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How to recover the missing Notes if the Notes app crashes?

“I am a freelance writer who writes a lot about travels, and I write quite frequently during my own travels on my iPhone 5s with the Notes app. But last night on my flight, the Notes app kept crashing me several times while I was trying to add some pictures to it. After landing on the ground, I was surprised that all my Notes were gone. I didn’t know what caused the crash, was it due to the flight mode? God knows, but those Notes are very important to me, and I am now feeling quite desperate. Is there a way to recover my missing Notes because it did not give me a chance to make a backup?”


Yeah, apps can go crash, and sometimes without any reason. Situations like above one are quite annoying because we are not prepared for them. But, this does not mean there is no cure to things like that. With an iOS notes recovery software, you won’t be bothered by such kind of incidents anymore, because it will help you recover whatever you get lost with its expertise in recovering the lost data on any iPhone.


Check out the details below to see how to recover the missing Notes on an iPhone SE if the Note app crashes.  


Recover Missing Notes after a Notes App Crash: Step 1Download and install the latest version of DVDFab iFoneRetore on to your Mac computer, and then choose the first recovery mode after starting it up;



Recover Missing Notes after a Notes App Crash: Step 2 – Do what the onscreen instruction asks to connect your iPhone SE to your computer via its thunderbolt cable;



Recover Missing Notes after a Notes App Crash: Step 3 – Click the Start button to proceed, and then click on the Notes icon from the Text Data section to start scanning your iPhone SE, which might take a couple of minutes, please wait until the scanning finishes;



Recover Missing Notes after a Notes App Crash: Step 4 – When the scan finishes, you can select the wanted Notes items to put them back to your PC hard drive, or onto your iPhone SE straight forward. You can also make some changes to the selected Note title and its content before actually hitting the recover button.



Sidenote: you can use the toggle switch at the top left corner to display only the deleted items to narrow down your searching scope, or use the search box at the top right corner to locate the missing Note items you are desperately looking for.


Above is all about how to get the missing Note items back with iFoneRestore from DVDFab if the Notes app goes crash. It’s incredibly easy to do. No worry of data loss any more. For more information, you can visit https://www.dvdfab.cn/ifonerestore-for-mac.htm

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