Suppose you have downloaded a piece of music in the format of AAC, and then you want to play it on your smart phone which only supports the MP3 format. Then, it is plausible to convert the AAC music to the format of MP3 if you still desire to enjoy it in your spare time. But how to convert AAC to MP3? I think an audio convert will be of great help.

Have you heard of DVDFab Toolkit, a newly issued expert especially designed for creative minds? It is dedicated to helping users convert/trim/customize their videos and audios, so converting AAC to MP3 is just a child’s play for this free and powerful software. Now, let’s turn the spotlight on how to use DVDFab Toolkit for AAC to MP3 conversion.

Convert AAC to MP3

1. Download and install DVDFab Toolkit

Click the link above I have given you. Alternatively, go to the official website of DVDFab Toolkit, click the “Free Download” button and then this free software will be downloaded and installed automatically. Follow it to explore how to convert AAC to MP3.

2. Set Interface Language and Output Directory

After starting DVDFab Toolkit, pay attention to the “Little Triangle” > “Settings” on the right top corner. This audio converter is available in 12 languages such as English, Japanese, and among others. In terms of the option of “Temporary Directory”, click the “Folder” icon and set it. Then it will be easy for you to locate your files.

3. Your Targeted Need: Convert AAC to MP3

Click “Converter” under “Audio Tools” and load your AAC audio. Then click “Output” and choose the format of MP3. On the same interface, there are also options including “Codec”, “Channels”, “Bit Rate” and “Sample Rate”. After you have set the output format, the codec format will be in line with it automatically. For “Channels”, there are “Mono”, “Stereo”, “Dolby Surround/ProLogic” and “Dolby ProLogic II” for your choice. For the “Bit Rate”, available options are “512 kbps, 448 kbps, 384 kbps, 320 kbps, 256 kbps, 192 kbps, 160 kbps, 128 kbps, 112 kbps and 96 kbps”.

After deciding on all the options encompassing the output format, codec, bit rate and sample rate, focus on the output directory at the bottom of the interface. Choose the default output directory by clicking the “Little Triangle”, or find another place to save your file by clicking the “Folder” icon. At last, click the button of “Start”. After DVDFab Toolkit finishes processing your audio, it will inform you of where to find your file, which is very easy and convenient. Now, you can start the journey of “convert Apple AAC to MP3”.

AAC to MP3 Converter

4. Other Functions of DVDFab Toolkit

Besides converting AAC to MP3, this free software also possesses other functions. Let’s begin from the very start according to the order of Top-Bottom to learn about DVDFab Toolkit’s functions one by one.

(1) Video Tools - Converter: This function is used to convert a video of one video format to another video format. You can set the options of Codec, Resolution, Encoding Method, Frame Rate, Video Quality, Bit and Bit Rate based on your as well. In the meantime, if you tick the option of “Copy Audio”, the audio of the converted video will keep the same with the original audio. Of course, you can also set the properties of the converted audio based on your preference.

How to Convert AAC to MP3

(2) Video Tools - Trim: This function is used to cut the unwanted part of a video by setting the Start Time and End Time, or sliding the Marker for convenient operation.

(3) Video Tools - Speed Up/Down: This function is used to adjust the playback speed of a video.

(4) Video Tools - Mirror/Flip: This function is used to bring out-of-position videos back to normal by flipping or mirroring the videos horizontally or vertically in three-dimensional space.

(5) Video Tools - Rotate: This function is similar to the last “Video Tools - Mirror/Flip” function. But this rotation only supports “90 degrees counter clockwise” and “90 degrees clockwise” in two-dimension space.

(6) Video Tools - Crop: This function is used to adjust the video Aspect Ratio ranging from “Original” to “4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1 and 2.39:1”. Alternatively, you can customize the video aspect ratio based on your needs to ensure the proper distances from your video verge to the screen edge in four directions.

Convert AAC to MP3 iTunes with DVDFab Toolkit

(7) Video Tools - Sharpen/Unsharpen: This function is used to adjust the definition of video images. Through setting the “Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension”, “Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension”, “Luma Intensity” and “Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension”, you decide your picture to be more clear or blur.

(8) Video Tools - Deshake (GoPro): This function is used to change shaky videos into stable ones, by setting such options as “Shakiness, Accuracy, Stepsize and Mincontrast”.

(9) Video Tools - Deinterlace: This function is used to deinterlace your videos according to such three methods: “Fast (Linear blending)”, “Good (YADIF + temporal)”, “Best (YADIF + temporal + spatial)”.

(10) Audio Tools - Trim: This function is used to trim an audio. How long the music will last depends on you.

(11) Audio Tools - Volume Adjust: This function is used to turn up or turn down the sound.

(12) Audio Tools - Denoise (GoPro): This function is used to make video noise die away.

(13) Image Tools - Video to GIF: This function is widely used to make dynamic chatting emojis and others.

(14) Image Tools - Video to PIC: This function is used to shoot and record fantastic video moments in the format of pictures.


Are you satisfied with the audio converter I have introduced? Besides able to convert AAC to MP3 iTunes, DVDFab Toolkit also plays the roles of a video converter, an audio trimmer, a silencer and others. Tomorrow, you will find it equipped with more powerful functions featuring subtitle adding and will help you fix more problems. For more information about the use of DVDFab Toolkit, please refer to How to Convert Audio to MP3 with DVDFab Toolkit