How do I extract just the audio from a video and make the sound pretty good? As is known to us, a Blu-ray contains a much higher quality of audio compared to what is found on DVDs and CDs. By specifications itself, a Blu-ray disc standard requires LPCM, core DTS, and basic Dolby Digital decoding. Sometimes it even contains TrueHD and DTS-HD MA. In short, you can get Blu-ray audio, very high-quality audio from your Blu-ray players. Now, the only challenge is how do you extract audio from Blu-ray in the format like AAC, FLAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, and more without too much effort. You need not fret much over this, because DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper for Win/Mac is a Blu-ray audio extractor, able to rip audio from video free and fast.

Part 1: Why choose DVDFab for Blu-ray audio extractor

DVDFab 12 is an amazing great utility that is an all-in-one solution for all your audio rip, video conversion, and file editing needs. It is blazingly fast compared to its competitors and goes through regular updates to offer users a stable product. There are frequent functionalities add to keep up with the demands like copyright protection removal. With the help of this versatile program, you can rip audio from Blu ray free and fast. If you think a 30-day free trial is not enough, you can also purchase this video audio extractor to show your support. 

Before I proceed with the exact steps to extract audio from Blu-ray, I do realize that many of our readers might be trying to extract not the whole audio but only a portion from a video track. To help you with this, we divide this article into 2 parts. First, we will discuss how to extract the whole audio track and then we will see how to extract just a part of the audio track.

Part 2: Extract full audio from Blu-ray disc

How to use this rip audio from Blu-ray freeware to extract the whole pre audio from a Blu-ray video?

Step 1. Download and install DVDFab video audio extractor

Download and install DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper on your Windows or Mac computer. Once the installation is done, launch the software.

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download   

Step 2. Load Blu-ray to DVDFab audio ripper Mac or Windows

If your Blu-ray is already inserted in the disc drive then it will be automatically added to the DVDFab main screen. Otherwise, click on the + icon in the center of the interface or use the +Add button to load the Blu-ray ISO/folder from a local directory or network drive.

Bluray Audio Extractor

Step 3. Select the output Audio format

How to rip audio from Blu ray and which format do you want? Click the option 'Choose Other Profile' > 'Format' > 'Audio", and there will appear AAC, AC3, AIFF, APE, AU, DTS, EAC3, FLAC, M4A, MOA, MP3, OGG, COPY, TrueHD, WAV, WMA. You can rip audio from video Blu-ray to such formats free and fast. 

Select Audio Format

If you want to ip Blu-ray audio to FLAC, 5.1 audio track, click the option of 'Hi-Fi audio, and choose one of the supported Blue ray audio formats FLAC.

Rio Blu ray to FLAC

Step 4. Choose titles to extract audio from Blu-ray

On the main screen of this video audio extractor, you can now choose the titles you want to extract audio from Blu-ray. By default, the main title is selected. Make sure you have the Toggle Switch in the ON position to have the customization options enabled for you.

Extract Audio from Blu-ray

Step 5. Advanced Settings

After you have selected the while audio tracks to extract from Blu-ray, you can use the 'Advanced Settings' section to customize the audio track. You can change the channel, split the track by chapters, change sample or bit rate of the tracks. This built-in video editor plays an important role when ripping audio from video Mac/Windows.

audio tracks to extract from Blu-ray

Step 6. Set output destination and start to rip audio from video Blu ray

Once the customizations are finalized, it is time to rip audio from Blu-ray and generate an output file. Select the location where these files will be stored from the bottom “Save to” section of the DVDFab application of Win or Mac. The output file can be saved locally on any mounted directory. Click on the 'Start' button to start the extraction of audio from Blu-ray. You can track the progress of this task in the Task Queue section. You can even schedule the process to start at a later time, like in the night when you are done with the work. DVDFab Audio Ripper is very easy to use. 

start the extraction of audio from Blu-ray

With this free software to rip audio from video, you can pause or cancel a task at any time you want. Historical tasks can be found in the Archive section of Task Queue, just completed tasks (since DVDFab is running) can be seen in the Finished Tasks, and currently running tasks are in the Current Tasks section.

Part 3: How to extract audio snippet from Blu-ray

To get a trimmed portion of Blu-ray as audio, you need to use a audio profile to set the portion you want to get as an audio clip. The first three steps are the same as you rip the whole Blu ray audio: Click Ripper MOdule > Load yu\our Blu ray video > Click 'Choose Other Profile' > Choose one of Blue ray audio formats. Here, I will start with what is different from that. 

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download   

Step 1: Click 'Video Edit' to trim the Blu ray audio

After loading your Blu-ray disc, folder, or ISO file to DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, click the button 'Video Edit' and trim the audio you want.  

Hit the option of 'Trim' and you will see the blue and red markers. Use the read to cut where you don't want, or set the Start Time and End Time to trim the Blu ray audio. There is an option 'Trim Invert' which can be used to trim the reverse part of an Blu ray audio clip. Preview and click 'OK'.

Rip audio from Blu ray

Then, you will notice a 'Scissors' icon appearing in the Runtime column against the Blu-ray title from which you are extracting the audio from.

Extract audio from Bluray

Step 2: Start to rip audio from Blu ray

Now that you have selected the titles and done any modifications required through the Advanced Settings section, it is time to extract audio from Blu-ray in an audio file format. But before that, you might want to change the output folder from the default that is mentioned in the “Save to” section. Click on the folder icon to select a path on your system directories where you want to save the output audio file. Click on the Start button to start the process of ripping Blu-ray to audio.

Rip Audio File from Blu-ray

You can also download its mobile app with which you can track the progress of the task from your smartphone.

Or, if you plan to rip audio from video Blu ray in the day when your other tasks are finished on the computer, you can schedule it to start at a particular time. You can even set the computer to Hibernate or Shut down after the process is complete which is great if you are doing ripping Blu-ray to audio since Blu-ray tracks are quite big in size and can take quite some time.

Blu-ray Audio Extractor

4. Conclusion

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, the best free video audio extractor, is your first choice to rip audio from video, either the complete Blu ray audio or part Blu ray clip. If there are Blu-ray copy protections embedded in your Blu-ray file, this audio ripper Mac/Windows will decrypt it automatically. So why not try it to do audio rip free and fast?

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