Almost every other person watches Hollywood movies. In fact, there are thousands of English movies on YouTube because of high views. For those of you who are bored of the same old typical storylines, try something different, like YouTube African movies, maybe! Here is a list of best YouTube African movies compiled for you.

Part 1: Top 5 Best African Movies on YouTube 2018

Kwaku Ananse

Kwaku Ananse is a critically acclaimed movie that won the award for the best short film at the African Movie Academy Awards 2013. This YouTube African movie revolves around protagonist Nyan Kronhwea who is attending her father’s funeral and looks up to the spirit world in search of him. This YouTube African movie is based on popular folklore and is one of the most searched African movies on YouTube.

Undivided Love

This is one of the top searches for YouTube African movie. This is a cute, romantic film about the uncertainties that come with love. Directed by Nwanko Nickodemus, who is much loved for his unique storylines, shows the complexities of sustaining and maintaining romance in the face of hardships. The movie boasts of its star cast that includes Mike Ezuruonye, Nadia Buari, and Vivian Achor.

The Wedding Party 1

This Nigerian romantic comedy was such a success that its second installment was made, which was appreciated by the audience too! The movie has a joyous mood throughout since it is based on the flamboyance that comes with planning a wedding in Nigeria. The protagonists are two lovers who vowed to not engage in premarital intercourse and were anticipating having a memorable first night as a married couple. However, considering the circumstances the duo had to go through, nobody was sure if their hopes were going to come through. 

As for the second part, the lead actors of the movie got married in real-life right before the release increasing the excitement for the sequel. The movie was loved both for its cute pair and enjoyable story. Also, this is one if the best YouTube African movies.

Last fishing boat

Among YouTube African movies, this film is quite realistic and is based on the struggles of a fisherman. The fisherman survives on the fish that he can get in the lake, however, because of pollution, the fish in the lake seems to have gone down in number. In the region that he lives, tourism is one of the main reasons for water pollution.

 While the fisherman is trying to fight for values and ethics in the tourism industry, little does he know that his own son is a tourist guide. Both the fisherman’s wife and his son are willing to sleep with white tourists for some extra bucks. The clash of the fisherman’s values, both internal and external form the plot of the movie.

The Contract

Search African movie YouTube and this movie are sure to show up in your search results. This YouTube African movie is set in the corporate world and is about a businessman who doesn’t show any interest in the idea of a domestic, marital life despite his mother’s pleas. In the twist of events, he needs to have a child for a business contract, and hell breaks loose trying to find a wife. It shouldn’t be too hard to find this movie online. Just google search YouTube African movies and this movie will be on the list.

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Final Words

If you are still reluctant about watching YouTube African movies, watch one find out if you like it. If nothing, it will definitely help you break free from monotony. YouTube African movies are great fun and convenient too!