1.    What is DVD folder?
2.    Free DVD Folder Player——DVDFab Player
3.    How to Use this Free DVD Folder Player

1.    What is DVD folder?

What is a DVD folder? A DVD folder is a folder that contains DVD movie content. In order to back up DVD movie on the laptops, a lot of people do so to watch the folder anywhere with a good DVD folder player, and jumping out of the limited way offered by home physical DVD player only. With the convenience conferred by DVD folders, they can watch movie and enjoy the high image quality just with their computer. That is also a popular way to store your content for safety reason, because sometimes DVD might be scratched, then you may risk losing the content. But where can you find a good DVD folder player?

dvd folder file

2.    Free DVD Folder Player——DVDFab Player

If you want to find a free player for your tons of DVD movie folders, then you’d like to have a look at DVDFab Player 6, which is a free DVD folder player for ever. It’s very easy to use and fast, capable of delivering users great audiovisual effect. Now let’s go to have a look at what is this powerful player capable of:

2.1 Key features of DVDFab Player 6:

  • 1) Play DVD folder file for unlimited time

You don’t have to worry about whether it has time limit, you can use this DVDFab Player 6 for free to play DVD folder.

  • 2) Play a whole playlist

If you have tons of DVD folders that may composed of a TV series or family show, then you can create a playlist to watch instead of finding the files one by one, that would save you much time.

  • 3) Deliver you lossless movie image and Hi-Res audio

DVDFab Player 6 is a fantastic media player that enable you enjoy the lossless movie image as well as Hi-Res audio, delivering the cinema-like audio-visual experience.

  • 4) Not just a free DVD folder player, but a BD/UHD player

DVDFab Player 6 is not just an ordinary DVD folder player, it is also a Blu-ray as well as 4K UHD player, which provide solution for all kinds of media, also for videos of various mainstream formats.

best dvd folder and bd player

The above fantastic features would deliver you the best movie experience ever in your home, making your every movie watching experience a cinema-like visual-audio feast. Follow me for the below steps on how to use this free DVD folder player.

3.    How to Use this Free DVD Folder Player

In this part, we would present you a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this free DVD folder player, let’s go to have a look!

Step 1: Download and Install DVDFab Player 6

The below two buttons are provided for windows and Mac users, download it to install this best DVD folder player on your laptop. 

 Download (Win)    Download (Mac)  

Step2: Playback Mode Setting

Before you load the folder file, you should make the Playback Mode right at the settings place. Find Settings on the top right corner, and then you can choose between Simple Mode and Menu Mode, you can clearly see the difference between these two modes at below. 

Simple Mode starts with the feature movie title directly:

simple playback mode in this best dvd folder player

In contrast, Menu Mode present you a menu for you to navigate the DVD:

menu playback mode in this best dvd folder player

Step3: Loading the DVD folder file

In this best DVD folder player DVDFab Player 6, you have two ways to import the source into the program. Method 1 is to click File Explorer button at the left column of the UI to go to locate your DVD folder file and load it. Method 2 is to locate the file, then drag and drop it into the program.

load the dvd folder file into this best dvd folder player

Step 4: Enjoy the Movie

DVDFab Player 6 has extremely fast speed and you don’t need to wait for viewing. Just navigate to enjoy just like on a physical DVD Player.

Step 5: Control the settings during movie playing (Optional)

If you want to switch between different movie titles, you can create a playlist by dropping a lot of DVD files into this software, then you can also switch between different movies at the your unique playlist. Moreover, if you would like to change settings about subtitles, audio or video size, or change to full screen. Then you can do that by double clicking on the viewing window, then a drop-down menu would appear before you for you to make the personal change.

control settings during playing


Alright. That’s a quick glimpse of this Free DVD Folder Player. But there is one more thing you may need to know, don’t just treat this DVD folder player only as a folder player, it can do more than you think. It’s not just a DVD folder player, also a fantastic Blu-ray player, as well as 4K UHD content player. Moreover, if you have equipped professional movie facility in your home, like expert stereo system and 4K big screen movie, then DVDFab player would be a perfect match with your equipment. 

Click to unlock more interesting features of this best DVD folder player. If you would like to understand how to play DVD ISO file, or how to play Blu-ray folder, click to unlock the secret.