DVDFab Movie Server now can format the hard disk drive itself. If your HDD is a brand-new one, when being inserted to the cabinet, the Movie Server will mark the detected HDD as unidentified, and ask you to format it first. Click the Yes button to continue;



Pay attention to the alert: formatting the HDD will erase all the data on the HDD, so, be double sure before you hit the Format button here.



Once the Format button is triggered, the formatting process shall start immediately. Before it finishes, do not power off the Movie Server and do not extract the HDD from the cabinet. Otherwise, your HDD might get damaged.



When the process gets finished, the Movie Server will ask for a reboot, please do as instructed.



After the reboot, you can check relevant information about the HDD at Settings>System Maintenance>Disk Manager.



If you skip the formatting request in the first place, that HDD shall be marked as unidentified at Settings>Disk Manager, and you can format it anytime later.