Users of DVDFab Mac products will notice after installing on the new operating system when they start the application for the first time, they are prompted for permission to access the users "Documents" folder.

DVDFab products use this location to save files and store configurations among other things. After selecting "OK", DVDFab will complete the loading process and be ready for use.

If users select "Don't Allow", DVDFab shall close and hence, users will not be able to access or use the product. 

Once "Don't Allow" is selected the user is not prompted again, meaning that each subsequent attempt to access DVDFab will fail.

If you are unable to start DVDFab after denying application access you can modify under the Security & Privacy settings.

1. From Apple Menu, select System Preferences > Security & Privacy 
2. Ensure the documents folder access is not checked for DVDFab
3. If unchecked, select to enable access
4. Return to DVDFab and restart    

When you start your DVDFab you will be asked again to allow access to the documents folder, by selecting OK you will now have access and will not be prompted again.

If you would rather NOT allow access to the documents folder it may be possible to change to another accessible folder.

1. Open "terminal"
2. Change the current directory to another accessible directory in terminal window
3. Launch application by inputting the whole executable path such as /Applications/DVDFab\