1.    Intro
2.    How to trim & cut audio file with DVDFab Toolkit?
3.    Other fantastic Audio Tools

1. Intro

Have you ever wanted to cut or trim audio file so as to get the most wanted part? Have you recorded a whole conference, and need a special part to understand more information and help you to produce paperwork and reports? Have you ever liked a movie and its background music so much but there is no where you can find the most classic part? Don’t worry, all your past concerns can be solved with present technology. DVDFab Toolkit is such a good modern toolkit comprising of audio, video as well as image tools for you to manage your media as you want. Trim audio file, cut audio clip, trim audio track, trim audio m4a… DVDFab Toolkit provides you with the best audio media solution for you to better enjoy the wonder of music world.

cut or trim audio file

Here is a list of features that DVDFab Toolkit is capable of when it comes to audio files:

1.    Cut & trim audio file easily
2.    Convert audio files between different formats
3.    Adjust the volume of an audio file significantly 

Next, we are going to talk about the first function, which is our theme today, how to trim audio clip. Let’s go take a deeper look!

2. How to trim or cut audio file with DVDFab Toolkit?

DVDFab Toolkit, as a newly released toolkit software, offers user the best free audio editing tools inside. If you want to trim audio file or cut audio file so you can listen the most desired audio part directly, then you are at the right page. With this best audio trimmer software, you can do that easily. Next we are going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to trim an audio file with this best audio trimmer.

Step 1: Install the best free audio trimmer and cutter——DVDFab Toolkit

Download and install the software DVDFab Toolkit from the official website. Just note to follow the instructions to install this software, which has a 30 day trial for you to use its premium functions.

 Download Now  

Step 2: Start this best free audio trimmer and cutter

Once you start this software, you would see a toolkit comprised of audio, video as well as image tools. If you are going to learn how to trim an audio file, then you should choose Audio Tools here, and then select Trim as your target tool to trim audio file. 

Start this best free audio trimmer

Step 3: Load your audio file into this software

To trim audio file, this would be the key step. Two methods you can choose to load your audio file into this software, one is to click the + button in the center of the interface, another way is simple dragging and dropping the audio file into this best audio cutter, then your audio file would be loaded automatically during this process.

Load audio file into this best audio trimmer

Step 4: Trim audio file

Then after the file is loaded, there comes to the vital part to trim audio file. You can notice that there appears the information about your to-be-trimmed audio file, like the format, the total running time. Here you would also notice there are two vertical bars, these are for you to trim audio files, the left one for you to mark the start time, and the right one for you to mark the end time. You can hover your mouse up on these two vertical bars and then drag them to the position that you want to locate. Then just click start to kick off the process to trim the audio file.

Trim audio file

Note: In this process, if you want to trim other files, you can click Add from Local to load in other files, they shall automatically appear at the left column for you to switch between. After the file is successfully trimmed by this free audio trimmer, there would appear finished icon, you can click open file to find your target audio file, if you click Finish, then it shall return to the main UI of this software.
Add other local files

3.    Other fantastic Audio Tools

After you’ve learned about how to trim an audio file, or in other words, how to cut an audio file, you might wonder what else DVDFab Toolkit can do in terms of better managing your audio files. Here we are going to introduce you two other functions of DVDFab Toolkit.

3.1    Converting Audio Files Between Different Formats

This might be an exclusively useful function, as you know if you are going to play the audio files that you trimmed on a specific device, it might require a specific format and may not that inclusive to support all the mainstream audio format. If this is your case, you can use Converter as your audio tool to convert audio file between different files to suit your specific device. So, this fantastic toolkit can be used not just to trim audio clip or cut audio file, but also can convert your audio file into your desired audio formats. Virtually all mainstream audio formats are supported. You can check out more information about how to convert MP3 to AAC with DVDFab Toolkit.

Converting audiof files between different formats

3.2    Adjusting the Volume of Audio Files

Another special function of DVDFab Toolkit is to adjust the volume of your audio files. You might think it just sounds like the volume adjustment bar in your music player, but it’s not. If the original sound of your audio file is very low or it is recorded in a very lousy environment that you can hardly distinguish the speaker’s sound. Then you can use this function to adjust the volume so as to make the sound of the audio file a lot louder, then you would hear it easily. 

Adjusting the volume of audio files


The above has talked about how to trim audio files or how to cut audio files, we suppose after reading this article you now must have grasped the key steps to trim audio files. If you would like to understand more about functions this best audio trimmer is capable of managing video, you can learn more in this article how to cut videos or making GIF with DVDFab Toolkit, go to check this article. For more operation, you can watch this video to discover the various functions of DVDFab Toolkit, the best toolkit integrating audio, video as well as image tools into one software.