app comes pre-installed by default on Windows 10 and serves primarily as a gaming hub, complete with achievements, clubs, built-in friends list and more. In addition to all of that, the app can also be used to screen capture video while you’re playing your favorite games. There are even handy keyboard shortcuts that you can use to quickly start and stop the recording without ever leaving the game.


Apowersoft Screen Recorder

If you’re looking to screen capture a video without downloading anything and without using any basic built-in apps you may want to check out Apowersoft Screen Recorder. This is an online recorder that anybody can use simply by visiting the software’s website. It definitely has some drawbacks compared to regular video screen capture software but it can get the job done if you don’t need any advanced editing options. You can record both video and audio with this tool, which also offers users the option of capturing only a portion of their screen. Most screen recorders allow you to do that but the fact that it’s a browser-based tool can definitely come in handy in certain situations.



As mentioned before, you can find screen video capture software for pretty much every occasion regardless of the platform you’re using. Software like FlashBack Express and OBS Studio are ideal for live streaming while QuickTime and the Xbox app are great for those looking for basic apps that can get the job done quick and easy. Windows and Mac users looking for something just a bit more advanced can always count on VLC and those who want to record videos without downloading any software may want to opt for an online tool like Apowersoft. Meanwhile, in terms of video screen capture software for iPhones and iPads, there’s really no better choice than DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS.