Ever watched a 3D video or a movie? Now, DVDFab Video Converter easily converts videos using powerful 3d video converter software. A 3D video uses a third axis which creates the visual illusion in three dimensions. That is why watching a 3D movie feels like as if the movie characters are really entertaining us live in front of our eyes. So, are you looking to convert your 2D videos to 3D videos? If Yes, then we have got a perfect 3D video converter for you. DVDFab Video Converter is currently the best 3D video converter available on the web which can convert any 2D video to 3D. All you need is a big screen HDTV, or a 3D HDTV or at least a VR headset.


Part 1: DVDFab Video Converter: Introduction and Download Links


DVDFab Video Converter is a powerful and reliable video converter. It is capable of converting one video format to another. With this software you can easily upscale or downscale your favorite movies. Apart from this you can convert your favorite videos or movies to pure audio files. It also comes with a built-in video editor which is helpful in editing videos. Here in this article we will teach you to convert a 2D video to a 3D video. Please note that DVDFab Video Converter is capable of converting 2D videos to 3D videos either in ‘Anaglyph’, ‘Top-Bottom’, and ‘Side-by-Side’ 3D format.


The ‘Anaglyph’ 3D format is the type in which you see ‘Red/Cyan’ colors on the screen. To view this format you will need red/cyan glasses. This type of 3D video can be viewed on normal screens to.


A Side-by-Side 3D runs two video frames left and right of the TV screen. To view this format you will need special 3D glasses. However this format can be played on normal screens too but the true performance can be seen on a 3D TV only.


A ‘Top-Bottom’ 3D video runs two video frames (up and down) on a single screen. This format works similar to SBS 3D.


There are also two other 3D formats that are not so common but you may need occasionally, and they are Two separate files and Two video streams in one file. The former gives you the chance to reprocess the files to get the 3D videos you want (of course you can also play it directly with a 3D player like Stereoscopic), and the latter is a glasses-free 3D format.


Here are the download links to DVDFab Video Converter.


  • DVDFab 11 Online Installer for Mac and Windows – Download Now


  • DVDFab 11 Offline Installer for Windows – Go Here


In case of offline installer, if you don’t see download links then scroll down the page to reveal links.


Part 2: How to Convert Any 2D Video to a 3D Video (Anaglyph, SBS, or Top-Bottom)


After installing the DVDFab 11 software you should follow the steps given below to start converting your 2D videos to 3D video formats.


Step 1: Open the program and click the ‘Converter’ tab. Then click the ‘Video Profile’ selector button and make sure ‘Format’ tab is selected. Here click the ‘3D’ option to reveal the 3D video formats. Choose any format like 3D MP4, 3D MKV to start with. Remember some 3D video profiles only work on 64-bit version of DVDFab 11.


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Step 2: Now load a 2D video by clicking the plus button in the middle of the main interface or by clicking the ‘+Add From Local’ button. After loading the 2D video the main interface will have this look below. Please also check the important options with labels. Do not forget to select your favorite audio stream in case of multi-audio videos or movies, also select subtitles if there are many available.


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Step 3: This is the required part for choosing 3D video type/format. Click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button to customize video and audio settings. Scroll down a little bit to find ‘3D Format’. Click the drop down list under it to select ‘Anaglyph’, ‘Split Screen’, ‘Two separate files’ or ‘Two video streams in one file’format.


Once you select any of these options a second drop down list with sub-options will open below it. Select the appropriate format. Set the ‘Visual Depth’ to full. Click ‘OK’ to go back.


Note: You can also customize ‘Video Settings’ and ‘Audio Settings’ in the ‘Advanced Settings’ if you are a pro user. Find these settings above the ‘3D Options’.


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Step 4: Click the ‘Save to’ field in the main interface window and select the output location from where you can copy or transfer your converted 3D video.


Step 5: In this step you can also check out the built-in video editor. But it will depend on the situation as whether you want to use it or not. A separate tutorial for the DVDFab Video Editor will be covered later in this article.


Step 6: If you don’t want to edit your video then you can start converting it from 2D to 3D now by clicking the ‘Start’ button. If you want to learn about the video editor then check out the separate article below in part 2.1. After conversion go to output folder and enjoy your 3D video.


Part 2.1: How to Use The DVDFab Video Editor


If you want to use the DVDFab Video Editor before converting your 2D videos to 3D then you can skip the step 6 above and can directly move to this part. After this tutorial gets finished you can resume the step 6. To launch the editor click the ‘Video Editor’ button as shown in ‘Step 3’ above.


DVDFab Video Editor: Video Editing Tools With Descriptions


1. Text Watermark: This tool can be used to watermark your 2D videos with a text string. You can put your own text as a watermark on the video. Click the ‘Text’ tool to open the watermark editing options. Click ‘Custom Text’ this will open watermark editing options below. You can change the text, color, font, size, and formatting. You can also select the built-in text watermark templates.


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2. Image Watermark: If text watermark is not enough then you can apply image watermark also. To add an image watermark first click the ‘Custom Pic’ button and then load an image from your PC’s hard drive to be used as an image watermark. You can also click any of the built-in images. Drag and drop the image watermark anywhere on the video. Drag the image’s edges to increase or decrease its size. In the settings below you can control the image transparency.


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3. Music: Can be used to put background music in any video. Click the ‘Music’ option in the top left corner. Click ‘Local Music’ to add from your hard drive.


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Important Note: The above 3 video editing tools can’t be used to edit a 3D video. These are only applicable for 2D formats only. Below are the video editing tools that are applicable to 3D videos.


4. Subtitle: This tool can be used to add external subtitles to your video (.SRT, .SMI, .SSA, .ASS). Click the ‘Subtitle’ button in the ‘Text’ option in the top left corner. Load the subtitle file from your computer’s hard drive. After subtitles get loaded, a specific set of settings open below in the editing window. Here you can customize your subtitles like changing the font, size, formatting, color, position, delay, and character encoding.


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5. Video Properties: Click this tool to open video properties. With this tool you can change the video’s brightness, saturation and contrast. You can also rotate the video to 90 degrees left or right once at a time. This will fix videos which wrongly shot in portrait instead of landscape because of camera’s error.



6. Video Crop Tool: With this wonderful tool you can crop the video. Video cropping can be done to remove unnecessary things from the original video by cutting its frame from all sides. Simply click the ‘Crop Tool’, a crop frame will appear on the video player. Drag the edges of the crop frame to increase or decrease its size. In the settings below, you can also select the ‘Crop Aspect Ratio’ and also customize the ‘Distance to Edge’ values.


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7. Trim/Multi Trim Tool: This tool can be used to trim unwanted scenes from a video or a movie. If there are multiple scenes that you want to remove at once then multi-trim can be used. You can follow the steps given below.


Click the ‘Trim Tool’ button to add a trim section on the video timeline. This trim section has two red points. You can drag these red points close to or far from each other to increase or decrease the trim size. This way the trim section can also be moved anywhere on the video timeline.


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To add another trim section simply move the ‘Blue “T” Marker’ out of the current trim and click the ‘Trim Tool’. This will add another trim section at the position where the blue ‘T’ marker exists. You can adjust the size and location of these trims by dragging their red points.


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You can use the ‘Trim Invert’ function to invert the trim selection. On clicking this button the video parts outside these multiple trims will be selected for removal and the parts that you previously selected will be preserved. So that’s how the trim inversion works. It’s good for extracting songs from a movie.


8. Delete Editing Tool’s Data: Suppose you want to delete a particular editing tool and its data from your current video editing session. The video editing tools get listed below the video timeline with their editing data in order of your usage. Click any tool to select it first and then click the ‘Delete or Bin’ icon above video timeline.


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Click ‘OK’ to go back to the main interface window once your video editing task gets finished. You can resume the ‘Step 6’ from ‘Part 2’ if you have skipped it earlier to read this part.




So this article clearly explained the tutorial for a 3D video converter. When it comes to convert a 2D video to 3D then DVDFab Video Converter should be approached immediately. This is because DVDFab Video Converter knows it well what a 3D video means to you. With DVDFab Video Converter you can convert your plain 2D videos to different types of 3D formats and edit with built-in video editing tools.


Among these three options you can flexibly choose a particular 3D format to enjoy on 3D TVs, normal screen TVs and even VR headsets. So, you can see how flexible is the DVDFab Video Converter in converting 2D videos to 3D. DVDFab Video Converter is also capable of converting to different devices. For more information on how that works, please visit how to convert videos to iPhone X where we cover iPhone X, Huawei Mate Pro, iPad, and more.