Have you upgraded your computer and want to find a DVD burner to copy and burn DVDs on Windows 8? Here we recommend you DVDFab DVD Copy. DVDFab DVD Copy is the easiest and fastest DVD burner that allows you to burn DVDs to blank DVDs on Windows 8 in a few minutes and with only a few mouse clicks. Whether you want to make a 1:1 clone or you prefer to burn the main movie, this powerful DVD burner can make you satisfied. Now let’s see how to burn a DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy.


Step 1: Choose a copy mode

Run DVDFab 10, go to Copy module and choose a copy mode from 6 copy modes (Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split, Merge, Clone/Burn). Here we choose the Clone/Burn mode to make a 1:1 copy.



Step 2: Load the DVD source

Load the DVD source as the instructions on the main interface: insert your DVD disc, click the “+” icon to load the source, or drag & drop your folder or ISO file to the main interface.



Step 3: Select the directory and start the burning process

Insert a blank DVD-9/5 (choose according to the size of the source DVD) to your optical drive, and choose your optical drive in the drop-down list box as the directory. Click the “Start” button to start the process of burning the DVD.



If you want to learn how to burn DVDs on Mac, click DVD burner for Mac to learn more.