1. Introduction

2. Steps on how to play Blu-ray Folder with DVDFab Player 6

3. Extended Knowledge about this best Blu-ray Folder Player

1. Introduction

DVDFab Player 6 is able to play Blu-ray movie folder for free, just like the previous version, but with faster speed, easier operation, playlist support, etc. It is the brand-new generation of DVDFab’s newly released media player, capable of playing all the multimedia files on your local hard drives, as well as arranging all the media library on your laptop efficiently by presenting you a well-organized Poster Wall. Meanwhile, if you have a big screen TV in your home and high res audio equipment, TV playback modes would be your best choice to deliver a fantastic movie experience. 

Now let’s go to have a look at the step-by-step operation about how to play Blu-ray folder with this best Blu-ray player from DVDFab.

2. Steps on how to play Blu-ray Folder with DVDFab Player 6

Step 1: Download and install this Blu-ray Player

You can also click the below two buttons to download the windows or Mac installers for this Blu-ray player. Or you can go to the official website of DVDFab Player 6 to download the right version matching with your computer system, please be noted that we have both Windows and Mac OS on offer. 

 Download (Win)      Download (Mac)   

Step 2: Open DVDFab Player 6 and choose a region for Blu-ray

After starting up DVDFab Player 6, and before everything else, we need to set a playback mode for the Blu-ray folder we’re going to view, and the set up will be permanent until next time you change it. So now let’s go to the top right corner of the interface to click the Settings button, then choose Blu-ray, and here you select the correct region of yourself.  

Step 3: Load the Blu-ray folder

Here you need to return to the main interface to click the File Explorer to locate the folder, or you can also try an easy way to load your file by simply dragging the Blu-ray folder into this software. The folder shall be automatically loaded before playing.

Note: this Player has the function of decrypting the protected movies, if your Blu-ray folder is a protected one, no worries, this best Blu-ray folder player can solve all the problems associated with decryption. 

Step 4: Enjoy the movie and control during viewing

If you have choose the playback mode as Simple Mode, then the main movie of your Blu-ray folder would be automatically played, similarly with the Menu Mode, it would present you a movie menu for you to choose which chapter you would like to play first, with Menu Mode, you can easily control your Blu-ray before viewing, like setting subtitles, languages and so on. 

3. Extended Knowledge about this best Blu-ray Folder Player

3.1   Change the viewing settings during movie playing

Sometimes, we may need to change the subtitles or chapters during the movie playing. It is out of such considering the actual need that DVDFab Player 6 has integrate the function of settings during play. 

You can change volume, audio channels, subtitles or languages, audio or video during the play. If you feel the color of the movie is not right or bright enough, you can also change that by right clicking on the viewing window during the play. There is no problem, the ultimate goal of this best Blu-ray Folder Player is always to deliver the user the best movie experience with it. 

3.2    Create a playlist instead of loading one by one

For binge watchers, this Blu-ray folder also strives to offer them the best service. DVDFab Player 6 has created a convenient way to watch a TV or movies series without the need of loading every episode one by one, which is playlist creation. 

Every user can create his or her own playlist with this best Blu-ray folder player, the way to do it is to prepare your Blu-ray folder in advance, and then drag and drop them into this software altogether. Then a unique playlist would be automatically created for the user. If you have a special need to organize your playlist, you can also easily achieve that, as you can note that this Blu-ray player has also set add or delete button to let your arrange your file order.

That way, if you would like to switch to another episode, you can just click the playlist instead of loading them one by one, which would save you a lot of time to enjoy the movie.

3.3   Other files supported by this Blu-ray player 

DVDFab Player 6 is a powerful media player that supports all kinds of media, including DVD, Blu-ray, 4k UHD discs, or its folder and ISO files, as well as videos of various mainstream formats. 

For video formats, this new generation media player support virtually all the media formats, which includes but is not limited to MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, M2TS, WMV, files of the codecs like H.264, H.265 (HEVC), as well as resolutions ranging from 720p, 1080p all the way up to 4K UHD. So you don’t need to worry about the files, all you need to do is to try out all the possibilities with this fantastic Blu-ray player.


OK. Done. Now, you can double click to switch to the full screen viewing to immerse yourself in the movie world. We bet this best ISO player can deliver you a visual and hearing feast as real as you are right now in a cinema. If you would like to know more about how to play Blu-ray ISO files, we also have a comprehensive article as your guide. Click to see more info about this free Blu-ray folder player.