It is easy to adjust the volume of an audio such as a speech or a piece of music by Just turning up or turning down the loudspeaker. But how do you deal with an audio with limited sound, even if the loudspeaker has been at full steam? Is there a tool which is able to amplify the sound of an audio no matter how small the source voice is. Yes. DVDFab Toolkit is such an audio volume adjuster you desperately need. Let’s see how this free software works on audio volume control and what other roles it plays to meet users’ needs.

1. Download and Install DVDFab Toolkit

Start your download and installation trip of DVDFab Toolkit by following the link or clicking the “Free Download” button on its official website. Then after three clicks you will see the clean and multifunctional face of this powerful assistant as shown below.

2. Key Roles of DVDFab Toolkit

Adjust Volume with DVDFab Toolkit

(1) Audio Volume Increaser

Click the option of “Volume Adjust” under the “Audio Tools” button and load your file. Then below the video screen, there are two volume increasers. One is the loudspeaker, which is used to increase audio volume based on your source video; while the other is the Volume “Percent” option, which is used to amplify audio volume beyond the upper limit your source audio supports.

How to Adjust Volume with DVDFab Toolkit

(2) Audio Trimmer

Besides the ability to adjust volume, DVDFab Toolkit also plays the role of a good audio trimmer. When you want to cut part of an audio and use the left as your mobile phone ringtone, this audio volume will do you a favor as well.

Click “Trim” under “Audio Tools” and load your audio. Then decide which part of music to be deleted by setting the “Start Time” and “End Time”. Alternatively, you can slide the marker directly.

The Best Audio volume Adjuster

(3) Audio Converter

As a music lover, is there a moment your downloaded songs cannot be played on your mobile phone or laptop? I think most people may have encountered such a situation including me. Then what is your solution with regard to this problem? Give up or ask a profession expert for help? Now, if you haven’t found the key to this annoying case, DVDFab Toolkit is highly recommended, which helps you convert your downloaded file to the format compatible with your device.

Click “Converter” under “Audio Tools” and load your music in this free audio converter. Then, choose the output format you want, such as AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4A, MP3, decide which channel to play your file among “Mono, Stereo, Dolby Surround/ProLogic and Dolby ProLogic II”, and select your preferred audio resolution ranging from 512 kbps to 448 kbps, 384 kbos, 320 kbos, 256 kbps, 192 kbps, 160 kbps, 128 kbps, 112 kbps and 96 kbps.

So much for the functions DVDFab Toolkit supports in the field of audio. Subsequently, let’s continue to unveil its powerful features in the video field.

(4) Video Converter

After knowing how to adjust volume, why not learn about how to convert videos to the format your devices support? Click “Converter” under “Video Tools” and load your video. Then numerous options are waiting for you. Choose the output video format you want like MP4 and MKV. Select one kind of “Codec” among “H264, h265 and MPEG4”. Provided video “Resolution”,  includes “1280×720, 3840×2160, 1920×1080, 960×640, 720×480, 640×480, 480×320 and 320×240”. For the “Encoding Method”, there are “Fast Encoding (1-Pass), CRF and High Quality Encoding (2-Pass). Click “Frame Rate” and you will see such options are available as “29.97, 15, 23.976, 24, 25, 30, 50, 59.94 and 60”. As to accessible video qualities, you are afforded “54MB (Fast) to 107MB (Standard), 161 MB (High Quality) and Customized”. Then, there are “8 bit, 10 bit as well as 12 bit” for you. The bits/Pixel can be adjusted to 5.0. At last, you can copy the audio based on your needs for “Codec, Channels, Bit Rate and Sample Rate” when you are converting your video.

(5) Angle Adjuster

Famous as an angle adjuster, DVDFab Toolkit is dedicated to fixing the unintentional wrong shooting angle issues. Here, there are two ways provided to help you adjust the angle of your video image out of position. One is “Mirror/Flip” and another is “Rotate”. The main difference between these two modes is that “Mirror/Flip” highlights stereo rotation, while the “Rotate” mode focuses on leveled rotation.

Suppose you click the “Mirror/Flip” mode under “Video Tools”. Then load your file and you have two orientation choices: Horizontal and Vertical. To show you the effects of such two choices, there is a picture below. From top to bottom, the first picture is the source one. After flipping horizontally, it becomes the second picture. After flipping vertically, the source becomes the third picture.

Increase Audio volume with DVDFab Toolkit

Then how about the “Rotate” mode under “Video Tools”. Here, you also have two choices: “90 degrees counter clockwise” and “90 degrees clockwise”. For the same source picture as listed above, the top one among the three pictures, if you rotate it according to “90 degrees counter clockwise”, and you will see the picture on the left; if you rotate it according to “90 degree clockwise”, and you will see the picture on the right.

Audio volume Increaser - DVDFab Toolkit

(6) Video to GIF Maker

Apart from the function related to audio volume control, DVDFab Toolkit is also a good image tool, helping you make video to GIF. You can capitalize on this feature to make your own GIF and share it to your circles of friends. How cool it is to chat with your created emojis. Click “Video to GIF” under “Image Tools”, choose your preferred video clip by controlling its “Start Time” and “End Time” and do some customization with the options of “Looping”, “Speed” , “Size” and “Frame Delay”.

(7) Video to PIC Maker

Besides telling you how to increase the volume of an audio file, DVDFab Toolkit also enlightens you about “Video to PIC”. Use this function under “Image tools” and shoot your favorite pictures during a video. You can take a snapshot every 1 second or set the snapshot time based on your needs. Also, you can take a snapshot every 1 frame or set the time at will. In the meantime, the images will be saved following the format you decide on.

(8) GoPro Video Optimizer

Two main factors influencing the quality of GoPro videos are shaky frame and noisy background. Now, music to your ears. DVDFab Toolkit working on more than audio volume control can make your video frame more stable and clear, offering you the “Deshake” mode under “Gopro” to adjust the shakiness, accuracy, stepsize and mincontrast of your video. For the “Denoise” mode under “Gopro”, it is used to to mute your unwanted sound.


How about this DVDFab Toolkit, playing all kinds of roles to help you solve potential difficulties relating to video, audio and image? It serves as more than an audio volume increaser, also a qualified audio trimmer, audio converter, video converter, angle adjuster, video to GIF maker, video to PIC maker as well as a GoPro video optimizer. If you are interested in how to download videos as well, you can ask How to Download Videos with DVDFab Video Downloader for help.