YouTube is the most popular video Streaming site. If you are an internet user, you cannot just live without using YouTube because it has become a synonym of videos as whatever you will search on Google, you will get the YouTube videos of that along with text search results.

But, like any other service, you may face issues with YouTube as well. “YouTube not responding” is an error that many users are facing when they try to access YouTube. To help those users, we are here to share the quick solutions to fix YouTube not responding issue.

Part 1: Most Common Solutions to YouTube Not Responding issue

1. Clear browser cache, history, and Cookies

Since we use the web browser all the time while accessing the internet, there is so much cache and cookies get saved. And, due to piling up this much data, many times various websites stop loading. YouTube is one of them which sometimes stops responding when there is so much space covered by cache and cookies in the web browser.

So, to fix the issue, clear the browser cache, history and cookies by going to browser’s settings. In Google Chrome, you can directly enter chrome://history/ in the address bar, and click “Clear Browsing Data”. Then, below screen will appear.

Select the desired options, and click “Clear Data”. This will take a few moments to get the data cleared. This should fix YouTube not responding issues but if it doesn’t, let’s move to another solution.

2. Uninstall Incompatible Browser Add-ons and Extensions

We use a lot of add-ons and extensions in our web browser to enhance the user experience and to do various jobs. Sometimes, due to some issues, a few extensions or add-ons may become incompatible. In that situation, the browser starts behaving haywire. It could be the reason why YouTube is not responding. So, uninstall those extensions and add-ons, and fix the issue. Most of the time, the issue gets fixed, and YouTube starts working but if it doesn’t, let’s check out another solution.

3. Upgrade the Browser

If you are using a web browser that works with outdated technology or if your version of a popular web browser is not updated with the latest release, YouTube not working issues may happen. So, it is always good to upgrade your browser and use the latest.

4. Check Internet Connection and Speed

Most of the time slow internet speed may be the reason for YouTube not responding because most of us nowadays play HD quality videos which take more bandwidth. In this case, if the internet is slow, issues are likely to happen. So, do check if your internet connection is working, and you are getting proper speed.

5. Update Adobe Flash Player

Make sure that your browser’s flash player is up to date and working properly. Flash player is important to play videos in the browsers.

Part 2: Fix YouTube Not Responding Error for Good - Download YouTube Videos

From the above, you can learn that there are various causes and solutions to YouTube Not Responding, so sometimes you may need to try all of the solutions to fix the problem. Therefore the fixing process may not be so pleasant. But don’t worry, here we will recommend you a simple and fast way to avoid YouTube not responding problem when you meet in watching online YouTube videos. The method is to download YouTube videos and then watch them without any restriction and disturbance.

After figuring out the problem of YouTube not responding, it’s high time you should download YouTube videos right now so as to test whether the above solutions work well. Among all possible YouTube video downloader, here recommends you a powerful and versatile video downloader to download whatever video or music you like. Want to know how to download desired videos from YouTube fast and well? Move on to check the following simple guideline.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Simple Clicks

Step 1: Launch DVDFab Video Downloader and search your wanted video

Download, install, and run this free video downloader on free trial basis. Select YouTube from the main interface or enter the video URL you want to download from YouTube. When entering YouTube interface, type video name to search your wanted video. Alternatively, click +Paste URLs to download videos in batch.

YouTube not responding? DVDFab Turn Video Downloader

Step 2: Choose output video quality

Tab the Download button, there will pop up a drop down menu enabling you to choose desired video quality. You can download the uploaded video on YouTube with its highest quality.

Choose video quality before download

Step 3: Start to download video from YouTube

Click the Download button and start to download your YouTube video. You are advised to initiate Turbo-Speed Enabled button since GPU hardware acceleration will help quicken the download process beyond expectations. Note that this feature is available to subscription users.

Why is YouTube not responding? YouTube Video Downloader makes it!

Within 3 simple clicks, you can get your loved videos from YouTube free and easily. Next time when you find YouTube not responding, remember to download videos with DVDFab Video Downloader, a short-cut to get your expected videos or music. By the way, if you are unhappy with the quality of videos downloaded from YouTube, you can upscale low-res videos to 4K resolution and better quality with an AI-based video enhancer, DVDFab Video Enhancer.


YouTube is the most popular video streaming website, and it has been being updated with the latest technologies. So, for many, such issues happen when they don’t have upgraded modern browsers on their PC. Even when cache and cookies are piled up, YouTube not responding issues happen. So, we have shared the solutions that you can use to get rid of this issue. And the best method is to download the YouTube videos you want to watch with DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader.