Top 10 Video Quality Enhancers [Online & Desktop & App]

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Summary: This article gives you a list of top 10 video quality enhancers to help you enhance a video quality more efficiently. Next, let’s take a look at it!

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A lot of people are confused about the question how to enhance video quality to refresh those old videos with lower resolution, it seems that simply enhancing the video resolution won’t get you the desired video effect. So, this article gives you a list of top 10 video quality enhancers to help you enhance a video quality more efficiently. Next, let’s take a look at it!


Part 1. Top 10 Video Quality Enhancers


List of Top 10 Video Quality Enhancers
  • 1.    DVDFab Enlarger AI
  • 2.    iMovie
  • 3.    Final Cut 
  • 4.    Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • 5.    Avidemux
  • 6.    Pinnacle Studio
  • 7.    Windows Movie Maker
  • 8.    PowerDirector
  • 9.    HDconvert
  • 10.    Clideo

1.    DVDFab Enlarger AI

Paid (30-day Free Trial)
Available on: Windows, soon to be released on Mac



DVDFab Enlarger AI, supported by the super resolution technology, is capable of significantly improve the video quality through deep learning algorithm. What this software is based on varies greatly from the other video editors like iMovie and Adobe Premiere, which is the trendy AI technology, while others might still focus on the traditional video editing tools and so on. Let’s see how this trendy video quality enhancer can enhance a video quality with AI.

How to Enhance Video Quality with AI (supported by DVDFab Enlarger AI):


Step 1: Launch this super resolution video enhancer DVDFab Enlarger AI;


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Step 2: To learn how to enhance video quality, you should choose the right mode. Currently three mode are available to enhance a video quality: Copy, Ripper, or Converter Mode;









Step 3: Based on the different mode you’ve chosen, then you can import DVD/Blu-ray/4k UHD Discs or video of various formats into this software;


Step 4: Cut, trim, crop, add subtitles or image watermark to make the video more customized within this super resolution video enhancer;

Step 5: Select the target disc or video format and click Start to kick off the video quality enhancer.



It might take some time to enhance a video quality, like from 480p to 1080p, but the results would be very satisfying because this AI super resolution video enhancer would try to detect the imperfect image contained in each frame and perfect it with its own unique algorithm.


2.    iMovie

Available on: iOS, Mac OS,


imovie-video quality enhancer


iMovie is a free software firstly released in 1997 for video editing used on iOS or Mac OS system, which is also a good video quality enhancer to learn how to enhance video quality, so if you are trying find the way about how to enhance video quality with a video quality enhancer, then iMovie is a good choice. You can use it on iPhone to do some simple video editing to enhance a video quality, and you can edit 4k video and larger ones on Mac OS systems professionally and easily. It would let you to set background music, customize fashion subtitles and add cool visual effects to enhance video quality free, most importantly, sharing the video with your friends directly to Facebook or YouTube would be a plus for this software, as it is a real time saver!

3.    Final Cut

Available on: Mac OS


final cut-video quality enhancer


Final Cut is a paid video quality enhancer software designed solely for Mac OS system to learn how to enhance video quality. Compared to iMovie, it might be more professional and contains more functions for you to enhance a video quality. As it is made for those professionals compared to common users of iMovie, Final Cut is to some extent more professional than iMovie in terms of serving as a good video quality enhancer, which provides expert-level video and color retouching and correction tech to let you customize your video and allows introduction of plug-ins to perfectly enhance a video quality.


4.    Adobe Premiere Pro

Available on: Windows, Mac

Adobe premiere pro-video quality enhancer


Also as a professional video quality enhancer, Adobe Premiere Pro also allows users to enhance their video quality through unique functions. If you are trying to find a professional way on how to enhance video quality, then Adobe Premiere Pro might be a good choice. Compared to Final Cut, this video quality enhancer is compatible with both Windows and Mac system, with a starting monthly price as 20 dollars. You can access basic and advanced settings and use it integrated with other Adobe products, which might be a convenient choice if you have a pack of Adobe products. Most amazingly, it is capable of editing 8k videos.


5.    Avidemux

Available on: Windows, Mac and Linux

 Avidemux-video quality enhancer

As a free open-source video quality enhancer, Avidemux features an intuitive interface with many basic video editing features to enhance a video quality easily. One amazing thing about this video quality enhancer is that it supports various video formats covering AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP4, FLV…, as various as you can think of, counting as one of the top inclusive program to help users enhance video quality free. What’s more, the multithreading option is a plus. While, the only inconvenient thing is that you cannot add transitions and there is no timeline for you to do so.


6.    Pinnacle Studio

Available on: Windows


Pinacle studio-video quality enhancer


Pinnacle Studio is windows based paid video quality enhancer, which contains plenty of fantastic functions for you to discover, including add cool transitions or video effects, make time lapse or fast motioned videos, adjust video color, white balance, lightness and saturation, adding overlays and masking to video, stabilizing video and remove noise from the original video…, in a bid to enhance a video quality. Moreover, it is able to work with 360 video, and convert them to standard ones.

7.    Windows Movie Maker

Available on: Windows 7


Windows movie maker-video quality enhancer


Windows Movie Maker is a good video quality enhancer even if it has already stopped updating, many people still use it for its comprehensive functions and easy-to-operate feature. For an entry-level users to learn how to enhance a video quality, this is quite a good program to start with in order to enhance video quality free.

8.    PowerDirector (Video quality enhancer app)

Available on:


powerdirector-video quality enhancer


As the above recommended video quality enhancer are for iOS, Mac OS as well as Windows, here comes one video quality enhancer app for android users, PowerDirector. This enhance video quality app is widely praised for its simple function as well as easy-to-operate style. This top-rated video quality enhancer app is capable of editing and exporting videos of up to 4k resolution, producing fast or slow motioned video effects, as well as correcting shaky cam footage with its video stabilization function. For a mobile phone, this enhance video quality app would be very useful if you would like to enhance video quality free to share on your social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

9.    HDconvert (Video quality enhancer online)

Available on:
all system supported

video quality enhancer operation steps


HDconvert is a platform that helps users to enhance video quality online, and this platform is designed to enhance video quality free. Moreover, this video quality enhancer is capable of outputting high quality video such as 1080p full HD, 2k UHD or even 4k UHD, with various video codec for you to choose freely. It supports most mainstream video formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, etc.


10.    Clideo (Video quality enhancer online)

Available on:
all system supported


Clideo-video quality enhancer


Clideo is another video quality enhancer online platform that can help you to edit video in order to enhance video quality online. You can adjust video color, brightness and saturation, convert the video to other formats, as well as other additional features to enhance a video quality. This video quality enhancer online has a simple interface for the entry-level video editing learners. Most conveniently, it would keep your video for 24 hours on its server, so you can edit it and stop within one day if you think you need more time to enhance a video quality. But you should understand that this online video editor is a very basic one to fulfill simple tasks, if you have more complex needs to enhance video quality online, you’d better turn to professional video quality enhancer softwares.

Part 2: Three Factors Influencing Video Quality


Generally the majority of people tend to hold such an assumption that resolution is the only factor influencing video quality, while it’s only partly true. Admittedly, resolution does influence the video quality a lot, but to say it as the only factor would be too narrow. Then what else factors play a part in the video quality of a video? That’s bitrate and encoder. See how these different factors influence the video quality.


1)    Resolution: refers to the number of pixels spreading across a display and usually separated as horizontal pixels x vertical pixels like 1920 x 1080, which shall determine the highest resolution you can watch. As one important factors influencing the video quality, the higher the resolution, the more pixels it contained in an image, which means the color shall be more various and quality be higher. 

 Resolution factor influencing video quality

2)    Bitrate: refers to the amount of data encoded for a single second of a video, which is usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps) for video, and in kilobits per second (kbps) for audio. From the perspective of video quality a higher video bitrate means a higher quality video, which shall definitely require more bandwidth.


different effect of various bitrate


3)    Codec: refers to a method used to compress or decompress a media file, such as a video or audio file, which can be divided as encode and decode, respectively performing the task of compression (encoding) and decompression (decoding). Depending on the video content, resolution as well as bitrate, different encoder would also exert various influence on the video quality. H264, based on modern arithmetic algorithms, is a very popular codec used frequently in this new media world, which delivers higher quality video compared with the legacy codecs like MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 H.262 and H.263.


codec the factors impact video quality


As you’ve understand the 3 important factors influencing the video quality now, you should make according changes when it comes to a specific video enhancement task with the above recommended video quality enhancers. 


Part 3. Conclusion

The above all recommended top video quality enhancers, including the video quality enhancer online ones, video quality enhancer app, as well as the software to enhance video quality free, has covered a comprehensive range for users of iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Android. To learn how to enhance video quality, the above all information shall suffice. Carefully choose the above top video quality enhancers, whether it is online one, app on mobile phones, or software for desktop use. After reading the above information, do you also think DVDFab Enlarger AI is the most cutting edge video quality enhancer, learn more info about how to enhance video quality with AI.

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