A screen video recorder is of immense use when it comes to capturing on screen activity like how to perform a certain task on a computer, phone or tablet. When you record videos from screen, a media file is created and this can then be played or shared with a group of people, or uploaded to a video streaming site like YouTube for tutorial purposes. Let us take a look at the top 10 screen video recorders out there in the market. Some of them will be a free screen video recorder, some a screen video recorder mac, or a screen video recorder iPhone and a few are screen video recorder for android. So let us take a closer look at the best of them.


1.     DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS

This screen recorder can record the happenings on the screen of an iOS device, but it does not work on iOS operating system and is only available for the Windows platform. It does a wonderful job of recording high resolution videos with its AirPlay Mirroring feature. It presents a video and audio output that is synced to perfection, without any kind of noticeable lag. If you want a PIP or a picture in picture effect that is important for instructional videos, all you have to do is to turn on the webcam and plug in the mic, and you are set to introduce the second audio-video track showing yourself in the second screen, voicing the instruction or narration.

 Having a set of great features like a watermark to make videos exclusive, this nifty recording software is easily the best in the market. Other features include cropping and trimming, animations and transitions, captions and callouts, and also zooming capability! The best part of it is its preview feature that allows you to have a good look and edit the video before you save it, thus saving valuable time in exhaustive video editing later on. Frequently used configurations can be easily saved for easier access later on.


2.     Camtasia

With this software, on screen activity on the monitor is captured beautifully. Apart from recording, it also allows the importing of HD videos into the recording from external sources. The uniqueness of Camtasia is that it can make interactive videos with links, which make it perfect for classroom use and workplace activities. There is capability for multiple recording of audio and video tracks and rolling texts and callouts are but two of the many animated items it can incorporate. Having Google drive integration, it has a free app that can record activity on mobile devices and thereafter give it to Camtasia if edits are needed.


3.     iSpring Free Cam

As the name suggests it is a free s/w for Windows screen recording, and a host of functions and tools for video editing make it a versatile piece of software. You can delete portions, remove noise, and also insert audio effects. The format for saving is WMV and it can also be uploaded to YouTube. It does not have annoying ads or time limits, can record from a microphone, and editing capabilities are strong. HD format saving of up to 1080p is possible.


4.     Screencast-O-Matic

With this, you can record on screen activity as well as from the webcam. Options exist to upload to the software’s free server host as well as YouTube. You can have up to 15 min recording with free version, inexpensive paid version, and limited publishing options with free version.


5.     Icecream Screen Recorder

The unique part about this is that you can capture a selective part of the screen either as a video recording or a graphic. The interface is intuitive and easy for usage, and a host of options and tools make it a walk in the park for even rank amateurs. Videos of Skype conversations are also possible with this.


6.     Screenflow by Telestream - Mac only

This software can record the webcam, monitor area, computer audio as well as microphone at the same time. You are free to record and edit, to later share with any social media platform. It is touted to have the finest screen capturing ability among all, even if you are using a Retina display.


7.     SmartPixel

It has been designed with gaming enthusiasts in mind, which explains its smooth recording and seamless playing. It boasts of state-of-the-art video compression capability and if there is utilization of disk space, the quality of the videos improves. There are cool post edit features like dubbing, clipping and merging, and the options for adding subtitles which will be handy for those who dabble in movies.


8.     TinyTake

It is one of the best free software available for screen video recording. You can annotate the video after capturing it, and sharing on social media is also possible. Though it is rich in features, many of them do not unveil themselves until you invest in the paid version. The built in viewer provided can be used for mobile devices as well.


9.     Ezvid

This is a freeware that is applicable for screen capture and video capture. The software uses the process or of your computer to increase the fps while recording, thus improving upon the quality of the video recorded. This also helps when editing is done. While uploading to YouTube is possible, the best host site for this software is wiki.ezvid.com. This, coincidentally, is the first video wiki in the world. There is a video editor and the presence of a facecam and voice synthesis capability makes it a very interesting piece of software. The bummer is that it requires a massive 10GB of Hard disk space.


10.  CamStudio

This is also freeware which can make AVI videos of on screen activity. Conversion of AVI’s to SWF’s is possible and the in-built help files let you master the software in a matter of minutes. The builders claim that the size of files created is much smaller than those of other similar software. But this does not compromise on video quality. Screen captions can be added to videos too.

Having reviewed all these above-discussed software, a good many stand out as exceptionally useful and sleek in use. Of these theDVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS is thebest screen recorder for iOS devices, both in terms of functionality as well as ease of access and use.