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Speed is the Need: Top YouTube Car Movies to Watch in 2019


   Posted by Kumara Velu

2020-02-17 02:12:17


Summary: If you're car movie fan there are hundreds of car movies on YouTube waiting to be discovered. Here we have made a list of top YouTube car movies to watch in 2019. Check them and find the tool to download them.

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If you're car movie fan there are hundreds, if not thousands, of car movies on YouTube waiting to be discovered.

There are even movies you might have watched at the cinema and want to revisit.

Most of these movies involve fast cars involved in high-speed chases, among others.

That said, here are the top YouTube car movies, including Hollywood super hits.


Part 1: Top Car Movies on YouTube 2019


Born to Race (2011)

Danny Krueger meets with an accident after an illegal car race. He finds himself in another town with his estranged father who is a retired car racer.

In his school, he meets a guy who challenges him to a car race. Danny accepts the challenge and seeks his father's help to win the race.

Their collaboration helps him repair his strained relationship with his father.

A sequel going by the title, Born to Race: Fast Track hit the cinemas in 2014 with Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff playing lead roles.

This is one of the best YouTube car movies to watch.


Superfast (2015)

This is a comedy movie, a parody of the hit movie Fast and Furious. Also known as Superfast and Superfurious, it revolves around an undercover cop who befriends a gang of illegal car racers.

The unexpected happens when the gang members take a detour and plan to teach the local crime lord a lesson. There’s no way for him escape without getting involved in this hare-brained scheme.

There's an official website of the movie in Japanese following its DVD release there with a modified title - Wild na Speed! Aho Mission.

For your information, Wild Speed is the Japanese title for The Fast and Furious.


 Mad Max: Fury Road  (2015)

The movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. An ex-cop finds himself up against the War Boys gang, led by the notorious Immortal Joe.

He's chosen as a blood donor for Wat Boy Nux. A woman calls Imperator Furiosa tries to flee the villain. Immortal Joe unleashes his men on her. Meanwhile, Max finds himself chained to Nux but manages to catch up with Furiosa's truck and decides to escape in it.

However, there's a special method to operate the truck. Can Furiosa and Max shake off the pursuers and escape?

Director George Miller revealed that the movie was conceived  in storyboard form and the final results was there were around 3500 panels, about the same number of shots in the final film.


Fast and Furious: The Fate of the Furious (2017)

This spectacular movie made at the budget of 250 million dollars grossed about 1.2 billion dollars worldwide. 

Just when Dom and his team had returned to normal life after their adventures, a mysterious woman drags him into a web of crime forcing him to betray his close ones.

The team has to spring back into action to halt a notorious villain from wreaking havoc on world peace and harmony.


Cars 3 (2017)

Lightning McQueen, legendary racer, finds himself sidelined with the emergence of a new crop of super-fast racers.

He itches to get back to the sport dear to his heart and prove that he still has what it takes.

With the help of unlikely allies he gears himself up for the race which will prove whether he's made of the right stuff to become a champion.


Baby Driver (2017)

Written and directed by Edgar Wright, this YouTube car movie is about Baby, a getaway driver, who gets pressured into working for a crime lord who meticulously plans robberies.

Just when he thinks he’s done with this unenviable task and can start concentrating on his new-found sweetheart, the crime boss gets him involved in another heist, involving violent thugs who don't work according plan. Will he survive this latest 'misadventure'?


Part 2: How to Download YouTube Car Movies

If you wish to watch the above movies at your leisure without having to visit YouTube, you could do so by downloading them.

Yes, you could download them in a universal format like MP4 and watch them in your preferred media device like TV, smartphone or tablet.

If you’re wondering how to do it, you could use the DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader.

DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader is available for free use for an unlimited period of time.

It’s part of the versatile DVDFab software suite which includes a DVD/Blu-ray ripper-cum-copier, not to mention a video converter which converts almost all popular video formats to other popular mainstream formats. What’s more, it even comes equipped with a DVD/Blu-ray burner.

One of the standout advantages of DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader is you don’t have to worry about converting the full car movies on YouTube to the MP4 format. Yes, you don’t need a separate video converter for the purpose.

DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader automatically grabs and downloads videos from YouTube in the MP4 format.

Here are the steps to follow to download your favorite YouTube car movies

After installing DVDFab, navigate to the Utilities Menu. Choose Video Downloader at the bottom of the list.

Choose YouTube as your next option. You’ll be brought to the YouTube site, where you could proceed to load your favorite YouTube car movie.

The next step would be to hit the Play button. When you do that, the download option button appears. It allows you to choose the MP4 format you wish to download. You choose according to your preferred quality that suits your target playback device.

Then choose your desired output folder. This is where you’ll retrieve your downloaded YouTube car movie.

When you're ready, hit the Download button just above the YouTube video URL. 

If MP4 is not your preferred download format you could convert it to another format by sending your downloaded file to the built-in  video converter as shown below.

Alternatively, if you want to create a disc out of the downloaded file, choose the Creator button and your YouTube car movie file will be ready to be burned to DVD or Blu-ray.

Give DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader a try today. Downloading and converting your favorite YouTube car movies will be a breeze.

To watch the downloaded MP4 videos, please refer to top MP4 players.

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