Audio Video Interleave or AVI is a very old, yet common file format introduced by Microsoft in 1992. Many people like using AVI file format because it is excellent to store audio and video files as a single file and play different media systematically and synchronized. However, some DVD players do not support file format because it is not as universal as MP4.

Now, you must be thinking about how you can play your .avi files if they don't work on your DVD/ Blu-ray player. The easiest way to play your AVI files on any DVD player you want is by converting their file format using an AVI video converter. And what is the best and latest AVI video converter in the market? It is the DVDFab 12 Video Converter. You might need to use that AVI video converter because AVI files are quite large and tend to lose their quality if you compress them.

Step by Step Guide to Use DVDFab 12 Video Converter

You can use this step-by-step guide to learn to use DVDFab 12 video converter to convert your AVI files into any format your DVD player supports. This is not only an AVI video converter as it supports multiple format conversions, video to audio conversions, GPU hardware acceleration, audio tracks extraction, and video editing.

Step 1 Download and Install DVDFab Video Converter

The first step to using DVDFab 12 video converter is to visit the official website and download the software to your device. DVDFab video converter is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac. So, it will be very easy to download and install the software on your desktop.

Step 2 Upload/ Drag and Drop Video File

Once you install the DVDFab 12 video converter to your desktop device, you need to select the converter option by taking your cursor to it. There you will see a ‘+’ button, which means that you need to click on it to select the file you want to convert, which in your case is an AVI file. You can click on it and browse through your folders to select the file, or you can simply drag and drop the file you want to convert.

Step 3 Choose AVI File Format

After successfully uploading your file, you will select the output file format. But before that, you will click on the left top button to open a menu and click on Format. After clicking on the format option, you will select the video and further select the general category and select AVI format.

Format > Video > General > AVI

Step 4 Edit Your Video File

You can also use the video editor in DVDFab 12 video converter to edit your video files. The software offers multiple editing options like cropping, trimming, rotating, speed adjustment, and more. You can also add the subtitles by first choosing an audio track for your video file. The only thing you need to do is to click on ‘advanced settings,' where you will see an editor's option.

Step 5 Select Directory and Click the ‘Start’ Button

After editing your AVI video file, you can select a directory or a folder where you want to save your edited/ converted video and click on the start button to proceed with the file conversion.

And that ends our step-by-step tutorial/ guide to use DVDFab 12 video converter, which supports all file format conversion including AVI, so you must try it out and make your media files compatible with the devices you have. If you want to explore more features of the DVDFab video converter, you can try using the pro version of the software.