1.    Facts about AAC & MP3
2.    How to convert MP3 to AAC with DVDFab Toolkit?
3.    Conclusion 

How to convert MP3 to AAC? How to convert MP3 to AAC without iTunes? What is the best MP3 to AAC converter? Where can I find a good and free MP3 to AAC converter? If you are an Apple product user, then you might have googled that question.

facts about aac and mp3 format

1.    Facts about AAC & MP3

Both as two lossy formats, AAC and MP3 still varies from each other in a large extent. If you are a music lover, you may have an ear to distinguish this difference between them. If you don’t know it, today you will. We are going to talk about the difference between these two files, and how to convert MP3 to AAC. If you save songs ripped from a CD in either AAC or MP3 format, you might discover, there is little difference between the two file types in terms of audio quality, but how the track ultimately sounds might vary from each other greatly. If you are going to convert MP3 to AAC, then you have to first have a look at its difference.

For MP3

People nowadays use MP3 a lot, because virtually all kinds of media devices like laptop, movie phones or even cameras support this mainstream audio format. And it carries an advantage of reducing the original audio size without influencing the experience of its users by ten times, so the converted CD tracks would be only tenth of their original size without much loss of quality. You might ask how it is achieved. Let me tell you. Our ear cannot hear 100% information contained in the RAW audio, therefore it is advisable for us to save the original RAW file as MP3 to save a lot of storage space. An average RAW file might need 176,000 bytes per second compared to files from MP3 to AAC, which only requires 17,600 bytes. So you can see there is a huge difference. 

fact about mp3 format


AAC is also a lossy file similar to MP3. If you are an Apple products lover, you might have the change to come across it frequently, because Apple is the biggest users of AAC, whether it is for iPod or iPhone, AAC is iTunes’s default audio format. If you convert MP3 to AAC, the biggest difference between them would be AAC is always a bit larger than MP3 file and with better quality. That’s why the world highly valued tech company Apple choose it as its default iTunes format. Our hearing system is unable to hear quiet sound in the presence of a loud sound of similar frequency, which means we can cut out a lot of audio information contained in an original track without minimal influence on the actual hearing experience, a tech achieved by cutting out or compressing the information out of the hearing range of our human ears.

fact about aac format

After explaining that basic facts about these two audio formats, in order to answer your quest about how to convert MP3 to AAC, and where can you find the best free MP3 to AAC software, we have rolled out a completely new toolkit to answer all your concerns.

2.    How to convert MP3 to AAC with DVDFab Toolkit?

Toolkit is a newly released toolkit software with the best free MP3 to AAC converter inside. If you want to convert MP3 to AAC so you can listen it on your Apple devices after transferring the files, then you are at the right page. Next we are going to talk about how to convert MP3 to AAC with this best free MP3 to AAC software.

Step 1: Install the best free MP3 to AAC software——DVDFab Toolkit

Download and install the software DVDFab Toolkit from the official website. Just note to follow the instructions to install this software, which has a 30 day trial for you to use its premium functions.

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Step 2: Start this best free MP3 to AAC software

After starting this software, you can see a toolkit comprised of many tools, covering video, audio, image as well as Gopro. You should choose Audio Tools here, and then select Converter as the target tool. 

Start this best free MP3 to AAC software

Step 3: Load your audio file into this software

To convert MP3 to AAC, this is the key step. There are two ways to load your MP3 file into this software, you can click the + button in the center of this software, or another simple way is to drag the file directly into it, your file shall be loaded automatically.

Load your audio file into this mp3 to aac converter

Step 4: Start the conversion process

Then after the file is loaded, there would appear relevant settings for the user to choose, then select “AAC” as your output format. And you can also customize your codec, and bitrate as per your preference. Don’t forget to select a directory to save your file.

Start the conversion process from mp3 to aac

Note: After the file has been successfully converted by this free MP3 to AAC converter software, there would appear finished mark for you to open the folder to find your target AAC file.

3.    Conclusion

Now you can immerse yourself in the world of music after reading the above step-by-step tutorial on the way to convert MP3 to AAC without iTunes. With this best free MP3 to AAC converter software, you can do that easily and quickly supported by CPU hardware acceleration function of DVDFab Toolkit. Also one thing to mention, if you would like to convert files into other mainstream formats like FLAC, M4A, AC3, etc., this best MP3 to AAC software can also do that. Most audiophiles attach high significance to the music quality, for them, they can select the highest bit rate in this software, and to customize the audio channels as per personal preference. While for common users, converting the original sound to MP3 or AAC would not influence the sound quality but also can save much storage space for them. 

After learning the way to convert MP3 to AAC without iTunes, and the difference between the two formats, why not give DVDFab Toolkit a try to see how much this best free MP3 to AAC converter can do. If you would like to know more about this best MP3 to ACC converter software, DVDFab Toolkit, you can go to the official website to check out more information and interesting features to use. To learn how to sharpen/Unsharpen video with DVDFab Toolkit, go to check this article. 

Learn more about how to operate this best MP3 to AAC, watch this video to check out!