Sure, there are some good classics that even the Grinch can enjoy every now and again, but let’s be honest, most Christmas songs aren’t all that great. Since Christmas music is everywhere around this time of the year, we figured it might be interesting to take a look at some of the worst Christmas songs ever created. That way, it will be easier to decide which songs to put on your holiday playlist and which songs to avoid.

Part 1: Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs

Bon Jovi – Back Door Santa

You might be surprised to find that a lot of well-known artists have released bad Christmas songs over the years. Bon Jovi’s Back Door Santa is a prime example because it’s a rock remake of a 1968 classic that nobody asked for.

Maroon 5 – Happy Christmas (War is Over)

Maroon 5 usually makes good music and this cover of John Lennon’s Happy Christmas seems like it should have sounded good in theory. However, it turns out that not the case and this is actually one of the worst Christmas songs ever created.

Justin Bieber – Mistletoe

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous pop singers around but that mostly thanks to the army of teenage fans that love everything he does. If you’re an adult, though, it shouldn’t take long for you to realize how bland and boring this Christmas song really is.

Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas

Paul McCarney’s impressive contributions to music haven’t stopped the legendary artist from releasing some bad songs every now and again. This isn’t quite the worst Christmas song out there but it definitely deserves a spot on our list.

Christina Aguilera – Oh Holy Night

Most people would agree that the classic Christmas carol “Oh Holy Night” sounds good just as it is. Unfortunately, Christina Aguilera seems to disagree and created her own version a few years back. Needless to say, you’re better off sticking with the original.

Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber – All I Want for Christmas is You

You might be wondering how is this one of the worst Christmas songs ever. After all, All I Want for Christmas is You remains one of the most popular holiday tunes even after all these years. While that may certainly be true for the original song, adding Justin Bieber to the mix pretty much ruined what made this song good in the first place.

Pussycat Dolls – Santa Baby

This over-the-top version of Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby is nothing less than an insult to the original. Mind you, the original was already pretty sensual for a Christmas song but this version takes things to a whole new level altogether.

John Denver – Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas

The title alone is a great indication why this is one of the worst Christmas songs ever. While not everybody can be happy every year during the holidays, write a depressing song about your dysfunctional family doesn’t really help anyone, including John Denver.

Lady Gaga – Christmas Tree

Lady Gaga’s weird and wonderful songs helped her gain tremendous popularity while she was fighting to make a name for herself in the music industry. However, Gaga may have taken things too far when she decided to create this abomination.

The Cheeky Girls – Have a Cheeky Christmas

The Cheeky Girls were a one-hit wonder back in the 2000s and it’s easy to see why. This attempt at making a Christmas song doesn’t work on any level despite the girls’ efforts to create a “cheeky” atmosphere to go along with it.

Part 2: How to Download the Worst Christmas Songs from YouTube

If you’re curious about why these tunes are so bad or simply want to annoy those around you by playing them you can download the worst Christmas songs using DVDFab YouTube to MP3. This tool allows you to quickly and easily download any song (good or bad) from the platform or even entire playlists in one go. The software also downloads any available metadata associated with the songs, which helps a lot when you’re organizing your music library or creating a new playlist. Here’s how it works:

1. Boot up the new DVDFab main client and go to the Utilities section to find a list of helpful tools. Locate YouTube to MP3 and open it.

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2. Your next order of business is to visit YouTube and search for some of the worst Christmas songs you want to download. Or if you’re not in the mood of pranks just download good songs instead. Either way, copy the URL of a song you want to download and return to YouTube to MP3.

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3. Hit the Paste URL button and you’ll notice that the tool will immediately begin downloading the song. If you want to download an entire playlist, simply copy the URL of any song found in that particular playlist and paste it in. The software will then ask if you want to download the entire playlist or just that one song.

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4. Monitor the progress of the download and then go to the Finished tab once all the songs have finished downloading. Click the little folder icon next to any of the songs and you will be redirected to the place where you can find MP3 versions of the songs you just downloaded. Feel free to play them directly or transfer them to a different device so you can listen to them later.

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For every good holiday tune there are probably ten bad songs that you should probably stay away from. Hopefully, our list of worst Christmas songs will give you a good indication of which songs to avoid in the future. But if you still want to download them for some reason, or better yet download some good songs instead, don’t hesitate to check out DVDFab YouTube to MP3. The tool is very fast and comes with some nice extra features for premium members, though you can also try it out for free first and then upgrade at a later time.

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