What is Blu ray ISO? Compared with a Blu-ray disc, a Blu-ray ISO image is more easily accessible on a computer, and it contains everything in a Blu-ray disc. If you worry that too many Bluray discs will take up to much space in your room and scratches may destroy your Blu ray disc,, you'd better copy Blu ray to ISO which allows you to share your favorite movies with your friends easily and saves your Blu ray discs longer. But can Blu ray players play ISO files as they play Blu-ray discs? I am sorry to tell you: NO! If you want to play ISO files, convert ISO to MKV, MP4, or any other formats you like with a free DVD ripper. If you want to turn a folder into an ISO, there are also folders to ISO software for your reference. Here, in this article, find the best way to copy and rip Blu-ray ISO files free and fast.

Is there any benefit to convert Bluray to ISO? Compared with DVDs, Blu-ray files stand for a higher resolution up to 1080p. So, it is time to convert DVD to Blu-ray as soon as possible and create more Blu-ray movies as well. Now, follow me to explore how to copy Blu ray to ISO in the easiest way, even if a Blu ray file is copy-protected. 

How to copy Blu ray disc on PC


1. Best Free Blu-ray to ISO Converter You Must Try

How to convert Bluray to ISO? DVDFab Blu-ray Copy helps you copy all kinds of Blu-ray discs, ISO image files, or folders (irrespective of the size) to a disc, a folder, or ISO file for free without any watermark. Although there are many Blu ray copy software out there that can copy Blu-rays to ISO discs, not all of them are capable of copying Blu-ray to folders/ISOs. Thus, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy software is apparently the best program you can use for Bluray ISO download.

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download   

Features of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy:

  • Available on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and macOS 10.10 - 11.3
  • Offer 5 models to copy Blu ray to ISO file
  • Able to input and output a Blu-ray disc (BD-50/BD-25/BD-9/BD-5), folder, ISO file
  • Auto-detect and decrypt Blu-ray copy protections
  • Rip Blu ray to ISO without quality loss
  • Work 30x faster than other Blu-ray ISO converters
  • Free and easy to use for both beginners and experts

This is a comprehensive software solution to Bluray ISO download, specially designed for Blu-ray disc owners who wish to save their premium movies in ISO format, folders, or copy Blu-ray to a new disc. Converting or rather copying Blu-ray to ISO file comes in handy when you want to save the premium movie(s) you probably got from Netflix, Amazon, or other platforms that provide originals on your PC HDD or another storage to re-copy them into a blank Blu-ray disc when you’ve got one at hand. This process has been a tough task for quite a lot of people, but, this Blu ray to ISO converter is the best solution.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy software is extremely easy to use and navigate, thanks to its unmatched intuitive interface. Also, this Blu ray to ISO ripper supports copying Blu-ray movies to a new compatible disc. It further features a bunch of flexible options, as well as tools for an effective copying process. You can copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray discs with this app or copy Blu-ray to DVD discs. Copying Blu-ray to DVD discs means to copy and compress Blu-ray movies to DVD-5 or DVD-9 in Blu-ray formats. DVD-5 and DVD-9 are also referred to as BD-5/BD-9, and they can be played on a Blu-ray playersuch as DVDFab Player 6, the best 4K media player beyond expectation. DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is arguably the best program to copy Blu-ray on win/mac. Now, let's see how to use this Blu ray to ISO copy software.

2. How to Rip Blu ray to ISO Free and Easily 

How to convert Bluray to ISO? It is very easy to follow the steps below and copy Blu ray to ISO. You have a 30-day free trial without any limitations. With this Bluray ISO maker, you can create Blu ray ISO without any hassle.

Step 1: Free download and install DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

Free download this software on Windows or Mac. It is virus-free, so you can use it safely. DVDFab 12 includes many modules where DVDFab Blu-ray copy is just one of them. With the help of DVDFab 12, you can copy/rip/burn any DVD/Blu-ray/UHD files, convert video formats, convert DVD to Blu-ray or vice versa.

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Bluray to ISO with DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

Step 2: Click 'Copy' Module > Choose a copy Mode > Load your file

On the main interface of DVDFab Blu ray to ISO converter, click the module of 'Copy' first. Each module has its unique function, such as Ripper, Converter, Creator, Launchpad. After that, select a copy mode, ranging from Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn, Merge. Then, load your Blu-ray file which can be a disc, folder, or ISO file. DVDFab Blu-ray Copy supports bulk Blu-ray to ISO conversion, so you can import as many files as possible here. 

Note: If there is not an internal optical drive in your computer, purchase an external optical drive on Amazon or other online stores.

copy blu-ray to win/mac

Step 3: Customize the output Blu-ray file 

There are several buttons helpful to edit a Blu-ray video when you rip Blu ray to ISO? For example, you can choose other titles to convert this file instead of ripping the whole Blu-ray. When there are more than an audio track embedded in your Blu-ray, choose one you prefer. And there may be many languages of subtitles in your video, pick out one of them based on your need. And you can also use the option of 'Add External Subtitle' to add subtitles to video

How about the 'Advanced Settings' icon in this Blue ray ISO converter? What is its function? Click it and you will be able to set the parameters of 'Output', 'How to copy Blu-ray 3D' and 'Blu-ray Settings'. Here, you can set the output disc and resolution as BD-50, BD-25 1080p/i, BD-9 1080P/i, BD-9 720p, BD-5 1080p/i, or BD-5 720p. 

Step 4: Set the output destination

There are three options available: disc, folder, and ISO file. To copy your Blu-ray to ISO, all you need to do is to click on the ISO icon which is at the bottom of the software window. You will have to select a directory on your PC where the final file would be saved as an ISO image. Similarly, if you wish to copy the Blu-ray to folder, simply click on the folder icon. Click on the drop-down icon to find your optical drive to copy your Blu-ray movie to an empty Blu-ray disc compatible.

Step 5: Start to rip Blu ray to ISO

After completing the steps above, you can now go ahead and start copying your Blu-ray to ISO, folder, or disc. Click on the “Start” button to trigger the process immediately. Alternatively, you can schedule when the copy process should begin by clicking on the arrow beside the “Start” button.

While the copying is ongoing, you’ll get to view detailed information about the process. Plus, you can cancel the process at any time it is still running.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is a full-featured Blu-ray copier/burner/cloner software. It is very easy to operate and comes with a super-intuitive interface. With this free Blu ray to ISO software, you do not need to undergo many steps before you can copy your Blu-ray movie to ISO image/folder, or disc.Also, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is designed to meet the needs of all users; both the less-experienced ones and advanced users. Hence, it comes with up to 5 unique copy modes, which are Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn, and Merge. Furthermore, this free Blu ray to ISO ripper does not utilize bulk resources; thus, this program can work on virtually all Windows and macOS computers.

By the way, if you want to rip and convert Blu-rays to digital files, like video and audio of various formats, then DVDFab Blu ray Ripper comes to fix your problem. It is the best-ever Blu ray ISO ripper that deserves you full trial. You can rip Blu ray ISO to digital videos for mobile playback. In this sense, Blu ray ISO ripper will make everything possible.

Meanwhile, it works with Enlarger AI to upscale video from 1080p to 4K for seamless playback on the best 4K player, DVDFab Player 6.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is the best app/tool to use when you want to copy Blu-ray to ISO image. If your Blu-rays are Cinavia protected, Blu-ray copy software will help you to remove this protection with the help of DVDFab's exclusive Cinavia Removal Solution (available separately). There are quite other good apps included on DVDFab 12, and they are all useful for various purposes.

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