Converting popular video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV to audio formats has now become a common practice. Sometimes a user want to convert an entire movie file to an audio file like MP3, AAC, FLAC etc. This is because that one can still enjoy the movie while just listening to it on the go. This has two advantages, first it will save your eyes from unnecessary stress and secondly the battery backup of your handheld device will be longer if you only play audio files instead of long videos. It doesn’t matter whether you want to convert an entire movie/video to audio formats or just want to extract a song from a movie or video file, we got you covered. In this article you’ll learn about DVDFab Video Converter which is the best software for this above-mentioned purpose.


Part 1: DVDFab Video Converter: Intro and Download Links


DVDFab Video Converter is a powerful video converting software. It not only converts videos to other video formats but can also convert videos to audio formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV. Its device-specific video conversion is highly useful for many devices. DVDFab Video Converter is highly customizable and you can always customize the audio and video settings as per your requirements. It also provides a built-in video editor which is easy to use and provides necessary video editing tools like crop, cut, trim, rotate, add subttiles, and watermarks. It comes as a sub-function of the DVDFab 11 software. You should check out the links below.

- DVDFab 11 Online Installer for Mac and Windows – Download Now

- DVDFab 11 Offline Installer for Windows – Download

In case of offline installer, you first have to go to the link. Then scroll down and find the offline installer link.




Part 2: DVDFab Video Converter: How to Convert a Video to Audio Formats (MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and Many More)


In this tutorial part we are going to teach you to convert any type of video format to audio formats. This is a two part tutorial which is completely based on one’s requirements for converting MP4 to MP3.


Part 2.1: Convert an Entire Video File to Audio Formats


This tutorial part applies to you if are looking to convert an entire movie or video file (MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, M2TS and many more) to audio formats (MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and many more). Please follow the steps below to get started.

- After installing the DVDFab 11 software, open it on your computer.

- Click the ‘Converter’ tab and then click the ‘Video/Audio Profile Selector’ button. Here click the ‘Audio’ option in the left side to open audio formats. Select the output audio profile with a single click.



- Now after selecting the output audio format, you have to add the movie/video. Click the ‘+’ button or click ‘+Add From Local’ to load a single or multiple videos. Once the videos get loaded the interface will change to this below.



- If your video or movie has multiple audio streams then you should select only one or all, see the image above.

- Click ‘Advanced Settings’ to customize audio settings like codec, sample rate, channels, and bit-rate. Increase the volume if your video has low sound problem by using the volume slider. Click ‘OK’ to go back.



- In the main interface click ‘Save to’ and choose the output location where the converted audio file will be saved. Finally click ‘Start’ to convert your favorite videos to audio formats of your choice.

- After the conversion, go to the output folder, transfer the audio file to any device and enjoy.


Part 2.2: Convert Only a Part of The Video to Audio Formats


This tutorial part applies to you if you want to convert only a part of the video. This tutorial is highly useful for extracting songs or music from a video or a movie file. Follow the steps given below.

- Open DVDFab 11 and click ‘Converter’ tab. Then click the ‘Video/Audio Profile Selector’ button.

- Click the ‘Format’ tab and this time you have to select a video format. Select any format like MP4 or MKV.



- Now after selecting the output format please add a video or a movie. Once you load the movie click “Video Editor” button just next to ‘Advanced Settings’. See the image below for video editor button.



- Now in video editor we will use the trim function to extract a part and then convert it to audio format. Simply click the ‘Trim’ button to add a trim. A single trim will have two red markers.



- If you want to extract multiple songs at a time then you can add multi-trims on different positions of the video timeline where a particular song or music exists.

- To add a multi-trim simply move the ‘Blue “T” Marker’ out of the current trim section and the click the trim button to add a second trim. This way you can have multiple trims.



- Increase or decrease the size of the trim by dragging its red ends. You can also move the trim anywhere on the timeline by dragging its left and right red markers.

- Now the video parts between these two red markers will be ignored if you move on to conversion process. But actually we only want the video between these red markers.

- Clcik the ‘Trim Invert’ button at the bottom. This will invert the selection which means after inversion all the video parts that you selected earlier with trim points will be preserved and rest of the video/movie part will be rejected.

- This way you can extract all the songs or several parts from a video at once. The ‘Invert Trim’ function is of high importance. If you forget to use it then your selected part will be trimmed and remaining part of the movie will be processed.


Note: If you are using multiple trims then do note that all trims will be merged by-default in the final output audio file. If you don’t want to merge then use this tutorial to process a single trimmed section at a time.


- Click ‘OK’ to go back to the main interface. Here click the ‘Video/Audio Profile Selector’ button again and this time click ‘Audio’ in the left side and then choose an audio format from the right.

- Now click ‘Advanced Settings’ to customize the audio settings. And finally click ‘Start’ button to convert only a part of the video to audio file formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC etc.

- Go to the output folder and copy the converted audio files to other devices.


Part 3: What about Online Video Converters?


Many people prefer online video converters to convert their videos to audio formats. But actually using those online video converters is actually not safe. Many of these online video converting websites might be infected with malware or adware. While downloading the converted audio file from these websites your browser may download some additional files. These files could be malicious that may infect your device and harm your data.

Secondly online video converters require an internet connection. Before converting any video to audio you’ll first have to upload it. If the video file is large then it will take a lot of time to get uploaded. So, to avoid these problems you should go with DVDFab Video Converter which is highly recommended, trustworthy, user-friendly, and much faster than any other online video converter.




After reading this article we hope that you can now convert any video format to popular audio formats with DVDFab Video Converter. It performs really well when it comes to either converting an entire movie to audio formats or just a part of the video. You should never worry about the audio quality in the output file. The audio has best default settings and you can always customize those settings as per your needs. You can also convert a mono audio in stereo in ‘Advanced Settings’. If you still have doubts then you can clear those doubts by downloading and using the software yourself.