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How to restore the contact list after the factory reset of an iPhone?

“Last night my two year old iPhone 6 run into some serious problems which I spent almost one hour trying to figure out what was wrong, only in vain. My last resort was to do a complete factory reset which did seem to fix the problem. However, I was too early to celebrate, because soon I found my entire contact list was gone. And I realized that I should have made a backup before running the factory reset. Is there anything I can do in order to get the missing contact list back on my iPhone 6?”


On each and every smart phone shipped, there is one setting which can cure almost 90% of the misbehaviors the phone owner encounters, that setting is the factory reset. However, similarly to an OS reinstallation to a PC, the factory reset can erase everything you have on the phone, which is exactly the iPhone 6 user mentioned above is experiencing. So, do not use that option unless you have no better options left, and make sure you have all the data you have backed up before authorizing the factory reset, otherwise, you will have to resort to a 3rd party iOS data recovery software to get back what you lose after the factory reset.


Now go through the tips below to learn how an iOS data recovery software like DVDFab iFoneRestore can help iPhone users recover the contact list that gets erased during the factory reset.


Recover the Missing Contact List on an iPhone 6 Caused by Factory Reset: Step 1Download and install the latest version of DVDFab iFoneRetore on to your Mac computer, and then choose the first recovery mode after starting it up;



Recover the Missing Contact List on an iPhone 6 Caused by Factory Reset: Step 2 – Do what the onscreen instruction asks to connect your iPhone 6 to your computer through its thunderbolt cable;



Recover the Missing Contact List on an iPhone 6 Caused by Factory Reset: Step 3 – Click the Start button to proceed, and then click on the Contacts icon from the Text Data section to start scanning your iPhone 6, which might take a couple of minutes, please wait until the scanning finishes;



Recover the Missing Contact List on an iPhone 6 Caused by Factory Reset: Step 4 – When the scan finishes, you can select the wanted Contact items to put them back to your PC hard drive, or directly back to the iPhone 6.



Above are all the things you need to know about how to get the missing contact list back caused by the factory reset on an iPhone 6. Next time, do be cautious when you have to use the factory reset option. For more information, you can visit https://www.dvdfab.cn/ifonerestore-for-mac.htm

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